Friday, October 15th

Day 15


Toronto Fashion Week officially started for me last night and if today’s hang over is any kind of sign of things to come- i dont know if i’ll make it till next week! I’m aiming to have all the photos this week be more street fashion/ me not infront of a white wall, so look foward to that.

Today im keeping it fun and colorful. Donated belt by my girl Staysail, leopard tights and my fire engine red boots! Tonight i’ll be going to the JUMA S/S 2011 and Greta Constantine S/S 2011 both designers i totally love and i for one am soooo glad they are Canadian! I’ll try to gather some more pix of me in the dress as the day turns into night and the flats turn into spikes! xo


Marthe tagged this amazingly fun

Such fun! All your outfits AMAZE me!

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That’s such a happy look, great! Have fun!

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you’re outfits are awesome, but so so boring! I feel like I am looking at a month of American Apparel ads. SORRY! But it doesn’t feel genuine.

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giselle tagged this happy

I believe that your best accessory today is your smile. And the rest is pretty awesome. Those RED boots.. they made me smile. 🙂

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Whoa that is one sick outfit! Awesome tights! Congrats on all the money you have raised.

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This is great! Have a good time!

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Those boots… yum! I don’t like the vest so much, though.

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For Halloween: Sally Bowles from Cabaret or Velma Kelly/ Roxie Hart from Chigago-musical! =)

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