Sunday, February 13th

Day 13

Vegas Balloon Vacation

Sunrise. On the roof. Fantastic! I turned my dress into a scarf today, and it is surprisingly warm and soft. I like the the tangle of pointless zippers that don’t seem to start or end anywhere. Plus, it compliments my absolute favorite jacket. I scored this gem from the salvation army immediately after moving to Brooklyn from Seattle 3 years ago. If I could describe myself with one garment, this is the one.



I have a few articles of clothing like that and I call them my “soul” _____. Thanks for sharing your “soul” jacket with us.

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Ashe tagged this Funny

If I had to escribe this outfit I’d have to say funny, just funny. So you must be too. 🙂 Like it!

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Love seeing your true self coming out more with each photo. Pretty photos

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looks super comfortable 🙂 that sunrise is a beautiful backdrop to such sky-ward print. it’s perfect.

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I’m a scarf girl, and I love that this LBD can become one!!

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scary. tagged this too class.

unf*c%inreal. yeah believe.

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