Tuesday, August 10th

Day 10

big bad wolfz wear shooz

The title would probably make more sense if I was wearing fur, but computer says no. I got these shoes at the flea market in Reykjavik, Kolaportið (the icelandic letter “ð” is pronounced like a “th”). I like them a lot and think I will probably wear them all winter back in the city, I will definitely wear them to the farm! Also you can see, I have buttoned up the bottom of the dress and pushed it up into a romper. The wool top piece is Salvor and can actually be converted into a romper as well (although you can’t quite see it in the picture), it can also fold up into a bolero.


KoCo tagged this Wooly

Mmm, that wool cloak is to die for. Love the third pic in the series, very chic!

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sheena tagged this viking couture

Did you blow away the house of twigs?

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wasabipear tagged this Sock it

I totally had shooz like those in the 90s… maybe they made their way to Reykjavik ,) They always made me walk like a badass (because i thought i was one at that point)

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scary. tagged this 90’s revival.

colours of the world, spice up your life etc., .. 😉 @wasabipear, you’re still badass chyle!

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elle tagged this Batty

not my favorite. I was hoping for something a bit more practicle that can be both funky and a little conserative. I d last year’s dress TONS better.

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holly tagged this Hot

I like this head to toe; such a versatile dress and excellent accessories. tights are my favourite piece

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christine tagged this too cool for school

i totally had shoes like that in the 90s too – i bought mine in amsterdam. they looked like part shoe, part hovercraft. i love the wool top and tights…and the funky shed in the background.

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Payal tagged this Me too!

I had a similar pair in the 90s too! Loved them to death. And like @wasabipear I really thought and felt like a badass back then. India you’re rocking this look. The top, shoes, socks, background and even you poses…So cool!

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sjh tagged this Brave

the tights! i am in love with the tights!

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Dietplaid tagged this cutexcore

I love it all 🙂 Those are some awesome tights!

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elisabeth tagged this Cute

but that house is too small. will you have to ‘drink me’ or ‘eat me’ to get back inside?

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Just caught up on the week’s posts… Loving the dailies! I didn’t think there were many original ideas still out there after Sheens’s 365 days but India has some crackers of her own!

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pimientaconcerezas tagged this Try Harder

You know how they say you know you are old when something that was in style while you were young comes back as a trendß! Well, those shoes were one of the first things that I consciously recognized as “all the rage” in the 90ies and that have come back again during my lifetime. *cringe*

Trend or not, these shoes mostly remind me of a history class topic: “Russia – a Levithian on clay feet”

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Katy Bee tagged this Brave

Looks like those boots put you in the doghouse

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dixied tagged this lbd fever

i want those tights i love the wool piece the shoes are questionable but they make the outfit 🙂

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Poppygirl tagged this HMMM

Not loving the boots but I like the top half.

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Jenny Herman

How do i get the cool hosiery you have on day to day???

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