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August 09

This day belongs to wct.
"Fantastic project - I live in Japan -the land of fashion consumerism at its craziest. Looking forward to showing them how NOT to go shopping!"
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Day 103. Tue, August 11 2009

Yoko Chanel

Necklace made from reclaimed materials donated by Helena Fredriksson. See Helena's sustainable design portfolio at hfredriksson.com. Pumps donated by Jessica Carroll at blueberrydeluxe.etsy.com. Vintage sunglasses from Treehouse, Brooklyn.


Mia tagged this In The Middle

Simple, and I think you could've done better- yet you could of done a LOT worse. So I like it! The shoes are very interesting. :D

Marita tagged this Hot

don't break up the band! cute shorts!

bunneh tagged this Cute

not bad. I like the sunglasses :)

Beth tagged this Cute

Love it!

Tito Jong tagged this SIMPLE AND CUTE

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci http://prahjeks.com

ammakke tagged this Cute

nice& simple.love those shoes.

Hooligan Studios tagged this Hot

We love it here at the studio!


@HooliganStudios– and I love strutting your stuff as always!

Camilla tagged this Brave

Love the sunglasses!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Nice. Always glad to see those tri-tone pumps again!

Lindsay tagged this Hot

Love it

annie tagged this Hot

That white bubble skirt is just awesome...glad you wore it again! And the sunglasses are cute...definitely something you should use in future outfits!

colorcast tagged this Cute

love the colors, especially those pumps!

Sophie tagged this Coloré

Le collier et les souliers... De pures merveilles

Thalita tagged this Cute

Visual incrivel! é um estilo meio retro; sapatilha maravilhosa e oculos tambem!

Paola tagged this Try Harder

Não gostei muito.

Irene tagged this Hot

Wonderful, stylish and hot!

Lizzie tagged this Brave

Messy hair is not my thing, and I'm not into the shoes. But the necklace, sunglasses, and dress with the tan skirt are cool

Lindsay tagged this Marvelous Mademoiselle!

Love love love this outfit! I could do without the tan skirt, but the shoes totally make up for it.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love the touches of blue.


love the shoes. I guess I missed the skirt 1st time around - which day?

Nargila tagged this Batty


jason tagged this Try Harder

Shoes have to go and the under garment has to go too ... whatever it is


Cool, especially the shoes and the necklace.

Leticia tagged this oie

gente eu nao entendi isso ..mto bem!

kellybelle tagged this Cute

It's OK -- like the shoes.

nahjulia tagged this Cute

I LOVE those shoes!


What a brilliant concept! Just found your site through my sister and love it (love that dress!)

its so chic that its from india tagged this magnifique!!!

supersonique magnifique tre tre cool et tre tre chic!!! this is my favvveee till date.

GermanGirl tagged this Hot

Really love it... Cool and hot ^^

GORETH FIALHO tagged this Hot


mofo tagged this hmmmmmhh

Can i borrow those glasses? Please, I'll give you a dollar. The shoes look like they are made of playdough. I like 'em.

Maria tagged this Try Harder

Don't like the sunglasses, but the rest is kinda cute.

Molly tagged this Cute

Quite a statement. Cute

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Ok, like everything but weird underneath thing

Joy tagged this Not quite there. . .

Not crazy about the bubble skirt in this ensemble, primarily because of the color -- I think it breaks up the nice line you've got going. Chanel was well known for having such clean, simple lines. . .

bree tagged this Hot

this is wonderful!

Petra tagged this Hot

Best yet!

am tagged this Cute

this is simple, cute and chic at the same time! you are amazing! the mixes and matches are looove <3


I am absolutely fascinated by your project...truly one of the best ideas I've seen in quite some time.

Karen tagged this Cute

Cute - simple and effective

siri treehouse tagged this Hot

what a cute look! and i'm jealous you got those sunglasses, but you totally make them work! so super rad! treehouse hearts you, ;) kisses from the branches, and reaching for the stars, siri treehouse*

Jedee tagged this Cute

Love the sunglasses, haha :D

Laurie Harrison

i love helena's designs! so beautiful and feminine, glad to see she's supporting you ladies xx


Really simple and elegant> Very nice


yeah. fresh, colourful, modern, rakish. really like it.