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August 09

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Day 137. Mon, September 14 2009

The sultan's au pair

Vintage turban from Cobblestone New York, thrifted corduroy skirt, vintage belt donated by Eliza, pumps from eBay and one of my favorite old pair of tights, source forgotten.


erica tagged this Hot

love the tights!

Nina from NL tagged this fun

Don't love the tights but the skirt over hte skirt is great!

megintosh tagged this Less thigts more teas

Love the upper part, the thigts + shoes don't mix so well here. But I'm sure he Mad Hatter would be happy to have you over for a cup of tea!

elisabeth tagged this Brave

vintage turban rocks

Mariah tagged this Cute

Not my favorite color of tights/shoes, but you make it work >>> tied-in with the belt. Creative! And the turban is great . . .

Darby tagged this Different, but I like it!

The hair is a nice touch!

illustratrix tagged this Wow

Really creative today...so loving the turban!!

wasabipear tagged this Op~ulent

Love the daily title, sounds like a Broadway musical~ The Ottomans meet Bridget Riley.

Janice tagged this Brave

The whole ensemble strikes me as sort of Judy Jetson-ish, in a good way! I really like it.

SingerScrapper tagged this Fab!

So fun and perky. I love the tutbin.

Deb tagged this Cute

digging the belt and corduroy skirt layer over the uniform! absolutely love the shoes and the tights, but not worn together. maybe the tights get incorporated into one outfit and the shoes into another?

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the tights!

M tagged this different

I like tights & turban, rest of the outfit... not so much.

ammakke tagged this old but gold

yes, U get that' begum' look here ...all lovely shots.

Alexis tagged this Cute


mm tagged this thumbs up!

where'd the little undershirt thing come from. it's so flattering on you

mm tagged this sneaky and cheeky

i also like how the number changes in the pictures and how the number matches the day in your yearlong adventure.

hollly tagged this psycho!

if you start at the top and scroll down, this outfit starts in Jackie O territory and then spins out of control. Saved by the tights!

Zara K tagged this Sixties Retro vibe

Love the idea and creativity of this outfit!! the turban is absolutely fantastic!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Those tights are fucking fabulous.

Britwatch tagged this Haremworthy

What's the going rate, then?

Elisabeth tagged this Cute


epbluestar tagged this .

I love the creativity. You already have me putting together things I never thought I would. I would like to see some, um, more grown up outfits, for the 40 and over crowd.

Payal tagged this Cute

I'm a very black, grey, white person...but I'd kill for those tights! Nice look, but the black, white & grey blocks on top and those fab tights on the bottom kinda cut you into blocks. But hell, you still rock it!

X tagged this Hot

Marvelous, one of your most delectable yet!!!

Jenny tagged this Cute

I love the vintage turban!! =D

Scully tagged this Pair it Up!

I love how the turban makes you have a beautiful silhouette of a bouffant!

Jolly M tagged this smashing

Sheena, you look smashing in this outfit,inspite of the unusual comb: this is an Eg: of your unusual skill-daring indeed BTW- I hope everybody follows your BLOG section- Scully's crafting of "Mobius Strip" and her all artistic creations shown are fabulous NOT TO BE MISSED

Irene tagged this awesome

another outfit that totally transforms the uniform. Those tights are so awesome! and the turban so unique with the way you put the outfit together.

Maya Matthew tagged this Cute

love the tights

Hanna tagged this Cute

Love the top half but hate, hate, hate the tights!

Emily N tagged this Orangey

OMG love this! Just found your project blog (care of Berroco blog on 11 September) and I totally love it. I have some fashion-o-phile friends who will be excited to check it out. Best of luck in your charity endeavors!

zibi tagged this Cute

...or Asha Parekh's sistah!

Caitriona tagged this Cute

It's so pretty! Love the layering with the skirt!

yobe tagged this Whacky

this is a bit too weird for me! And I'm sorry but I don't like the tights

Di tagged this Cute

I wonder how many tights you have....:O

renen tagged this Hot


shereena tagged this Cute

keep up the good work, great outfit :)

Cynthia tagged this Hot

like this concept. the little apron & the big hair -wow!

Sara tagged this Cute



You wear the coolest leggings! Lol!

Linh tagged this Cute

You always have the best tights and socks. Love them all!

fashion lover tagged this adorable

I LOVE THIS!!! it's great how you made the dress look like a skirt and top, and the tights are adorable. i also love the hat

k*m tagged this jetson-tastic!

love the layering! and the hair is super!



Domino tagged this Cute

this is straight up adorable. love the skirt/dress combo.

Spardha tagged this De-CODED ChiC!!!

I bet everybody missed the '137' on background!!!! ITs the 137th day...!! woohooo... NICE NICE LOOK!!

Beca tagged this Cute

Mod-Raj! I love it.

ponytail lover tagged this Cute

so cute! I love your hair!

sb tagged this Brave

these tights are amazing!!!

jamjam tagged this orange

i love those tights

u look like u have reached the moon tagged this unforgetable

Lezarne O brien

Tumor tagged this PERFECT

Oh my gosh, this is so mod and awesome!!!!