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September 09

This day belongs to 'Raine.
"Happy to contribute to this worthy cause and creative project, and to have my own LBD!"
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Day 138. Tue, September 15 2009

The handyman's elf

Cashmere flat fold hat donated by Scully from scullynewyork.com. Hand me down knee highs from Eliza, vintage Laredo boots from eBay and a pair of repurposed mechanical rubber belts donated by Nicko. See more of Nicko's art at nickostraniero.com


Um. No

You should rename this outfit "The homeless elf" b/c that's what you look like.

PlaneJane tagged this Fierce

"Hobo chic" I think Marc Jacobs started that. The best art comes out of wanting for more... What a fantastic complement from "Um.No"


so precious!!! love it

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the knee highs

Ri tagged this Cute

I think the hat is really cute, and I like how the uniform has been made to resemble a blazer with the lapels folded out.

ehmulsion tagged this Brave

Love the belt and shoes! The hat is..interesting, to say the least, lol.

ammakke tagged this Brave

interesting transformation of the uniform.Is it cold out there? we had a glorious day:)

Mamela tagged this Spunky

Is the inside of the dress blue? Could make it a 4-in-1 if it was reversible front to back AND inside out! Loving the punch of color from the knee highs.

vinamarata tagged this Elfy! (pun intended)

Nope. =/

sara tagged this nice!

i love the dress opened up like that!

Me & Mine

You look absolutely wonderful ... even more so than usual!

Carole tagged this Batty

Love it. Want it. Can I just mention again how awesome that dress is? Yet another garment out of it. This outfit just needs one more thing-a bike!

Mrs. O tagged this Hat off

This outfit rocks minus the hat. I think the hat ruins it. But the deep blues and a blast of hot pink are very nice.

Mi tagged this Brave

"In short, I shall astonish you all!"

prutha tagged this Hot

love it...love the hat and whole thing

holly tagged this Brave

punk meets graphic

Mariah tagged this Street Style

Fun! Very youthful.

Kelly tagged this Hot

LOVE this! One of my favorites!

glove girl tagged this Cute

i love the hat, my boyfriend has one, i try to steal it all the time!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

love those lace-up booties!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Adorable! I love all the elements, esp the shoes as always.

Esther tagged this inspirational

love it! you're awesome..

disappointed. tagged this Try Harder

those shoes are disgusting. this outfit doesn't work, imo.

Dedra tagged this Cute

Outfit rocks but looks a little stuffy. You should unbutton the shirt two buttons and do a double folded collar. Give the hat back.

elizabeth tagged this inspired by harry potter?

hello house elf - your master gave you socks so now you have freedom.

Payal tagged this Nice

Love how you've opened up the dress, it looks so different! But I think the outfit would look better with either one - the black tights or the pink socks. (maybe I just don't like cutting the length of the leg) Hope Europe's treating you well!

Irene tagged this Hot

It's a really interesting oufit. I only wish the socks were longer than knee-high. That's a really cool way the fact that you have the uniform open like that. But is that belt really a hose!?!? o.O

fff tagged this hehe123


yobe tagged this Bright sprite

Love the socks, the boots, the hat, well everything really! Hadn't noticed the blue lining on the dress before - good detail.


very city, althoug im not sure about the belt

Emily tagged this Cute

Dunno about the hat but I love everything else :D


love this outfit and I also love you taking all these pictures outside with a different background.

aditi tagged this Hot

dis is hot..! like the shoes.

fashion lover tagged this Brave

both brave and cute. love the title!

d-elle tagged this Hot

quel style wow


hmmmmm..... interesting the inside of the Uniform is blue, and like the henley, but otherwise....

elisabeth tagged this wise elf

Looking back over the month I now think this is an excellent concept and one of the more original 'put-togethers'.

Sean tagged this Cute

its so dobby chic.

Nina tagged this Pixie


Rosie tagged this Try Harder

you have a beautiful figure, and this is doing nothing for it - a cinched waist at least, and maybe something to tie in the pink?