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May 09

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Day 24. Sun, May 24 2009

Tardy sunday

Just found these Sam Edelman shoes from Alter on sale. Staples aren't popular with the uniform project, but I'll have to find a way to work these darlings into as many outfits as possible. I'm in love.


Jenny tagged this Try Harder

A bit too simple.

eldub tagged this Hot

oh, I love the simplicity of this one.... very chic.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

A nice everyday look.

NadiaThinks tagged this Cute

i actually love the shoes here; you definitely have unique style, and it works on you!

Beth tagged this Try Harder

Needs some color!

ttt tagged this meh

I like it, but I'm comparing to all your other great looks.

k tagged this Try Harder

i love the hat, but the bare legs feel weird maybe because of you have worn them so often -_-

Lilly tagged this Try Harder


Pope Richard Corey tagged this Hot

Every few outfits my crush on you grows! I'm donating as soon as I have a chance!

maggie thunder

reminds me a little of broadway

Anonymous tagged this classic and simple

I like what you have here. It's a nice simple outfit after all the amazing looks.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

a bit like the others

Addie tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Cute

i love the simplicity- it's definitely something i would wear.

Sarah tagged this Cute

What are you holding in your hand in each of these pictures?