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October 09

This day belongs to Salixia.
"I love the pink button, pink bangle and argyle socks, so cute! This gorgeous LBD will known to me as my "birthday" dress and it will be much loved and hopefully fashionably re-styled many times!"
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Day 169. Fri, October 16 2009


Wool sweater from eBay, vintage hat from Treehouse Brooklyn and argyle knee highs from Sockdreams.

Vintage ankle boots donated by Bows & Bandits who is now doing a special drive for the Uniform Project. For every cardigan they sell, $20 will be donated to the U.P.
Shop vintage cardigans at Bows & Bandits >

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yobe tagged this Excellent

Me first! I like this a lot. I could wear this myself - brilliant

shuchi tagged this Cute

Love the color!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Fun socks . . . Great Friday casual look!

SarahJ tagged this Magenta De Vine

love that colour, i really like this and would wear it myself. Sheena, you must promise, when the year is up, we all get to see your first non- uniform outfit

mm tagged this Cute as a button

this sort of reminds me of what magritte must have dreamed of, when dreaming of his dream girl

Beth tagged this Hot

This is very 80s, I think. I don't like the 80s, but I love this outfit. :)

ammakke tagged this pretty

smart&very cute..love those socks.BTW tomorrow is Diwali,remember Spardha's challenge??

Isa tagged this great!

Love the boots and the pink *-*

Tami tagged this Cute


che tagged this Hot

love it! that is a super colour you, isnt it. Makes you look radiant.

lula tagged this Cute

pants pants pants. it's october : )


love the hat and colors!

Justi tagged this Try Harder

the thing is, that you must really hard try to make whole really good, because the dress has no cut - especially the down part of the dress. I think the down part of the dress in some projects looks no-shape, and bad. It's a pity sometimes for such an attractive girl like you! Great projects are 26 September it's the best for me

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Fun socks! Love the color...

Sica tagged this Cute

Nice ....you're sweet

natalie tagged this Pretty In Pink

It's nice to see you in a new hue. You and your project continue to impress!

LA-Story.com tagged this NY Vintage Chic

interesting outfit-- though I might have paired the socks with a contrasting tight rather than straight black to keep the pink thing going.

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena, Another fabulous assemble! You look "cute as a button" (thank U mm) & as always "cool as a cucumber"!!

pat tagged this Cute

I've been a fan since June but have to say something about the web site - fantastic - simple elegant - practical - just like the clothes! "Project Runway" could take a lesson from you in soooo many ways.

Kiwiken tagged this Colour!

Always nice to see a bright colour light up against the black.

marshesauce tagged this Cute

super cute as always.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

the pink bangle doesn't really go

Lulu tagged this Naughty!

that's naugthy!

abigail tagged this happy

makes me smile ~~~

Penny Pavlicka tagged this Cute



Wow! your project is gathering momentum; look at those numbers grow. Congratulations on your efforts to date.

Irene tagged this Cute

Love the pop of colour from the sweater.

elisabeth tagged this Hot pink

SW-EEET. love the hot pink button brooch.

Joel Patrick tagged this sweet

i like the boots

30min tagged this Batty

ideye kheyli jalebiye(persian)

rashmi tagged this Cute

Hi! great concept and execution! you look wonderful. a dress suggestion, try wearing it unbuttoned and upside down like a shrug or bolero... all the best

Carmen Rasmussen tagged this Cute


Letty tagged this Cute

Very, very cute and simple! You can wear this in many different styles. I can't wait to do something like this.

Jenna tagged this gorgeous !

beautiful :) <3

Mara tagged this funky

Oh, the socks. I love them.

Leninha tagged this Cute

oh i love it!

Maya tagged this Cute

love the socks and the way you put the pink 'n' purple sweater under your dress! Also nice to wear just simple light pink bangle because then it does not take away from the pink sweater.socks give an edge to the outfit.