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August 09

This day belongs to Catlover.
"This outfit is cute. :]"
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Day 104. Wed, August 12 2009

Standing in for Claire Grogan (circa 1981)

Thrifted tank from Beacons Closet, vintage belt donated from Julia's Etsy shop scottieinacanoe.etsy.com, vintage bow from Treehouse brooklyn and cuff made from recycled magazine paper donated by Jessalynn Brinkmeyer of Pivot Eco Fashion at pivotboutique.com.

Shoes donated by our friend Tara who is campaigning currently for her show at NY Fashion week. Watch this cute video and give her some support by clicking here.


Joy tagged this Hot

Wow, I would not have thought of putting these pieces together, but how fun! I love the polka dots & stripes, the white belt and shoes. Very fun, cute, and stylish!!

janiey tagged this Brave

my favorite part of this outfit is the SHOES. they are amazing.

Beth tagged this Hot

I love everything about this outfit.

anna tagged this Brave

super brave. that bow is amazing.

ammakke tagged this trendy

today's color comb. is fascinating! Good luck to Tara!!

Amy tagged this Batty

Nothing is wrong with any of the pieces individually, but I hate it combined. But I do love those shoes!

Ellie tagged this Cute

You remind me of a soda shop girl with this outfit. Not a combination I would have tried personally, but you pull it off well.

Tara tagged this Cute

Thanks lady, you look lovely today!

Allie tagged this Cute

Really cute. Although I'm not a fan of the bow in the hair...maybe it it was green...

Lindsay tagged this Eighties Baby!

A cute 80's throwback...I just wish the bow was a different color.

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Great color combo -- just not crazy about the lines of the total outfit today. But . . . creative, as always!!

bunneh tagged this Cute

i really like this one! very 80s! LOL :)

Jasie VanGesen tagged this Brave

I love this!

Molly tagged this Hot

Great outfit! Like it like it like it

Jannie tagged this Brave

I think I had that belt in the 80's! I'd like to see the ensemble without the two bows.

Thalita tagged this Cute

- AMEI!! Ficou super fofo!

Cause Shoppe tagged this Brave

VH1's Totally 80's Flashback! @CauseShoppe

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Great colors! Love the shoes too.

darb34 tagged this Charmante

Charmante mais un peu Minnie Mouse! J'adore les chaussures.

darb34 tagged this Minou

Charmante mais un peu Minnie Mouse. J'adore les chaussures.

Ali tagged this Cute

so cute! Love the shoes. Sheena I think you could wear a bin bag and still look fantastic!

Irene tagged this Cute

I love the colours! and the individual pieces as well (esp the blue bow) But I'm a little iffy about how they are put together.

Kelly tagged this Try Harder

I realize it's what you were going for, but it's a little TOO 80's for my taste. Great shoes, though!

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Hmmmh...blue..green...brown..black and white....they look good on you Sheena.Btw your friend Tara's video is cute is cute too...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Jolly M tagged this Cute

Hmmmh...blue..green...brown..black and white....they look good on you Sheena.Btw your friend Tara's video is cute is cute too...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Lorelei tagged this Cute

I love how 80s it is, but that it's still adorable now. You look even cuter than usual in todays pictures. I love the hair bow!


so cute!

Dom tagged this Cute

You are ravissante. I miss you Sheena :-)

Gracie tagged this Hot

I LOVE this.. but not sure how well the blue goes with the green. Otherwise, it's awesome. And a note.. there's a place in Vancouver, BC that sells recycled things, like belts and bags, and they look AMAZING. I was kind of wondering why you never put bags in your pictures.

Claire tagged this Hot

I want that vest top! Love this outfit, love it!

bill forsyth tagged this pure teckle like

c'mon people, the Clare Grogan reference alone deserves a major fund spike. in a world of predictable nostalgia the UP never ceases to amaze.


I'm diggin the tank over the dress, and those shoes are fab! The belt complements shoes and provides some definition for your amazing figure. Pesonally, I'd leave off the bow and cuff; that's a bit much going on.

Sneha tagged this oooo lala

If it was anyone but you wearing this outfit, they would look ridiculous

m.sue tagged this Hot


Beth tagged this Batty

Batty but awesome! I love the cute bow as well! http://amore-fashion.blogspot.com/

Katharine Tapley tagged this Retrodorable!

Thank you for linking to Tara's video. I wish I had the free money to donate to her cause, but I'm going to link to it from my facebook page.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

i love all the pieces, but i dont like them all together, looks costume-esque.

Hali tagged this Cute

Aw you're absolutely adorable.

Stefanie tagged this Cute

Shoes and cuff are my favs, love it all together though. You pull everything off so nicely, I'm a tiny bit jealous.


love the shoes & Tara's video!! Good luck to her!

Gabrielle P. tagged this Hot


Kay tagged this Cute

I've been visiting ever since May. I so enjoyed August 8. You are so creative.

Jean tagged this Hot

Adorable. Love it. And those shoes are FANTASTIC!! Gotta have 'em!

a lady in black tagged this Hot

love this one!!!!

Marcella tagged this Cute

Gorgeous! Very cool! =D I loved it. =D


I would never be found dead in this at work. I am surprised you still have a job.

reema tagged this Batty

I would never be found dead in this at work. I am surprised you still have a job.

ana tagged this Cute