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August 09

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"Simple and stylish!"
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Day 105. Thu, August 13 2009

Sick day

Under the weather and under my covers. Vintage boudoir cap from eBay, old pair of Dr.Scholls clogs.


Anonymous tagged this Cute

feel better!!!

Thalita tagged this simples

Simplicidade é tudo!


Get well soon! XX's


awww, maybe if we each chipped in $10 or so she'd feel better!

Nora tagged this Cute

Get well soon!!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Classy, even while sick. Feel better!

bunneh tagged this Cute

aww feel better


also, my CAPTCHA just dictated a tag: "and wearable" ...love when that happens.

che tagged this Cute

good on you for making the effort even though you are unwell. hope you feel better soon.

Eleanor tagged this Cute

Perfect!!! Thanks for not letting us down! I am addicted to your daily posting! Feel better soon!


Oh no! Get well soon Sheena!

babz tagged this Cute

I was worried about you today. hope you feel better soon. Adorable even under the weather.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

don't really like the hat, love the shoes though. I like this side of the dress better then the other, but they're both cute.

mm tagged this beneficent

i have a hunch Sheena's sick because that little box up in the corner still has the same damn number in it. I also have a hunch that nothing like sharing will make US ALL feel better. 5 bucks from each of us, and I guarantee, you the giver will feel better, the kids who will benefit ultimately will feel better (albeit in the future), and again just a hunch, but i would put money on it (in fact i just did) Sheena will feel better too. even 2 bucks from each of us and it will make a huge difference (if the press reports about 10s of 1000s of hits are to be believed). seriously, 5 bucks to Akanksha or 5 bucks to a corporate coffee behemoth, what do you think will make you feel better??

solarstarfruit tagged this Cute

feel better! i love your style and keep up with your uniform daily! you're doing great things, K

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Try Harder Viewers

I'm here ladling chicken noodle soup down Sheena's throat. But I don't think that's the problem. She's feel a lot better if our viewers were donating as much as they're enjoying the site...

Jolly M tagged this Brave

Get Well Soon Sheena! I had anticipated that U would be gutted by the very very very poor response for the cause from your numerous "FANS" whereever they are from!Esp: this month! Could it be "the creditcrunch"?? ? Definitly not....... Anyone having a computer can afford few $s while`enjoying her site. Is it lack of sensitivity?.... Poor Empathy with those kids?.... Or just not having no time for others ?.... @ fans I don't think we have to make her an "Oliver Twist asking for more"...We can do better, she deserves much better. Also we all should support both Sheena & Eliza by voting for nau Grant. I totally agree with the U.K Guardian write up"some of her followers are more interested in what she is wearing than in donating". Ionly hope there will be a better response while Sheena visits the U.K !!! @ slim...you are right she will be well & "in colours"when there is atleast a "$" each from fans !!! Come on people......cheer her up for her huge effort...

entrancemountain tagged this sweet

may the good health fairy sprinkle you well . . . . cheers!

Irene tagged this Cute

Still adorable even though you're sick. Get well soon!

Sue tagged this Brave

The boudoir cap is the perfect touch for sick day. Thanks for your sense of humor. I was wondering where you were today, and wish you speedy recovery.

Lydie tagged this Cute

Feel better, great outfit. No one else could make Dr. Scholls look so chic.

Leena tagged this Cute

awww, all your outfits, even when your sick are great! feel better soon!!

Great Labels tagged this Cute

Oooh! I like the sleek, minimalist look to this outfit. http://twitter.com/greatlabelssm

Caitlin tagged this Cute

Blah!!! Add some color! Hope you feel better! :D

Caitlin tagged this Cute

Sorry, I can't donate! I really would if I could! Money's tight nowadays! But I'll gather up some change, then take it to one of those coin star machines, then donate it to you. I was thinking of doing the same thing as you, and I wanted to see how my friends would react to me wearing the same dress for a whole year!

Stephi tagged this Sweet

Lovely...I'm liking the hat very much :-) hope you feel better


Hope you feel better!

Beth tagged this Restful

Hope you feel better soon! :(

Bridgid tagged this Cute

Thank you for keeping your Uniform Project promise even while sick. Feel better!

Anonymous tagged this I donated!

Thanks for doing this for a good cause. I always enjoy your site.

Lindsay tagged this Simply Chic

Sick again? Feel better sheena! :(

Rachel tagged this Cute

Feel better soon :) I LOVE the shoes, by the way. Great color!


You look so sad! Feel better!

Kayla tagged this Cute

Fell better ASAP!

Danielle de la Mont tagged this Cute

I've only just come across your blog: phenomenal idea, I applaud your moral commitment :)

Kelly tagged this Cute

Sorry you feel bad, but you still look cute as a button!

Embellisher tagged this Brave

I hope you feel better soon.


feel better!


:( awww... get better real soon.

ammakke tagged this brave

I was worried sick what happened to u, Sheena, until I saw u on the site & A Million thanks to u, Eliza for taking care of my sick girl..U R a friend indeed! I do hope'n pray that ur "fans " realize that donating 5 bucks to the "cause" make them feel better than a visit to the coffee shop ...Good luck to u both!

Nina tagged this Cute

I'm sick too! Get soon well!!

Sock Knutt tagged this Sweet

Oh for heaven's sake, you're adorable! I'm giving up my coffee for a week to donate to the cause! Hope others out there will join me. Hope you're feeling better today.

ammakke tagged this Brave

hello Sock Knutt ,thank u for inspiring your friends in the "coffee club"...Doesn't that cheer u up Sheena??

deedle tagged this Brave

yet you kept on with your mission. and with a cute look. heal well soon.

You're a slacker tagged this Getting old

It's 2:22 on 8/14 and you haven't posted a new picture. I'm over you.


feel better!

m.sue tagged this Cute


priya tagged this Brave

Get well soon sheena !


Poor Sheena. ):

Heather tagged this Cute

You're just adorable!

Karen tagged this Perfect Art

awww - hope you are feeling better now. This sure does show off the dress to perfection tho...

Luciana Falcão tagged this Try Harder

I don´t like it.


poor child. now from india hospital