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August 09

This day belongs to Christine.
"Thanks for a beautiful year of outfits and for helping so many kids!"
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Day 140. Thu, September 17 2009

Shakespeare in the Park

Vintage beret from eBay, thrifted belt, staple pair of old Levis, ankle socks from Sockdreams and shoes gifted by Mom.




Betty Anne tagged this Cute

That is so CUTE! I love this one! <3

yobe tagged this All grown up

Very seasonal. Socks belt and beret really make it work. Love the scarf and jacket too - you look chilly!

yuliya tagged this tres chic.

love the play of red from head to toe.

andrea tagged this keep it up!

travel certainly inspires you! you've been on an absolute roll lately!

Dottie tagged this Cute

Love it - especially the arm warmers and gingham socks!

ammakke tagged this Cute

cool... very cool indeed.

Gardener tagged this Wearable Anywhere

Your project will have so many lasting and unforeseen benefits - stone throne in a pond - I hope one of them is that we bring back the wearing of hats.

seb tagged this Cute

Wow, I love this look, I think the dress works so well with jeans

Mi tagged this Hot

"Give me your hands if we be friends"

Kay tagged this Hot

faaaaaaaaaantastic. bravo.


Fab and adorable.

Fayde tagged this Cute

this is so cute! :3 i love the hat and the socks

rachel tagged this Cute

Ooh this is lovely! I especially love the ankle socks-the pattern contrast is nice compared to the rest of the outfit.

Janice tagged this Hot

Wonderful! Loving the dress with jeans and lots of layers.

Kim tagged this Autumn Awesome

So chic. This look makes me excited about Fall!

rosalafae tagged this Bloody Brilliant

FAVOURITE EVER. I'm so glad my country is bringing out the best in you.

prutha tagged this Hot

love the red and white socks and the whole outfit...pics 2 and 3 r better

beth tagged this Cute

sooooo cute!

Alina tagged this Cute

Very creative !

Jolly M tagged this 9C on 9-2009

Cute&Cool; Chic&Charming; Colourful&Comfortable; yet Casual&Creative COMBO. Sheena you rock on.......

Beau Peep tagged this Cute

I'm particularly fond of this nod to Shakespeare, living in a rural English Shire myself....Am LOVING this project; I'm so inspired by what you're doing - please keep us posted on the manufacturing of the dress - I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!

Carina tagged this OMGSOOOOCUTE

Just loved it! one of my favorites!

Montreal journalist

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tessajae tagged this Sophisticated

My dream outfit!!!

Sarah tagged this Cute

I need fingerless gauntlets. For real.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Especially like it with the scarf (as, with the white collar not showing, the red pops more). Terrific!


Is this the first appearance of jeans?

Edith tagged this Cute

Rock Those Skinnies (:


So cute. One of my faves!

Jenf tagged this Hot

I love this one. Reminds me of home too. Plus, its my kind of colour scheme

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I totally love this! The hat is a perfect accent.

pippapine tagged this Cute

the glimpses of red liven up wintery grey ensemble. very cool.

iLsEoRt tagged this Cute

Like the beret with your hair!

Kiwigirl tagged this Cute

Yeay - jeans. wear trousers more often - it's a great look! (Warmer too)

Ruby tagged this Hot

I wish I could wear this outfit everyday. my fav, by far.

Payal tagged this Cute

You make it looks so easy and natural. Love the belt, love the look!

Irene tagged this adorable

This is so perfect, it all works so well together. <3


LOVE the beret!! And the socks! Both very cute.

andrea tagged this adorable

iloveit. but only two things 1. why are the arm warmers worn so often? 2. jeans could fit you better on the knees but otherwise FANTASTIC

elisabeth tagged this cosy

ahhh... the start of the more wintery transformations - i like and you look warm - so that's good!


Delicious, and every red accessory always look great with the little black dress :)

Shalini George tagged this Cute

The Gingham socks gets my vote..

Echo.G tagged this Cute

good idear!

IvyGail tagged this Hot

Super Cute! I love it.

Gwen tagged this Cute

I'm in my sixties and I love the style of this dress (although I'd need it to be a bit longer!). I think the whole idea is wonderful as it can be adapted to suit any age group & I just might steal it!

d-elle tagged this Cute

very nice

d-elle tagged this Hot

I love it...bravo

Beth tagged this Cute

Such a cute outfit! I love everything about it.



Louise tagged this Hot

Forgot to mention it will be very interesting to see how you wear the uniform come winter.

Tunet Jordaan tagged this eny-able

I really like the combination of the red and the black.

Asiya tagged this Cute

I'm in love with these shoes!

ecojotter tagged this Cute

a little taste of parisian!


Love this! Very French!