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September 09

This day belongs to Hanna.
"I got it for the hat!! It will be a hit at our yearly hat party. I am glad to see the donations growing for the school. "
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Day 141. Fri, September 18 2009

Sassafras goes to Fashion Week

London fashion week Day 1. Handmade hat donated by our lovely hat lady, Laura Daly. See more of Laura's one of a kind handmade hats at lauradalymillinery.com. Hand-me-down sweater from Nicole, disc necklace donated by Anjali with thrifted belt converted to neckwear, bamboo tights from Sockdreams, vintage boots from Fluke, Brooklyn.


?? tagged this Batty

I love this hat!! Magical~

Mara tagged this Adorable

I LOVE the hat! It makes the outfit!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love that hat!


What a great outfit!!!! The hat is perfect!

raeofsunshine tagged this Cute

you must have the best wardrobe at this point

yobe tagged this hot hot hot

Wow, gorgeous hat!

Scout tagged this Hot

lovely, I really like it.I have a nice red baaag that would perfectly go with this ;)

Sock Knutt tagged this Win!!!!!

OMG, so much win. Like, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods kinda win! I just wanna stick you on a trophy you're so full of win! The hat, the shoes, the beltlace, oh so much WIN!!!

kohel tagged this tooooooooo weak

i hate the hat it's ridicullus


Love the hat. It's so whimsical! It makes me smile. I also like the combo of the pattern in the tights with the pattern in the shoes.

Elizabeth tagged this Cute

Absolutely fabulous hat!

A tagged this Creative

The belt as neckwear is really creative! Nice work!


I like this look, but I don't like the belt as a necklace. At first glance you can't tell, but I think up close you woulb be able to.

ammakke tagged this Hot

Yes, that is a great ' show 'for the fashion week.The red ,grey & black blend so well...Would love to pay a visit to your hat lady,Laura Daly.

Mi tagged this Hot

love it!

Pen tagged this Fabulous, darling

This rocks, especially the hat and shoes. I hope you're getting into all the shows.



Socal Rachel tagged this Love it

Love it, love the colors. Love the gray tights and red accents.


I am amazed and impressed by your creativity and fashion sense! Best of luck on your wonderful project :)

Abby tagged this Sassypants!!!

A lot of people say "this is my favorite" and I always think...how can that be?? BUT, lovelovelove this, quite possibly fav!!!

Anna tagged this Brave

I love this! The hat is fantastic!

fashion lover tagged this Hot

so chic. i love when you use red and black- it really works

AmyH tagged this superb!

Now THAT is a great hat!!

Mariah tagged this A Week of Favorites!

Amazing ensemble! And love seeing past elements (tights, shoes) show up in a new way. Creative!

Kay tagged this Hot

Fabulous (especially the hat! kudos Laura Daly!) You should have your own show -- where all the models wear THE dress, but they're all just accessorized differently... so basically, your blog, but on a runway.

Sky tagged this Hot

I totally love this outfit!! The red really makes it POP!!

Irene tagged this Hot

J'adore le chapeau! The socks and sweater too. I love this outfit.

Jolly M tagged this Hot

Absolutely stunning...esp with that hat.I visitted Laura Daly's site - She has got some fabulous hats...All handmade?

Jessica Bossé tagged this Brave

Nice ... Il love that ! <3 good job

Anonymous tagged this AMAZING

Umm, this is pretty much AMAZING.

m tagged this ah-mazing

love love love everything about this outfit. you cannot do better

monika tagged this Brave

london? i always assumed you lived in New York! I love the gray tights and the reddish shoes together - genius!


you know how to work it!


@monika – I do live in New York. Been traveling and visiting London this month to say hello to our U.P friends here :)


I really love this hat, it is so beautiful. But I don't like the shoes so much...

X tagged this Exquisite

Tres chic!!!


The one time I'll ever quote Paris Hilton-now. That's hot. :)

cookie tagged this Cute

love the boots and stocking, you have a head for hat lucky you.

jenithea tagged this Cute

Fantastic! I LOVE that hat!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the hat and booties!

prutha tagged this Hot

love the hat and the bootssssssss...i want!!


agree with KT: like the combo of the pattern in the tights with the pattern in the shoes!

Payal tagged this Brilliant!

I love this look...the belt/ neckwear is awesome.


When in England, do as the Brits do. And they sure love their hats! Especially ones with little feathers on them. Very nice.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the boots & tights

Sara tagged this Cute

I just got a hat made by Laura Daly. Her husband showed me this picture. Great concept--the entire project. And GREAT hat! Laura is gifted!!!

zach tagged this lovely

I love this. The shoes, are haawwt. the hat, love. jewelry, i die! :) jacket, gorge.

amberss tagged this Brave

the belt with that necklace looks greatt and the beautiful hat!

savanna tagged this tricked out

i just adore your hat!!!


maybe, maybe..