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September 09

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Day 181. Wed, October 28 2009

Running for the kids

Handwoven headband made from reclaimed fabric donated by Tara St.James at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com. Tank donated by Scully, knee highs donated by Mom.

My big brother Sean is flying in from London to run the NYC Marathon this Sunday in support of the Uniform Project. Pledge him support and help him raise more funds for the Akanksha kids.
Read more here and Pledge your support here> >


ck tagged this stellar

That's awesome, he's a tougher man than I. Tell him hello, keep up the good work! ;)

babz tagged this Cute

oh goody, I am first to comment. The socks make the outfit!!!

babz tagged this Cute

me again, almost first.

Mara tagged this Heartaliscious

Love the heart tights!!! So cute!!!


good luck for the run, hearts are always good keep it up!

nat tagged this fun!

tell you brother good luck!

Grammarian tagged this Snippy. Period.

Good luck in the marathon. Also, "guess" statements are just that - statements. Please punctuate as such.

Mariah tagged this I Pledged! Your turn!

Guess who's really cute in her running outfit today?

emma tagged this Cutie McSporty!

love this look. especially the super chic headband!

ammakke tagged this awesome

wow!!U lucky to have such a caring big brother, Sheena...All the best to him on All Saints' Day for a great run !!!Yes, those knee highs go well with ur outfit today..Well done !!

Anneka tagged this Hot

Good work Sean!

che tagged this Cute


Dee tagged this awesome

Yay! I'm so impressed! If I were in shape, I'd be there too :) Love the outfit today.

Ann Marie tagged this It's a MARATHON

They say fund raising is a marathon (not a sprint) and you are proving that to be true! I just pledged. Congratulations and good luck to Sean! (For a split second, I wondered if YOU were going to run in your uniform!) Hope you have some good PR lined up at the finish line!

Céleste Durante tagged this so great

i'm in love with this !!!

theinstitute tagged this asta la vista

pump that iron.

holly tagged this sporty AND spicy

Like the sporty touches. Like your team: Scully, your Mom, and Sean. Go Team UP!


go go super sean!!!

Princess B. tagged this Cute

Totally cute, Sheena. Like Ann Marie, I was also thinking you'd be running in the uniform. Grammarian, really??

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Ooo good on him! Would love some photos of him running if you could post them in your blog or something ^_^ Good luck!


not so muchlenox coal

barbara tagged this Cute

I pledged $26.20, which is $1 per mile. Great cause, nice brother. Go Sean!

jolly M tagged this smart

Simple & smart outfit- fit for a marathon?...... Good luck to Sean & well done to Sheena. I've pledged my support.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Love the socks, the whole outfit, but especially the socks.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Love the socks, the whole outfit, but especially the socks.

Joel Patrick

great outfit

mswaykus tagged this Rock on!

So are you running in your dress I suppose?

@ Princess B.

Yes. Really.

MBT tagged this Mother's Love

For Sheena and Sean's Mom - you must be very proud of your young ones. Job well done !!! Oh, and darling knee highs :~)

CK tagged this Inspirational by design

Your project is so commendable. Kudos ad infinitum. Also impressive is the tolerance shown for the obnoxious, holier-than-thou comments that crop up (that means you "Grammarian", and that crazy person who pretends to find fault w/your legs). Seems they're quite acutely missing the point. It is so good that there are people of honor and meritorious action like yourself on this planet, to help balance out the wing nuts.

Irene tagged this Heart Socks!

Good luck to Sean! I like the heart socks and the women headband.

@ CK

I'm not saying she isn't doing a wonderful thing. In fact, there's nothing of that nature in my post. I just commended her brother for running the marathon and provided a little grammatical insight out of respect for the English language. I'm just trying to help Sheena make this the best project it can be. GRAMMAR IS FASHION.

Payal tagged this Aww!

Sean, Sheena and socks from mum - Go Matheikens! Adore the socks!

Bee tagged this Try Harder

I'm not really feeling this outfit. The arm warmers and those shoes really ruin the dress. I'm so glad your brother is supporting you. All the way from London?! That's really nice of him.

Eloise tagged this Cute

My husband is running the Soweto Marathon in Johannesburg, SA this weekend in support of the fight against getting old and inactive!

yobe tagged this Cute

Love the socks

jessa tagged this Brave

i know it's not me. so that just leaves you. wow! good luck.

Scully tagged this Run Sean Run!

I just pledged $26.2, but am pretty sure I'll be donating $52.4:) Thanks for giving that shirt an other life, looks way better on you than in my drawer!

Anonymous tagged this sporty

looks sporty.Now, we know U have a Mum,a big brother sean and if i am right a little sis (who gifted that scarf-choker)who support you.Just wondered no mention of your dad?.Good luck to your Big Brother


I just pledged, and I have a feeling it's going to be doubled! That headband is so cute on you, I love it. Good luck, Sean!

Mariah tagged this @ Grammarian

Guess who might want to relax and understand the difference between rule-bound, formal English/punctuation and the also-correct language used in popular culture (referred to as "common usage" by scholars of the English language)? Yes, "Grammar is fashion" -- and both change/evolve over time . . . Relax and enjoy the amazing creativity on this site . . .

@ Mariah, et. al.

What is everyone's deal? I've complimented the great things Sheena and her brother are doing for the children of India. Bravo, once again! I was just stating some facts in a helpful manner. No posed hatred. Sheena, I'd like to see you dedicate a day to grammar -- maybe some cute punctuated accessories, bookworm glasses, and an oxford (comma) shirt.

carla tagged this bebe

esa una cosa que no entiendo nada de lo que veo ahora

Petitbobun tagged this Cute

Good luck for the marathon !

anonymous tagged this Hot

@ anonymous; Ofcourse Sheena,Sean& the lil sr.(who donated the scarf-choker) are blessed with a wonderful dad who supports this awesome U.P.wholeheartedly..In fact he sends comments too,inspite of his busy profession...Happy?

Meena tagged this Cute

Good luck to ma loving cousins! and this looks so cute! :)

Kiwiken tagged this Cute

Those socks are the cutest!

Payal tagged this Go UP family!

Haha..I'm loving the heat, passion and family introductions going on here! IT'S ALIVE! :D Sheena, I hope you're not completely worn out...didn't see a Thu post - you should take a day off! Stay in your pjs all day, and maybe have an evening 'home-wear' outfit! Cheers! You go, girl!


@Anonymous – Dad is very much involved and has blessed me with his creative genes, I just don't fit into his sweaters or socks, hence the lack of donor shoutouts :-P