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June 09

This day belongs to Boneza.
"The day my obsession began! I fell in love with this project and Sheena's ingenuity. I also went mad for those Sam Edelman shoes Sheena rocked as a staple and hunted down my own pair! I can't wait to wear them with my own U.P. LBD very soon. Thanks U.P., "
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Day 52. Sun, June 21 2009


The funds see no boost after my intergalactic expedition? That makes me sad. :(
Pre-owned vintage headscarf, Sam Elderman shoes from Alter, copper necklace with pendant made out of discarded library books created by Jackie Pst! of Silly Pretty Things.


tara tagged this Hot

love the leggings! where are they from?

French Blast tagged this Cute

Your project is great! I'm sure funds will raise soon :-)

Dawn Is Breaking tagged this Amazing

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

dahlila tagged this Cute

love the tights. :-)


Love it! very cute.

Britwatch tagged this RecessionBusting

Britwatch agrees with French Blast (for once)

Noni tagged this Cute

Simple is never bad

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

I don'tlike those...leggins?

Diane tagged this Cute

Love those leggings! I totally want a pair. And the shoes, too, please. (This is a lovely experimental project you're doing and for a great cause. A million kudos to you.)


funds will come. relax.

lisa tagged this Hot

those tights are great

Anonymous tagged this Batty

not bad

masha tagged this Cute

you are gorgeous! good luck with funding!

V tagged this Brave


Lynsay tagged this Cute

Very cute. I love the dress so so much. Can your friend make them to purchase?

Juneau tagged this Comfy

A good outfit for recuperation . . .

Sacha tagged this Cute


Nav tagged this Cute

Very nice!

notablogger tagged this Cute

This is a fantastic project! Now I'm wondering how I might incorporate the idea into my own life - and finally learn to accessorize!

mads tagged this Cute

adorable!!!!!!!i luv the leggings!!!

Anonymous tagged this mystic beautiful

Beautiful! Love the head scarf! pendant gives it a mystique look.

Maggiie tagged this Cute

Like this one:)

Anonymous tagged this Hot

lovee it

Zee Variawa

love the necklace and tights

hhh tagged this Not so much...

i think it's the hat

Lisa Webb tagged this Cute

love it!

Katharine tagged this Cute

The head scarf is what makes this.

Anon tagged this Cute

One of my faves~

Sara tagged this Cute

You are so creative.

Debby tagged this Hot

The tights are amazing!

Addie tagged this Cute

I like the tights and the headscarf are really cute!


leggins very cute

Jackie PST! tagged this Hot

Hi! I Just found this, thanks so much! You look great in the necklace-- can you do me a favor and correct my company name to Pretty, Silly Things and change the link to my actual website, which is prettysillythings.com? Thanks so much! You're awesome!

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

I don't like this. I think it's the tights. I love that the pendant was made out of books though.

A tagged this Cute and Simple

like my tag says

Annmarie tagged this Cute

I love the look. It reminds me of something I wore in the 1960's. Great necklace!

Gabrielle P. tagged this Cute

i love

BellaG. tagged this Hot

this is one of the best! love it!!!!


At the end of this year, you really need to take a picture of your wardrobe, shoe rack... and the entire collection of these amazing tights!