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July 09

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"Love your project and am so glad to be a part of it. Thank you."
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Day 82. Tue, July 21 2009

New mission to the moon

Duct tape tank designed and donated by Scully. See more of scully's work at scullynewyork.com. Handwoven headband and zipper bracelet designed and donated by Tara St.James. Visit Tara's Etsy store at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com. Vintage suede boots from eBay.


shuchi tagged this Relevant

Love how your styles keep up with the news!

barbara tagged this Brave

Creative and brave!

LaLa tagged this Brave

Cool accessories. Space age is just not my style.

ammakke tagged this Brave

Oh yeh, u look victorious,Welldone!

Mariah tagged this Moonage Daydream

As an avid space/SF fan, just have to love this -- AND kudos on the use of duct tape!

Cris V. tagged this Cool

Looks like the outfits I used to create when I was a teenager. =) Have a nice week. P.S.: I loved the necklace you wore yesterday. Too bad it's a little bit expensive.

Tali Schiffer-Oren tagged this Brave

I love this one! Very futuristic ;)

ammakke tagged this Brave

just forgot, Sheena, I love those suede boots.perfect!

galyu tagged this Cute

nice one. keep on what you're doing!!


looks fantastic!!!

steph tagged this fab

love this outfit, esp. the accessories and shoes!

Alice tagged this Cute

Somehow this really works. I kinda love it.

lawootten tagged this Brave

Excellent for being seen by oncoming traffic on a dark night.

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Love. Those. Boots. Plus, the whole thing ties together very nicely.


Like the shoes.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Now that, is adorable. girl crush!

Inspired by The Project tagged this Cute

We just didn't dress THIS cute in the 70's! I'm really diggin' the bracelet & headband combo. Q: What is the headband made of?

John tagged this Batty

You look great and model very well. I'm no fashion expert, but I know what looks good and what doesn't.

Ashley tagged this Bravo

keep it up

esteff tagged this Batty

creative and very chic. love this space homage.

GabyStarbuck tagged this futuristic dumpsterdiver

Hey there 70s New Age Pixie Spock....

Anonymous tagged this very cool

Wow..I've never seen clothing made with duct tape...this is very cool!

annie tagged this Hot

my favorite three color combos: black, white, and grey...LOVE IT!

Camilla tagged this Try Harder

Duct tape apparel? Seems kind of junior high schoolish to me. Love the headband and bracelet, though. :)


@InspiredByTheProject – the headband was made by Tara from organic cotton jersey reclaimed from her fall 08 collection's leftover fabric.

Maria tagged this Brave

I always wonder what kind of outfits you wore before the project...

mofo tagged this blogless

When's your blog?

Irene tagged this Brave

I really like those boots! Nicely tied together futuristic feel. It's bold without using bold colours.

Karen tagged this Cute

Playful and timely!

Rachel tagged this Stellar

Another great one- I especially like the zipper bracelet with the tank. Since you're doing such a swell job, you should give us a big smile one of these days!

prutha tagged this Hot

love the head band and the bracelet... cool stuff

Susie tagged this Brave

Duct tape is fab!

Eleanor tagged this Brave

Love the upcycled zipper bracelet; very clever! Keep the headband, and please leave the duct tape for industrial use....

Eleanor tagged this Batty

Love the upcycled zipper cuff; keep the headband, but please, leave the duct tape for industrial use.


Wow! Too cute, and we must be on the same wave length. I have been on-line this morning looking for a white tank top. How easy to make this one if you can sew! Basic white tank top, stick on the duct tape then stitich it in. I'm outta here.....errands and post office. Beijos, TK


Very nice! The fact that you`re aware of the news makes this even more interesting. I mean, feels like everything is cool about the blog: it`s inspiring on so many levels. And i do love those shoes ; ))

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love it!

che tagged this Cute

lovin it! i was hoping you would do a space theme. so thanks.

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Hot

Ready for blast off, Space Babe!


Love your hairstyle with this one!

njaa tagged this Try Harder

not so cool

Caitriona tagged this Intergalactic

David Bowie would be proud of you Starman!! Hair looks great too. Love it!!

kes tagged this Cute

i love both the zipper bracelet and the head band! For the person who wondered how you dressed before this project: just as stylish!

Kayla tagged this Hot

One of my favorites so far!

Rebecca tagged this Futuristic


lisa tagged this Hot

one of the if not the best outfit so far

Natacha C. tagged this Interesting Outfit!

I love the suede boots! Are there anymore for sale?

Blair tagged this Scary

I don't liked =/

GreatLabels tagged this Cute

i LOVE this concept so much. keep up the good work! http://twitter.com/GreatLabelsSM

Bob Vila tagged this Mars mission crucial!

Duct tape is way fashion-underrated

m tagged this Hot

creative! wonderful! i like your fashion sytle ;)


Your attitude here is the hot accessory IMHO.

Greta tagged this Modern

Love it, looks chic and modern, my fave. xx

Shen-Shen tagged this Hot

SO awesome! http://warm-pjs.com

gana tagged this Try Harder

i'm sorry to say this, but i think this 'keeping up with the news' some commentors talked about shows lack of imagination. or is this some sort of costume party (instead of wearable 'normal' clothes) with themes from michael jackson to space outfits? i'm sure you can do better than this, if you just put your heart to it! =)


very cool

gabriele hoffmann tagged this Hot

genial greetings from germany

angela tagged this Fabulous!

Clearly, you have an amazing and inspired imagination- and that you put your heart into each and every outfit. It is clever to use current events as inspiration. When someone says "I'm sorry to say this," they are definitely not. Keep up the good work! You are not only motivating and entertaining, you are inspiring the non-haters to be creative and help others.

eve tagged this Brave

@gana.. so i guess when it's spring and we dress in bright colors or floral prints, we're lacking imagination? what is fashion if not fun? the fact that there's so much to find inspiration from is pretty inspiring in itself. why bring negativity and discouragement to the table? let's celebrate ingenuity instead. if by "better" you meant "boring," no thanks!

Sara Cheung tagged this Brave

I like your style,and i like you,too.Come on,girl.

Anne Kinney tagged this Brave

Love it!

hhh tagged this Try Harder

that tank top. really. really? why. I think the tanktop without the duct tape would have looked better.

Ash tagged this Batty

I really love how this one turned out!

Anonymous tagged this DelucDUCTable!

The only thing better than duct tape is a duct tank tape top. THE COOLEST.

Inga tagged this Cute

I love this idea. The top is really cute:)

drella tagged this Brave

art student chic!

Nikki tagged this Hot

LOVE this.

Cami tagged this Hot

Your outfits are all so cute & fashionable! You rock and this is such a great idea.

ashlee tagged this Hot

omg!omg!omg!omg!omg!!!!!!!!!!luv the tank top and the boots!just take the hideous dress off and pull on some tight gray sjinny jeans and that is soooooooooooooooo me!


city look, I think:) nice

Tracy tagged this Correct!

love this.

Amy tagged this casual

At 1st i didnt even think u were wearing the dress! this has got 2 b 1 of my favs! i might actually go find sumthing like this or make it myself cus it looks like ducttape...

Diane tagged this Hot

Nice design by Scully. Gorgeous boots! I like your taste in boots. The headband pulls your hair back and brings the attention to your eyes.

lucia tagged this Batty

i die for that shirt!

kate hildebrandt tagged this Cute

Love the boots !



Daniella tagged this Hot

One of your best! Am in love with those boots!