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June 09

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Day 85. Fri, July 24 2009

Natty loomer

Bamboo linen vest designed and donated by Tara St.James. Visit her Etsy store at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com. Handmade bow pin necklace donated by Beatrice. Visit her Etsy store at dearbeatrice.etsy.com. Vintage red pumps from eBay.


Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Love the red shoes and reappearance of the bow tie necklace, but not feeling the vest (despite it being bamboo!) . . .


Great idea but the dress is too short.


love the shoes!

Ron Weasley's lover tagged this smart

Like the vest, esp from the back. Getting bored of the bow tie now...sorry to be harsh.

bunneh tagged this eh

the shoes are hot - don't care much for the vest.. and the bow tie doesn't work for me today either :\ oh well thumbs up on the shoes!!

annie tagged this Hot

Very hot professor-ish...the shoes are the perfect touch of color!

Beth tagged this Okay

It's okay. I like the shoes.

genevieve tagged this Fun

I appreciate the "fun" aspect of this outfit

barbara tagged this Funky

Funky design for the back of the vest.

katherine tagged this Cute

love the shoes!!!

Alice tagged this Cute

Love the vest, but I'm not wild about the bowtie necklaces.

Camilla tagged this Try Harder

*LOVE* the shoes - but not digging the vest and bow tie. Maybe some red accent pieces instead to tie in with the shoes.

There's a thing called "STARCH"

USE IT. I completely agree with Big Bertha from yesterday. The droopy bow tie is majorly weird too. The vest is tres chic. And by tres chic, I mean hideous.

ammakke tagged this OK

love that vest esp. from the back, but without the bow tie ...

Rachael tagged this Batty

Gorgeous shoes :)


I'm inlove with the bow. Adorable as always!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Don't like the vest with this dress

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love those shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not digging the bow tie and vest at all. love the shoes though.

Rachel tagged this ooh la la

Personally, I think this one is fabulous.

Rachel is crazy

Not fab. Far from fab. More like drab.

juan two tree tagged this Try Harder

hmmm. all those drinks last night....

Anonymous tagged this Brave

cute look for dancing old st

the knotty hooker tagged this brave new day

whoa! a backless vest! that was so unexpected

Cynthia tagged this huh?

Loose all of your bow ties, plum

Irene tagged this Cute

I love how the vest looks from the back! I'm not so sure about the bow necklace though. Maybe you should have a red necklace or bracelet or something to tie in more of the red from the shoes?

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

hate the vest/bow tie. love dress/shoes

emmysmiles tagged this Clever

Love every aspect of this outfit! :)

stephanie tagged this natty

your outfit is funky

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love this, especially the red shoes!

Andrea tagged this Hot

Love this outfit! Everything about it.

Lester Paul tagged this Try Harder

You are a liar. I saw you on the B61 and, in fact, you were not wearing that vest or bowtie, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Kamia tagged this Cute

Bow tie is ugly. Everything else is adorable.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

the bow with the vest is a little much...dont you think

Elizabeth jones


LissaG tagged this Constance smellier

outfit would have actually been better with JUST the dress and red shoes...simple and sweet.


Are you serious? She wasn't wearing the outfit in the picture?

barbara tagged this it's about a DRESS

Oh please, LesterPaul. You make it sound like Sheena is a politician caught in adultery. This site is about a DRESS. To many of us, it is about inspiration and fun and good ideas. I sometimes change the layers of my clothes throughout the day too. Give the girl a break, she makes a huge effort every day to update the outfit and the website. Peace to all. ~barbara

Stef and Maia tagged this Cute

Supa cute! We love dis site! Youra cutie!

Stef and Maia again! tagged this GIVE HER A BREAK!

You try wearing a dress and looking so cute as she does. You are probably not a fashionable fashionista like this little lady. We honestly love and appreciate all her efforts because they are her own and at least she is having an individualistic style unlike most of the snobs on the street today wearing only designer hot shot [more like stupid shot] clothes. We love you little lady! Don't let the haterz get you down!

@ barbara, stef and maria tagged this Despicable Poseur

First of all, ladies, her outfits are NOT cute. Most are pretty f-ugly, to be perfectly blunt. Second of all, the point of this project is to wear the dress for the entire day, 365 days of the year. If she's promoting herself as that, she shouldn't be caught on the B61 in a completely different outfit. And finally, to Sheena... You've been exposed. You should be ashamed of yourself for being such a poseur (and awful poser) and exploiting the children of India only to gain personal attention. You're despicable.

Jean tagged this Hot

Once again, a job well done! Love it!

annie (again) tagged this you rock

Wow. I just read some of the nasty comments that were left for yesterday's outfit. YIKES! Sheena, you're awesome...even on the days I don't totally dig the outfits, I still think each ensemble is incredibly creative. And so what if you need to take off a vest or a bowtie throughout the day?! We all make variations to our daily outfits! I guess you just have to appreciate that you now have Dooce-like commenters...some that feel necessary to give you their strong negative feedback. But I'm one that loves your project and your creativity A LOT. Happy Weekend Sheena...you rock!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

oh my gosh! who cares? She was wearing the dress, just not the vest/tie. If you put on a second layer like a jacket, would you wear it all day long? give her a break! She's got more creativity on the tip of her nose then most of you people have in your entire bodies!

Plaid & Stripes

Interesting vest. Not sure about the tie... Anonymous - I think you mean to say "She's got more creativity on the tip of her nose THAN most of you people have in your entire bodies!" Not "then". Sorry. I'm a stickler for grammar. :)

Jolly M

To all pathetic miserable small number of haters of Sheena's project I totally agree with Barbara,Stef & Maia.Give her a Break. Its her Project.You should be ashamed of-not sheena- you haters are hating those poor children whom she is helping & will continueto help. Sheena keep up the good work. I had been waiting to get involved with education of hundreds of tribal children,after your project. These kids are not only poor they & their tribal families are horribly exploited by the rich in South India.Keep up the good work and once in a while take one or more of the layers or items, we don't mind.

Jolly M

Sheena A correction :What I meant to type was that I had been waiting to get sheena involved with this tribalchildren. Their care programm is called "AngelCare". They need sme help to continue to take more childre Once again keep up the good work

Ashley Garner tagged this Hot

This is so adorable and I absolutley love love love your project, pure genius. I featured you on my blog: www.beautifulfall.typepad.com And good luck!

UPFAN tagged this Brave

Hey Sheena, I love a good idea for a great cause! You're very brave and creative! Do your thing and let these cowardly commenters waste their time on the internet. Thanks.

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

Not digging this one so much. :/


Love the project...please please don't let the haters bum you out...

ashlee tagged this SO UGLY!!!!!!

sheena to make u look even more fabu and glam u need to let ur hair grow!and all i can say about the outfit U.G.L.Y!i only like the red pumps!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Vest is awful Bow tie...ick. BAD OUTFIT


sth doesn't suit, it's a one thing too much - maybe the bow? but the colors are great - respect for red shoes

Amy tagged this not quite sure...

i really cant say much of any thing about this one...


Oh my god that's just amazing tou are a fabolous artist

Tuuli tagged this Interesting

Cute shoes.

slim tagged this don't hate, donate!

Lester Paul, do you need a hug?