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June 09

This day belongs to Laureen.
"thank you for being such an inspiration x"
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Day 60. Mon, June 29 2009

Monday armor.

Vintage velvet brim hat from eBay, Ben Sherman vest from Beacons Closet and a custom made bullet bolo tie from Etsy. Gold pumps donated by Jessica Carroll. Visit Jessica's Etsy store at blueberrydeluxe.etsy.com


shuchi tagged this Rugged

You look like a sweet fisher woman :)


meryl streep out of africa-ish.. me like.

Juneau tagged this Hot

Love the bullet-bolo and gold flats combo!

clarkie tagged this Cute

I enjoy this.

ZZ tagged this Cute

I think it's cute. (:

Eleanor tagged this Right on target!

Love the bullet bolo! My husband and I both shoot for fun, so I can't wait to show it to him. I am "addicted" to your site!

eldub tagged this Brave

Very creative.

Beth tagged this Try Harder

This outfit is okay. Maybe if the vest were a color other than tan.

Inspired by The Project tagged this Hot

How fun! Luv every piece today. Well done! Funds are on the rise. Keep spreading the word people - $ raised benefit the Akanksha Foundation


Very nice, but maybe you can find something RED for tomorrow? The colors have been quite consistent for a while -- is it time to punch up the colors a bit?


barbara, count on a splash of color tomorrow! :)

Uncle Martha tagged this Cute

We love a girl in uniform! I got started in 1979 with a school-bus yellow boiler suit, and never really quit. Dress it up, dress it down, there are no limits. Moved on to a black boiler suit in the '80's - nice with a simple strand of pearls, but not a great choice for an evening out drinking. (One will drop a sleeve in the toilet at some point.) I'm a costume designer, preferring to costume others and stick to the uniform myself, which, I am ashamed to admit, is a black T-shirt or a black T-shirt, I collect vintage silk scarves, rhinestones and african necklaces. Maybe I'll pass some along. Good Work! Cheers! Martha

Anonymous tagged this Simplistic chic

I love the look! It's very minimal, but still chic!

Girard tagged this No hats

No hats.

Kathlene tagged this Brave

You make me want to wear un chapeau!


I really respect your intention to raise this money... I just don't really get how this can be called "1 dress, 365 days". You really aren't wearing the same thing everyday. Isn't it kind of missing the point?

Carol tagged this Cute

I love the dress. I work for a company where we wear black everyday it would be wonderful to have a dress like this so I could just change the accessories and go on my merry way...and I too do not like to carry a purse. You might consider selling the pattern to help with donations. Have a great day.

Britwatch tagged this Murrayworthy

Big day at Wimbledon uniformproject! Andy just won a tight 5 setter under lights on centre court. He says the site's an inspiration!

canadian cheryl tagged this Cute

just found out about the project, and think it's just the coolest idea. And a terrific cause. It's remarkable how accessories can change the simplest outfit to show your individual personality and style....

Choley tagged this Inspiring

This site just makes me shop, but at least I'm supporting the etsyverse. Now I bought a bullet bolo tie.

Niamh tagged this Try Harder

Seems similar to yesterday's with the hat and the shape of the shoe. You should try something similar to Day 4.


JK, appreciate the question. The creative challenge I have given myself is to accessorize the same dress differently everyday to make it a one of a kind piece, and to do so in the most sustainable way through the use of pre-owned, re-purposed, vintage and donated items. This is an attempt to prove that style and sustainability needn't be mutually exclusive. You can read more about the project and the cause under the About section above.

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Indiana Jones

All you need is a bow-whip, a pistol, and some mosquito netting and your ready for a wild adventure...


Oh wait, the bow-whip is around your neck...


Colour shinnajoy, colour! You're palette needs an upgrade.

Edith tagged this Brave

your hair look big =D But I like it


YAWN. YAWN. YAWN. Also, stop wearing flying saucer hats.

erin tagged this Cute

yess i love this.


Then you could donate all these accessories your getting.

elizabeth tagged this creative and funky

Really cute and very creative ... we don't have to be slaves to the dictates of the merchants and the fashion gurus who are payed by the merchants ... we need to be individuals and unafraid to recycle reuse and refuse to be a fickle waster of the worlds resources and energy.


hmm. some pop missing, I think.

Avarine tagged this Cute

It's simple, but polished. I like how the vest and shoes kinda match. You're dressed lightly.. must be warm in your part of the world?


I read about your site in Canada's Globe and Mail Newspaper. It seemed like such a great idea. But as I scroll through your 60 days, you seem to have a lot of clothing. I thought the idea was to have less. Hmm

jarsika tagged this Hot

I must say those golden flats are pretty steamy!!! xo Blue

Sylvia tagged this Cute

Fantastic! This is really inspiring!!! No more buying new dresses for me!!!!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Cute

Love it Butch, coy and sassay. You are amazing!

Thérèsa tagged this Cute

Super super cute.

Ruby Red tagged this Cute

Great outfit; great cause! Hope to spread the word. http://laureljane.blogspot.com/2009/06/uniform-project.html

lotta tagged this cool


the knotty hooker tagged this edgy

is that your bullet proof vest?

lisa tagged this dangerous!

pow pow!

Alexis tagged this Cute


alaska girl tagged this Try Harder

I think I'd like this better with some hiking boots and a safari hat

moxie tagged this Try Harder

I gotta say I am not liking that hat.

R tagged this Hot

love it :)

Sara tagged this AMAZINGLY chic

This one may just be my favorite one I've seen yet, but hey, there's still more to go. Lovely, lovely. You should totally be a model, girl!

veena mathew

cool sheena chechy :)

Kendra tagged this Hot

I love this! Very relaxed and stylish.


say yes to the vest.

Nikki tagged this Try Harder

Not digging it.


Why don't you ever smile?? It makes you look older.

Vera tagged this Brave

Lovely, but no heat

Aricia tagged this Cute

great look!

Janeva Adena Zentz tagged this foxy brown

Love the look. It is totally 70's go-go and when i squint it looks like you got a fro, yo.