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May 09

This day belongs to lolaaaaa.
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Day 16. Sat, May 16 2009

Military mustard

Arms warmers, distressed tights and avant garde military vest from a favorite ebay seller– Harajuku Vintage


Jenny. tagged this Try Harder

Eww. I dont like anything about this. Its like crossing guard meets tramp.

Skeeter tagged this Brave

Okay, Military meets punk? This one would be hard to carry off with the yellow vest. Without it? I think it would be cute, but that's just me not being brave.

RogueTess tagged this Brave

Works for me minus the holy tights. Vest and gloves are kewl.

anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Really don't like this, sorry

ttt tagged this Brave

I'd like this without the "distressedness."

courtney tagged this Brave

i actually dont mind this...

Carly tagged this Batty

I'm a bit "meh" about this one. Not into the white under the holey tights.. and the mustard doesn't do much for you. But the overall lines of the outfit are great... I'm just nitpicking over colours LOL.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

meh. but I think you can pull it off.

Addie tagged this Cute


Caroline tagged this Cute

I love the arm warmers with this outfit!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

the tights are the sh*t girl

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

this might be nice, without the ugly vest

Historygirl tagged this Hot

Love it!!! It has a sculptural quality.I love the contrast of the holey fishnets and the smooth dress & vest.

Ulumuri tagged this Batty

Naah. Don't like the vest, don't like the tights. Sometimes ugly+ugly=cute, but here it just =ugly^2.

Anonymous tagged this Nicee

love the mustard vest and the arm warmers with this! the tights would be better withour the holes though


it's not good


this is prob the 1st time i m saying I do not find this appealing...but that is not 2 say that it isn't a sharp outfit...just not2 my personal liking..tights and arm warmers rad