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June 09

This day belongs to Paula.
"This day belongs to Paula"
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Day 25. Mon, May 25 2009

Memorial Day

Vintage red beret and red striped knee highs. Nominally patriotic.


SLY tagged this Cute

I'd wear this

Jenny tagged this Cute

Oh I love the burgundy. Very pretty.

Em tagged this Tres chic!

So Paris!!!!! I love it!!!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Muted colors work great too.

Chuck tagged this Adorable

I love this.

Kathy tagged this Lovely

Lovely. The beret & the knee-his are so cute!

Beth tagged this Cute

Seems a little bit too girlish.

k tagged this luke warm

i really like thonse shoes -_-


love this, esp the knee highs.

Derek tagged this Hot

You are just plain hot regardless of what you wear!

A-Dub tagged this LOOOVE

Too fabulous for words.

Josey tagged this Hot

le hot

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Loving this! Cute hat, and nicely paired with the socks and shoes.

Addie tagged this Hot

OMG!!! This may be my favorite so far! I love the beret! and the knee highs give you a good girl bad girl look

Disco Dave


Anonymous tagged this Cute

You can where this and stand out without feeling weird. I LOVE it! I think I might just try this look :D

Duda T - Brazil tagged this Sexy

I like it! Very Sexy.

laney tagged this Brave

hat=fab. i do not like these shoes, but i think i said that when you wore them before

Aricia tagged this Cute

really cute...loved!

Ashe tagged this Hot

I'm in love! Nothing more to say.

Diane tagged this Cute

Very cute. Could do with a nectlace to make it a bit more grown up. It does look a lot like a uniform.

Hannah tagged this Hot

I love this, it is just classic and plain enough to work.