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August 09

This day belongs to evegloria.
"How is it that I didn't spend my whole life being happy, loving other human beings' faces. Franz Wright"
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Day 114. Sat, August 22 2009

Me Jane

South african cwabasi beads donated by Debi and Jani Finch. Leopard print quilted belt and vintage platforms from eBay.

The NAU Grant for Change will help us launch our non-profit foundation that will continue to bring you socially responsible creative projects such as the Uniform Project. Please cast your votes today– Rate our nomination by clicking here.


Loi Becker tagged this Cute

That's cute. :) Loved the pumps.

Z tagged this Hot


ammakke tagged this cute

I love your imagination & creativity, sheena.... Good luck with the voting !

Marcella tagged this Hot

The idea of the neckless...is great! Congrats! It's beautiful! =D

Sock Knutt tagged this Sassy!

Oh yes, that's gorgeous! But why, oh why is nobody donating!? That number hasn't budged in 24hrs! Come on guys, she's not doing this for nothing!

Rachel tagged this Brave

I love it! The beads are so great and the belt is very clever!

Sophie B

You make me smile

nosila tagged this Hot


Mara tagged this Hot

I love this one! Adorable.

Britwatch tagged this very pretty and

and wonders again if all the U.P. fans have made the effort to clock their nau vote. Get the vote out!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

are you okay? you look kind of under the weather here. I love the belt/heels combo, but not the necklaces

Lindsay tagged this Hot

Love love LOVE the bling and the animal print together! Fabulous!

Sam tagged this Try Harder

Hmm, I don't like the glitter stuff and animal prints, sorry.

Stefanie tagged this wonderful!

Just shows how you can make something fabulous no matter what it is! I love the versatility wonderful wonderful wonderful!

the small lolita tagged this Hot

Loved it !!?

the small lolita tagged this Hot

Loved it!!?

Jess tagged this Ok

Love the beads. Don't knowbout the belt.


O visual ficou muito charmoso!

Kate tagged this Batty

Where did you go today? Did the beads fall down? Adorable. Love the shoes.

esile tagged this Cute

I like your hair a bit wavy like that - it looks fun. The necklaces add a pretty touch. i like.

Thalita tagged this Cute

Adorei a sua roupa fofa!

Jean tagged this Hot

Simple yet gorgeous!

jessica tagged this beads galore

The colour of the belt/shoes seems a little iffy - I would suggest using a shiny copper pair of shoes/skinnier belt, but that's just me! Very cute beads & artistic way of wearing them.

Mariah tagged this Hot

Congrats on $11K! And hardly recognized The Uniform in this transformation. Amazing!

Mariah tagged this Side Comment

Went from posting online here to live, streaming radio and, the track playing? -- African/electronic artist with "Why Must You Always Dress in Black" . . . Whoa.

Cynthia tagged this Cute

LOVE! eclectic.

Anne tagged this Hot

Love the beads. Don't know if they'd be quite practical, but the effect created is amzing ! Congrats on the creativity, as always.

BellaG. tagged this Cute

It's really nice, but without this necklace I think it would be even better! =)

Jenny tagged this Cute

I love the leopard pattern on the dress!

rockos tagged this Brave

Love the beads, not so much the leopard print with it - on or other

Terry Richardson tagged this Try Harder



I love it.i hope you get good result!

Ishaq Zappa tagged this Brave



I like it! Cool outfit - great project

gruvee tagged this Cute

My NAU vote has been submitted. Good luck. You - and the cause - are marvellous!

Kay tagged this Hot

You make brown and black work, girl!

jode tagged this Brave


Edie, Once Known As Edith tagged this Amazing

God, this is amazing.

Tina B. tagged this wow

Love the necklaces! Great work!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Good fun!


love the shoes, not keen on the beads

Beth tagged this Cute

Cute! Love the beads and shoes.

camakazi tagged this Hot


Sandra D


LB43 tagged this Best Yet!

This is my fav. so far!!! I LOVE everything about it!

Zara K tagged this NICEEEE

Loving the belt!!! the creativity of your outfits are excelling the previous as the project goes on!! ME LIKE x

vinamarata tagged this jazzy!


Yobe tagged this Try Harder

Can't imagine going to work or play in this in real life girl! You'd need Tarzan to untangle you from the car doors. Silly!

maroesja tagged this Cute

love this

Katiie tagged this amazing

best one ever

Anonymous tagged this Cute

gorgeously simple. i LOVE the belt.. and the necklaces!


South African then it has to look good! Jokes. You look amazing in this one


dress has no cut, but it doesn't matter. the whole looks nice though. good