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October 09

This day belongs to Snowdrops.
"I love how the flower gives a touch of whimsy to this understated yet chic outfit. Congratulations on everything UP has achieved thus far, and may this continue to inspire others in improving sustainability, access to education, and, of course, style!"
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Day 179. Mon, October 26 2009

Lil' Red Riding Prude

Suede hat from a brooklyn antique warehouse, sweater donated from the Google accessory drive, hand-knit flower donated by Dennice Mankarious, socks from Sockdreams and vintage oxfords from eBay.


wasabipear tagged this Fox Trot Thru the Forest

En route to grannies for some hot apple cider mmmm.

meg tagged this Prudent

Te he I like the title today. great hat. Great work you are amazing.

Mariah tagged this YES (Mostly) and No . . .

Amazing sweater!! ADORE this outfit (except, well, for the socks . . . maybe it's just the photo and they work better in real time . . .). You're so creative!

Dee tagged this Cute

The title for this outfit is hilarious! And I think I need to place an order with Sockdreams...

Mara tagged this Hot

Ooh, love the tights/socks... and the sweater! Cute!

Claire tagged this Cute

I heart that flower so!

MBT tagged this Tea Time

I adore this one! If I saw Sheena walking down the street, I'd think, "now that's a girl I'd like to meet for tea."


Clever title, but there's a lot goin' on in that outfit. Perhaps save the tights and flower for another day?

che tagged this higglety pigglety

seems like 2 days outfit squeezed together. it almost works. I think October has been a fantastic month of outfits.

Randomer :) tagged this Cute

i'm liking the hat. good on you for doing this by the way

Kay tagged this Cute

I agree with Eleanor about the tights -- I think a white or cream would have gone with the 'Little Red' theme better (since she's supposed to be young). But I like the flower -- it represents Grandma's house! Lookin' sweet, Sheena!

Anneka tagged this gorgeous

I am loving all that red - just goes sooooo wel!

Kiwiken tagged this Cute

In my opinion the flower is a little too much. But the hat is cute!

Carla Lomme tagged this Batty

WOW!!!!! THis is incredible but i was wondering what do you do with all the accesories that are donated to you!!!!

KatieQ tagged this Hot

Love the sweater and socks <3 Hope the donations continue to rise! xx

yobe tagged this in search of inspiration

Looks like its getting harder to put these together. Too much going on here for me. Like the hat though

coco tagged this surprisingly elegant

Let the flower fly away along the ride

ammakke tagged this Hot

I like that skirt a lot though remember seeing that before ,girl u r too good accessorizing items..I've never seen a hand-knit flower like that one before!!Well done!

jamie tagged this Cute


holly tagged this yummy

I love the layers, the colours, the look. Why has the total raised slowed recently???

Joel Patrick tagged this Hot

ola ola ola

Payal tagged this Me likey!

I looovveee half the outfit! Not crazy about the socks...kinda dampens the otherwise stunning look! Another great look!

Scully tagged this Cute

Love the knit flower broach!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love it! This is something I could wear to work or to go out in :)

Irene tagged this elegant tea time

Love the sweater and the flower.

Esther tagged this close to perfect

Love love LOVE this outfit :) that flower is sweet!

rachel tagged this fantastic

this is so great! i love the cardigan...you should definitely keep using the. unlimited possibilites with the dress. you're lovely!

Sheena tagged this Cute

I want to be your friend!


I think I dig prudish!

megintosh Italy tagged this Cute

What a marvellous hand knit flower!!!

Mi tagged this Cute

sooooo cute! :)

Justi tagged this Try Harder

The up part of the clothes is great. But the down looks like you borrow it from grandma..doesn't suit

Time Keeps on Ticking tagged this Tick Tock Tick Tock

Why does it take you so long to post pictures?

Syhem tagged this Chic

One of the best outfit so far1

Alexandra tagged this Cute

I congratulate you. It's very difficult to keep the same dress a year. I love your shoes :)


Where did the skirt come from?


sweet, without the red skirt.