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June 09

This day belongs to Woowie.
"I love the feather necklace on this combo. It just makes me want to jump around and do a rain dance!"
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Day 53. Mon, June 22 2009

Les plumes

Vintage beret donated by Sandra D. Thanks sand! Edwardian suede pumps from eBay. Miss-KK feather necklace donated by Julia Kung of Moxsie. See more at the Moxsie store.



sadha tei ma ne' ne'

mads tagged this hawt!!!!

i luv the entire outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Really cool! Love it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very earthy.

Juneau tagged this Cute

Very pulled together look . . .

Jenn tagged this elegant

Wonderful shoes

francis t paul tagged this Cute


hazel and hunter tagged this Hot


So Cute!

Hello Pocahonatas! you getting cuter and cuter, Love the feaaatheers!!! and yellow touch clever..

Nicole tagged this Nice

I'm not sure about the feather necklace, but I love your..hat?

María José


sonya algosaibi tagged this Hot

i love this one!


I love the feathers

Britwatch tagged this flighty

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Its Uniformgirl!


...aaaand we hit the 2500 mark! Thanks everyone!

Sandra Dillon

Oooohhhh I just love it! Super cute! (And thanks for the shout-out!!) xo

eleanorhope tagged this Hot

super cute...would have never though of a feather necklace! genius!

Anonymous tagged this adorable

love the necklace!

meemu tagged this Hot

I don't know how you do it. I never find stuff like that on ebay. The shoes are glorious.x

Marty tagged this ew

Not diggin the flowers. :(

Marty tagged this Try Harder

Feathers, not flowers. Whoooops.

Sarah tagged this Cute

I LOVE the necklace.

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Hot

I love feathers

Jollaunt (Diana M)

Hi Sheena, I was aware & seen your exceptional tastes, since U were just 3yrs old.Excellent creativity & superbskills etc etc gone into fundraising foe a worthy cause...well done & I'm proud of U Jollaunt

Noni tagged this Cute

I like very much

Gabriella tagged this Precious


Annah tagged this Cute

Gorgeous! Loving the giant feather neckpiece soooo much.

Caitríona tagged this Kitty

Fabulous feathers! Gorgeous project - I'm looking forward to seeing all your creations.


Gorgeous feather necklace, I want it!

Anonymous tagged this Brave


hhh tagged this AMAZING

ultimately awesome! the necklace looks so good.

erina tagged this creative

yet another inspiring one. (:

L Hoang tagged this Hot


camino tagged this Cute

pocahontas reloaded! I love it!

nicole tagged this Cute

this makes me super happy. i love the shoes and the necklace.

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Cute

Cutecutecutecutecute! And that includes your smirk in the first picture.

Katharine tagged this Hot

I love all the fun stockings you wear!


This outfits would look much better if she didn't pull that horrible, gurning face and hunch her shoulders in every shot

esteff tagged this Brave

not loving the brown feathers with the black and yellow

pi tagged this Try Harder

more layers would make it different, though i ve only seen like 10 days

Sara tagged this Cute

Love the yellow and your hairstyle is awesome, too.

Addie tagged this Batty

I like the idea but it came out a little kooky. No offense but you look like a crazy lady who feeds pidgeons all day.

Anonymous tagged this i came upon a bird...

Loving the way the tights work with the shoes and the whole outfit. The beret is my favorite! Big neck pieces rock.

Nikki tagged this Batty

No. A little scary.

suzi tagged this Cute

lepo lepo