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August 09

This day belongs to chelsea.
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Day 122. Sun, August 30 2009

Le Pixie de Montmartre

Vintage jumper blouse donated by Scully and sacred heart stained glass necklace donated by Jennifer Parrish from her store, parrishrelics.etsy.com.

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Great vintage necklace!

Anne tagged this Cute

Very classy ! I like how the collar of the blouse modifies ever so slightly the style of the dress.

Katie tagged this Cute

Super sweet!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Lovely! The blouses under the dress are one of my favorite looks

dayglozoo tagged this Mais oui, ma cherie!

Quite lovely, as always. Shooting for $12K today, I hope! Good luck!

Tara tagged this Cute

Tight season has begun, yay for you! Very cute today...

vinamarata tagged this SO-SO

adore the shoes!

ammakke tagged this Cute

another elegant outfit.just love that necklace,esp. the pendant.

Shaa tagged this Batty

26th august doesn't work!

Mia tagged this So Cute!

So freaking cute! I voted, by the way. ^-^

Beth tagged this Cute

I like the shirt.

Carole tagged this Tres chic.


Elena tagged this Cute

Ready for school! Love it!

pippapine tagged this Cute

The collar and 3/4 length sleeve is very sweet. I also love the unexpected exposed heel on the stockings.

Payal tagged this Cute

Before UP, I would've never given a blouse like that a second glance, but you're giving me the courage to dress out of the box...thanks Sheena!

Alicia tagged this Cute

Sheena, I like the outfit and I like your project. Rock on!


That necklace is cute, and I love your pose in the first picture!

Meg tagged this cute and very wearable

So elegant!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Ricardo Grimaldi tagged this Cute

Luv it!

Austen tagged this Fresh

love the shirt underneath and the necklace is perfect!

Kiwigirl tagged this Lovely

You are SO clever. I am secretly addicted to seeing what you are wearing every day. Well done on the project and your creativity.

hhh tagged this Cute

love the tights and the shoes together.

mm tagged this très belle

L'Amélie Poulain de Greenepoint. Votre coeur sacré illumine!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

nice shirt


classy back to school outfit

Char tagged this Cute

Love this one


I absolutley love this one! ROCK ON!


Perfect name for this ensemble. How do we contact Scully? Love that blouse!!

Josey tagged this Cute

Very Joan of Arc! In a cute way.

Irene tagged this Cute

I love the necklace.

Cynthia tagged this school girl charm

Good one.

yobe tagged this Cute

Sweet and studious. Nice

sarah tagged this Cute

i really like this one! i think it is my favorite:) i love the colors, its so chic!

m tagged this Cute

i like this one!!!

flower girl 4 tagged this Brave

very spunky! you come up with great ideas!


I don't know why but I like it