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August 09

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Day 75. Tue, July 14 2009

Lady in tatted lace

Vintage bow converted to necklace donated by Charissa Chau. Visit her at purple-bliss.blogspot.com. Lace blouse from Beacons Closet, knee highs from Sockdreams, vintage sunhat and pumps from eBay.


Britgirl tagged this Hot

Love the long socks and bow. Best one yet!

barbara tagged this Very Creative and Artful

You have a very good knack for coordinating things that I would never ever think of combining. Great job!

Yifaa tagged this Cute

love the outfit and the hair and the hat~ this is a fantastic fundraising venture!

Patts tagged this Cute

Love the outfit and the 'tude. Was disappointed that the NYT article (and the others) did not pick up on the 'persona's you create everyday (intentionally or otherwise). I check your website to see the outfits everyday AND also the the different characters you create everyday. Love them all.

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the vintage blouse. It's really cute.

Stop wearing that hat tagged this I'm scared

And stop wearing leggings. You look like a child.

Maria tagged this Cute

my favorite so far. Nice empire waisted button up smock. great color accent.

ruth tagged this exceptional




joanne tagged this Madeline

French maid + Madeline, a winner. Love the shoes, love the 'tude. Another winner.

lily tagged this Cute

ooh la la!

bunneh tagged this ... eh, it's ok.

I like the lacy top but maybe not so much with the uniform the textures seem to clash too much to me.

Cris V. tagged this Cute

All my favourites are here: bow, hat and knee high =) Did you know you were on brazilian TV today?


Cris – Brazilian Tv, really? I had no idea!

lucy tagged this Cute

cute, love this outfit. lucy from YYL(www.youngyoungblog.com)

Anne Kinney tagged this Batty

Giulietta Masina as Gelsomina

Katie tagged this what the heck is batty?

I like how the bow ties in with the socks

Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this Old West Saloon Girl

Terrific lace blouse. Like yesterday, love the mix of textures/open weave together. Creative. One of my favs!

ammakke tagged this cute

what a combination?welldone!

Karen tagged this Batty

I completely hate this one.

Anonymous tagged this Adorable


Anonymous tagged this Cute

I like the top.

Tracy tagged this adorable

This is a fun and cute outfit!

Clairels tagged this Brave

I LOVE Beacons closet. Your outfit is fabulous. Props!

Cris V.

If you wanna watch, here is the link http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Noticias/0,,GIM1080665-7823-POR+CONSUMO+CONSCIENTE+ESTILISTA+USA+A+MESMA+ROUPA+TODO+DIA,00.html Skip to 04:47. They were talking about economy and sustainable consumption.

nikki tagged this creative eclectic cute

what an awesome idea! i can't wait to see all the other get-ups!

ideegeniale tagged this Cute

I absolutely love what you're doing. Keep it up! You're outfits are so cute! I gave you a shout out on my blog (hope you don't mind.)

Lila tagged this Cute

I'm in love with your project! The dress is fantastic and you are very creative, your looks are fabulous!


Cool, minus the bow tie

Jean tagged this Hot

LOVE it!!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Dreamy!

All you need is a valise and a train to Marseille!

Bri tagged this Cute

Totally love this dress (where cab I buy it?) and the outfit.

Alexa tagged this Hmmmmmm

Generally I like it. I love the bow. I love that the socks and shoes go with the bow. And I dig that the cream-white of the blouse makes it more of a full color palette - brown, orange, off-white, uniform gray. That works. The ONLY THING is that I don't like how the puff sleeves of the blouse look over the sleeves of the uniform. Ahhhhhhg otherwise I'd really like it! Maybe if the blouse were a kind of delicate crochet vest, instead.... (PS: I adore the hat.)

Anonymous tagged this a good hat

shoes socks hat are great!! top???? hmmmm. not sure on this one but a different look yet again.

TattingChic tagged this Cute

This outfit is cute. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but that blouse is not tatting! It a cute machine made lace blouse. Tatting is a handmade lace that looks nothing like this. I fyou'd like to learn more about tatted lace and what it looks like you are more than welcome to come on over to my blog at http://tattingchic.blogspot.com/ You'd be welcome anytime! :) The outfit is wayyyy cute, though! :)

mimi tagged this Cute

re: tattling about "tatting": I think the Uniform Project's titles for specific outfits are supposed to be cheeky, yet descriptive. Love it, as I do every day!

Tali Schiffer-Oren tagged this Cute

I think this is soooooo wonderful what you're doing! A great idea, and so very creative! Good for you for trying to make a change!

Maggie H tagged this Hot

Very Hot

m.sue tagged this Cute

this is sweet and adorable!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

sweet, sexy, original! Love it

Sammie tagged this Extremely Adorable

I love this. The colour match perfectly, and the hat looks beautiful on you.

passer by

outfit is ok - too bad the uniform dress does not suit it...


Like the outfit; personally I think the bowtie should be a choker, or removed.

hhh tagged this Cute


Edith tagged this Cute

I'm so glad I got on to check this one out! I love this one!

awer tagged this Hot

omg the last couple of days were like...blah, but this is amazing! I love it!!!! it is simply luverly!!!

MadisonB tagged this Hot

too cute <3

jacqueline tagged this Hot

cute outfit!!!Really love your idea!

AmyH tagged this Cute

love it! so sweet and kind of steampunk.

Addie tagged this sexy

This is sexy. I love the top and the necklace and the shoes and the hat and socks go well with this outfit.


love it...so simple, so complicated,so creativ,every day is a beautiful day...

Nikki tagged this Cute

Asides for the hat, super cute!

Aricia tagged this Brave

really really cute...loved! i am crazy about laces... such a romantic look!


Why do I keep seeing one dress with buttons and one dress without buttons?


Love it so much