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July 09

This day belongs to tlr.
"After I saw this outfit with the striped shorts and the Doc Martens, I knew any day she wore those boots would be a great day!"
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Day 92. Fri, July 31 2009

Hold back the rain

Handwoven headband worn as necklace made from reclaimed fabric donated by Tara St.James. Visit her at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com. Dice ring donated by Terhi Isokuortti and Aino Ojala of OhMy! Visit their store at ohmy.urli.net. Patent blue vintage doc martens from eBay.

The Uniform Project completes the first quarter today. Thank you for all the support and most of all for donating to our cause. 9 months to go!



I can't get used to the shoes. Don't they hurt your feet with no socks?

Tito Jong tagged this UGHMAZING

I want those doc martens and shorts PRONTO! www.prahjeks.com

natalie tagged this Understated Strength

Congrats on a completing your first fabulous quarter! Your beautifully streamlined inventiveness continues to inspire!

bree tagged this Doll

this is so cute! your like little doll are you even real dear? http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/


congratzzz sheenzzz!!

Beth tagged this Okay


ammakke tagged this Hot

hearty congrats on completing these inspirings months!! the striped shorts look great on u..

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Doc martens to die for. And great shades-of-black-and-grey from the knee up (cute!). Just not feeling the entire ensemble today . . . (But, as always, props on creativity for your cause . . .)


Want those boots, so freakin' bad.

Lyndzpenz tagged this Brave

Cool,but I personally would never wear something like this.

Irene tagged this Cute

I wouldn't wear this though.


What a great casual Friday outfit...congrats on finishing the first quarter...hope the blog will be up soon...I've been eagerly anticipating it!!

Bridget tagged this fantastic.

I've loved watching you go through this project...any thoughts on getting the pattern online sometime soon? Also---I'd love to see a picture of your closet.

Molly tagged this Cute

Nice look! but we really can't see the headband.


this is my favourite so far!

Eleanor tagged this Batty

Those doc martens are fab, but they are way to clunky for your slender legs and petite frame. Like the remainder of the outfit!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not my favorite. hate those shoes.

Alice tagged this Cute

One of my faves. Cute, fun, summery. But can you really walk in those boots without tying the laces?

Georgia tagged this Cute

Cute! I like the outfits paired with pants, shorts or tights. The dress is too short by itself for most of us to run around in. But not this cuties!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Fabulous! The shoes are the best, but the whole combo works.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

don't like this one so much

JANET tagged this Cute


missjodi tagged this Blah

blah, blah, blah - just not feeling it.....the boots are to DIE for though!

shuchi tagged this Cute

this looks so comfy!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

i would soo wear this...love it...want the boots and the shorts!!

Jo tagged this Cute

Like this one bunches. It's wearable in Texas minus the boots. We drop like flies in the summer heat and humidity!

christine tagged this Cute

love it!

Charlotte Fairchild tagged this Cute

I want to donate at least one wrap/poncho. You choose the color. I have made them out of every material imagined, even burlap.

Elena tagged this Cute

read about your project in the nYTimes...great idea. Love this ourfit though at 71 couldn't wear it....


cute but can you do something more with your hair?

Roxyrose tagged this Cute


Elizabeth jones tagged this Cute

You look chic but cute and butch - how do you do it? Congratulations on the first quarter...will you miss this when its over? xelizabeth

lesley kucharczyk tagged this Batty

Too old punk...boots no...sandles yes...but good effort..xxxxx


love the ring, simple but wow! the hecklace also. already seen something like that but more fluffy, for winter. looks like feathers.

Svanhvit tagged this Cute

Cute! I like your hair all messy and flicky for a change.

nana tagged this basic and nice

finnish design included, that's nice =)



Anonymous tagged this Eww

Awful shoes, bad shorts.

Amy tagged this Bold

i think a different necklace would work better, but nice all the same.

anon tagged this okay with great shoes

i absolutley love these shoes! i so want a pair! :)