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August 09

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Day 110. Tue, August 18 2009

Hats off to you

Vintage suede hat from a brooklyn antique warehouse, altered vintage blouse and pumps from eBay, suede belt donated by Eliza and knee highs from Sockdreams.

Thanks to all of you, we hit our first 10k mark yesterday within 10 hours of the drive. 20k here we come. :)


Mariah tagged this Everything is Rosy!

Congrats on meeting the goal! And another great transformation of The Uniform. Next stop: 20K

esteff tagged this Cute

what a lovely color! very cute ensemble

ammakke tagged this gorgeous!!

Hats off to YOU Sheena, the master mind ...aaaabsolutely adorable..keep up the great work!! Lovely to see u all colorfull..

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the hat, boots and belt!



BethBG tagged this Cute

Oooh love the bright pink! XX's

Scully tagged this Cute

Yeah! Looking Good and All better! Wonderful colors!

Jean tagged this Hot

Crazy about the wide belt. Fantastic outfit! Congrats on $10K!!

@marycray tagged this Hot

I dig this.

Molly tagged this GREAT

Great look! Love the hat. This is a look even a fifty-something like me could wear. Thanks

Shuchi tagged this Hot


Tati tagged this Brave

Really nice! Congratulations for your project, very creative and good-hearted

Denise tagged this Batty

Batty and Beautiful!

bunneh tagged this Cute

i love the hat!

zena tagged this Supercute!

love it!!!

Irene tagged this Hot



This is fabulous!

fashion lover tagged this Hot

really cute!! i love the pinkish-red color scheme against the black dress

Sophie B

Fantastic outfit and $10,000 Ooh I wish I were thin and young

E.J.Starbuck tagged this We love our supporters!

Thanks to all our supporters for meeting us for our $10,000 push. We couldn't have done it without you! Now we're excited about what's going to happen next...stay tuned for more!

Jannie tagged this Brave

I have loved red and pink together since I saw these colors together on my Midge doll's two piece swimsuit. Anyone remember Midge? Sheena is way too young!!

Rachel tagged this Cute

One of my favorites! The colors are fabulous!

Sophie tagged this Coloré

Bracvo pour votre 10000$. Jolies couleurs

Person tagged this Cute

the accesories are all dif colors so that is kinda weird but otherwise i like it

Lindsay tagged this Pretty In Pink

Woohoo, congrats on the 10k goal! And I just so happen to love this outfit...pink is good. :)

Renee tagged this swell

clever little trick yesterday and swell reward today! I would like to request some side views.


great combo. Like how the blouse adds texture to the ensemble! Congrats on hitting the $10K mark!

JD tagged this OK

Nice, but I don't think the red of the hat goes with the other reds.

siobhan fuller tagged this Hot

I read your article in the times today! its brilliant what you are doing! i love your different styles!

Lorelei tagged this Cute

I love the extra colour! You look totally adorable!

Natalia tagged this Cute

Congrats on the 10k mark:) Your creativity is inspiring.

lukeout tagged this Cute



Bold and beautiful! Congrats on reaching the goal of 10K! We all needed a reminder about what this is all about! Love the colour combo!


congrats on the tenK! hat is cute not sure about the rest.

trisha tagged this Hot

LOVE those socks!!!

jenn tagged this Cute

this designer is copying your project: http://www.societystylist.com/?cat=20 only not as stylishly as you!!

Kelly tagged this Cute

My favorite look so far!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Hot

Hooray! This is so fun and chic, by the way. I love red hats!

Anonymous tagged this tres chic

absolutely love it!

bree tagged this Cute

congratulations on the 10k ! i love this outfit :) good job dear http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/


very nice!

Yobe tagged this Cute

This i like! Reds don't match but it still works


nice skirt~

gruvee tagged this yay!

woohoo! thank you to all who donated! thank you Sheena for this fabulous project!


I hear you're going to be in London in Sept to promote the Project - Enjoy & good luck!

Stefanie tagged this Classy lady!

So jealous of you, you have a great eye for putting things together! Amen to the classy lady!

Thalita tagged this fofa

Ouw! que fofa! *-*

Isabella tagged this fabulous...inspired!

I love this outfit! And, for that matter, all the outfits before it...each one seems better than the last! I wanted to post not only to say how fun this site is, but also to ask you for your advice/ideas for thrift stores and flea markets in NYC. My husband and I visited this past month, and I am coming again later this fall, and really want to find some fun little (reasonably priced if possible!) boutiques/flea markets/antique stores. So...obviously you're busy planning these fabulous outfits :-), but if you have a second to email me your suggestions that would be fabulous!! My addresss is isabella.hodge@verizon.net thanks so much! and I LOVE your creativity...I feel inspired!


Love the black on black !

Sam tagged this Trés Amelie

It's like you're just came walking out of the movie: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain. Do you know it? You look cute and French.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Fabulous, especially the blouse.

Lydie tagged this Amazing

My absolute favorite so far. I love the colors, the collar, and the stockings. You're quite the original.

jenithea tagged this Cute

so cute! you're a great model too :-)

Luciana Falcão tagged this Cute

I loved, but the hat is RED,NO!!!!!!

nelly_turmoil tagged this Hot

WOWEEE!! that is hot. totally lush. you should be designer :]

nicola tagged this cheating?

Agree with the comment above (Ruxi). Surely 'jazzing up' the dress with accesories is the task here, not wearing whole new outfits that somehow feature the dress - cheating for sure on July 19th !


love that hat ;o)


the up is elegant so why did you wear football socks?