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August 09

This day belongs to Beemer123.
"Harlequin socks and the LBD. Simple yet brilliant! J'adore."
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Day 119. Thu, August 27 2009

Harlequin Romance Part Tres

Thrifted choker from Junk!, Brooklyn. Harlequin knee highs from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from Etsy.

We have fallen to fourth place at the Nau Grant for Change nominations. Please cast your votes today– Rate our nomination by clicking here.


Adrienne tagged this Cute

I am completely in love with those socks!

Cort tagged this Cute

I love it!

Rachel tagged this adorable

I think she is adorable.

ammakke tagged this Hot

another gorgeous appearance!! those socks look so trendy... By the way Sheena U P. is holding the 5th place now, not 4th, do something about it, fast...

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the socks!

bunneh tagged this Hot

I love this one! It seems so classic yet with bold statement :D

yobe tagged this OK

I want some of those socks! I think I'd have put a jazzy scarf/belt/tie with it to tie in with the socks, but its sort of OK plain

Sophie B

What fun, sitting in classroom full of girls in black uniforms and suddenly looking down to see your brilliant colored socks!

Antochan Antony tagged this Batty

Amazing uniform! What an outfit!

Britwatch tagged this CID escape!

Hmm. Reckon should carry a strobe light hazard warning.

M tagged this Cute

I love the socks and pumps! adorable!

Kim tagged this Harlequin hot!

So playful and fun ... nicely done!

gallerista tagged this adorable

the socks make the outfit.

@marycray tagged this Cute

Tres belle!

mm tagged this democracy now!

c'mon people, get out the vote!!!!

Jolly M

colourfl & beautiful....... My concern is that a large number of your fans (90%?) are not bothered about your NAU votes !!! If they were U.P would 've been well above 1000. Don't U feel a bit hurt by their lack of interest inspite of all the reminders?.Unfortunately we cannot vote more than once.... Well wish you both good luck...

scary. tagged this socktastic.

incredible project. donated. voted. promoted. power to the people and more power to you!

neillers tagged this funky quirky

love the project, love the gúna deas.

Nina from Slovakia tagged this Hot

Love this sox :)

Mi tagged this Try Harder

dress needs something more, something colorful with those socks.

holly tagged this Classic

Forget about the voting, what's happening to that total at the top of the page??? All very well to rate the outfits but remember to put your money where your mouth is!

Bárbara tagged this Bacana

Amei o par de meias!

Mariah tagged this Cute

I keep looking at the photo and seeing the socks as pixels gone into random mode -- and it's a kind of fun illusion!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i like it, but not my fave out of the three

hhh tagged this Hot

soo cute! the shoes fit perfectly. love the shoes. so much!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Nostalgic!

I had those as tights! I am so glad to know that the pattern still exists!

dell tagged this perfect

OHMYGOD This is a favourite, I love those socks.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I adore those socks!

Julie tagged this Goodbye UP

Ok - enough is enough. I visit the site every day and now am constantly told that I have to donate and now we HAVE to vote. Or else be shamed and guilted! This is ridiculous. I will not be back. Sorry Sheena!

Kym Coolhaas tagged this Try Harder

You need to get new inspiration!

@ julia

I haven't seen your comments until now; and definitely not regularly....and now you come up with a "ridiculous" comment.If this is your attitude,.... bye bye julia...bye bye ....

Gracie tagged this Cute

It's crazy, but I like it. The socks are definitely interesting. On another note, with school starting again soon, I've been going through my wardrobe with an interesting new look at my clothes, using your ideas as inspiration for new ways of wearing things. Thanks ^_^

Le Journal de Chrys


Sam tagged this Funny

Gosh, haha, you're dressed in the same way like me today, only a bit more extreme. I like this!

?? tagged this Try Harder

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?? tagged this Try Harder

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?? tagged this Try Harder

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?? tagged this Try Harder

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Yvonne Fenlon tagged this Cute

Cute outfit, would definately get a second look. Not sure if I would be brave enought to wear it, but I know my sister would.

jeemolsiju tagged this Batty

it is a great idea

noel tagged this Brave


SarahJ tagged this Cute

great outfit as always, you have reminded me why i care about how i dress and why its worth making the effort. One question tho Is Eliza Starbuck her real name ?

Payal tagged this Cute

Fun, fun, fun!

nemo tagged this Cute

want those socks.


i lOved

Jessa. tagged this Cute

Oh my, FANTASTIC socks!

Tassili tagged this photoshopy

Funny, your socks look photoshoped? I love your creativity I try to reinvent my wardrobe from the same stuff all the time!

Paola tagged this Cute

very good idea!! congratulation =)

Rain got u do\/\/n?

Y duz it take u so long to post pics? The day is more than 1/2 over. Un-impressive

liz tagged this awesome!

this is great!

Viv tagged this Cute

I am not usually the type to comment, but to Julia - the point of this project seems to be to raise money and awareness, not for your own personal entertainment. Get a life. p.s. loving all the outfits

Irene tagged this Cute

love the socks.

Heather tagged this Adorable

Those socks are just to DIE for! Gotta go hunt me some ;)