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August 09

This day belongs to Mono.
"i love the stripes!!! and that pink color illuminates the all look"
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Day 152. Tue, September 29 2009

Hangin' around the lost and found

Thrifted blouse from Beacons Closet, tights combo from Sockdreams and vintage Laredo boots from eBay.

Channel One News aired a nice segment on U.P yesterday. View here >


S tagged this Batty

I love the concept but don't try this combo again!

scary. tagged this casual chic.

hey great photos loveen, au natural n all. chat tya laterrr.

ammakke tagged this cute'n simple

I love that simple addition to the black dress..

nunununu tagged this Hot

sheeny simply only!!!!!!!!!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Fun and simple -- perfect Casual Day look! The repeated stripes make it work . . .

beth tagged this Hot

i love this blouse! it goes so well with the tights.


I love those boots ... they are so cute.

Tina tagged this have good

Cute! Love the boots!

Scully tagged this You are my inspiration!

I think you are found! Great segment on Channel One!

Diana tagged this Cute

cute, but not impressive.

Mara tagged this Try Harder

The red shirt is cute but it needs a belt. ;) and of course... love the socks.

Kat tagged this Cute

This is very hip/modern, but also seems to have a lot of "school-girl charm." Love it!

Lisa tagged this Cute

I love the boots :) http://lesprintemps.livejournal.com/

yobe tagged this Bag lady chic

Nope, doesn't do it for me

Beth tagged this Cute

So cute! I love the shirt and I still love those tights.

ruxandra tagged this Cute

i really like the blouse:)and i believe you're more than brave to challenge yourself with this whole thing:)

Sam tagged this Try Harder

Get rid of the shirt.

Kay tagged this Cute

Cute color -- definitely a great example of how everyday people can ease into the concept of wearing only 1 dress.


very cute- love the shirt

calielle tagged this daniellezen@hotmail.com


cristina tagged this yummy cherry fun

love how the red pops on the black. simple, refreshing, fun. thanks for inspiring me to have more fun with my fashion!!!

me tagged this Brave

neat! where are you in this one?

Tunet Jordaan tagged this Wonderfully awesome

Wow. I really like this look! I would love to be able to dress this way everyday.


@me – snooping behind a drugstore in scotland.

Matt tagged this Cute

this outfit is cool and the idea is too! i heard about this on channel one.

captain hooked tagged this pirate-y

arrrrrgh, love you but not this

Cynthia tagged this Cute

I love this little black dress , please tell me where can I get it?

holly tagged this stripes ahoy!

Favourite boots make an appearance; it's all about making do with what you've got and less rampant consumerism! You're a great inspiration.

Dedra (An avid follower) tagged this Cute

The Channel One segment was awesome! I remember watching channel One years and years ago... You have no idea how many young people your segment will reach and inspire. Congratulations! You look lovely today too. :]

abigail tagged this fab

colors are delicious.....love this!!!

Anon tagged this Meh

I've been following this project from the start and I've got to say... things have really taken a turn for the worst lately. I don't think that it's your fault though, you can only wear that dress so many ways. Kudos for the project though, a good way to help others while expanding the wardrobe.

Sarah tagged this perfectly matched

I saw you on channel one at my school the other day. And you have totally inspired me. You're idea of creating different outfits for everyday is brilliant. You're so awesome! :)

mm tagged this Meh-be pay attention?

@Anon, if you've really been following the project so closely you should be well aware of the repeated times Sheena has said she's going to be auctioning off all her donated accessories, to further raise the funds for Akanksha. she's hardly doing this to "expand" her wardrobe.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Simple and perfect!

Isabelle tagged this Daring

love the way the stripes interact eith each other, and love the boots@@

Amanda tagged this Cute

I absoultley love those boots!!


I love the color of that top!

Irene tagged this cute & comfy

It's nice and refreshing to see you wear something more casual every now and then.


I could say this if my favorite so far, but I'd be lying. This is unimpressive and uninspired. I've seen better. Would you mind wearing less tights too? They're so passe.

Veronica x2

Oops. Grammatical error. I meant to say *fewer* tights. Anyway, it just seems like you're running out of ideas during your European escapades.

Payal tagged this Awesome!

I really, really like the colour of your top - but the best part is the tights - it brings the whole thing together! And I've seen the boots before, but i like them a lot this time! Awesome job again, Sheena! As I read the comments, it's hard to miss the few people who think they have a right to your mind. They've seriously lost the plot.

Anonymous tagged this Fabulous

Love it! You really seem to be inspired on your trip, love all the combinations you have made over the past week.

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Colourful Cool

Sadly can't see your Channel One coverage from here. Love the colour and style of the top. Colour in Winter is soooo necessary to keep smiling. The top makes the uniform look like a skirt. Noticed the blend of stripes also. This is a totally different look from others recently. Well done. PS So what you have used the boots before. Thats the idea. Reuse and recreate!

Mrs. M tagged this serene

Dear Veronica, if u really think this is "uninspired & uninspiring"Pl. do me a favour, just ignore the site & Do Something FRUITFUL, ok??


Chill, ladies, chill! No one can please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Sheena is doing a great job but she deserves honest feedback about the outfits she wears. I'm sure none of it is personal

lex tagged this cute minus the boots

i love the outfit, but i hate the boots! some cute flats would make this whole get-up perfect. :)


I love the project! Great idea! I love the dress! And I want this dress too! How can I get this "uniform"-dress???

SJay tagged this Try Harder

Love colours/outfit, but hides your figure - needs to be cinched at the waist

Janie tagged this Cute

Wow..great look


Love the combo - makes the uniform look totally different; and love the drape of the blouse!

Bananaflip tagged this Cute

This is one of my faves!

Laurin tagged this Hot

i saw you on channel 1! normally, i never watch it, but i had to watch your segment. :)

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Brave

I agree it's daring.