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September 09

This day belongs to Marie Pier.
"Pretty in pink, pretty in floral. I can't wait to be able to rock that kind of cute look. "
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Day 128. Sat, September 05 2009

Grass is greener across the pond

Ars Electronica day 2. Summer dress altered into a bubble jumper by Jessica Engle, vintage belt from eBay and booties gifted by mom.


Kaitilin tagged this Cute

Fabulous jumper!

mm tagged this Riveting

Rosie the Riveter! Blumengarten!! Sehr gut.

Austen tagged this Lovely

this is perfect!

vintage girl

love the color combination & shape-tights a cool color-very creative!

Mariah tagged this Urban Chic

Can't even tell that this is The Uniform! Terrific transformation. Love the colors -- deep rose works well for the late summer/early fall season.

Jen tagged this pretty

I love the location pics. It's nice to see a new background. Love the outfit.

cookie tagged this Cute

now your talking,every thing is ok except the belt, I don't like the red trim. I would have were a silky rap a round belt.

sandra tagged this Hot

i love it but i think a different belt would have been better . i am inspired by your outfits every day

EmilyKennedy tagged this Cute

Perfection. Just the right mix of part 60's space traveler and part 80's girly girl.

Liz. tagged this Lovely

Sooo cute !

Babz tagged this Cute

Love it!!! Also love that you are in a time zone which gets you up and dressed wayyyy early so I don't have to wait so long to see today's outfit.

Katie tagged this Weird

Sorry, not a big fan of this one. The tights are really cute, though.


I love this outfit! A sure 10.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I absolutely adore the jumper! The bubble is so creative.

Sophie B

Peplums are so in style now. Are they gloves? Are they socks?

Beth tagged this Cute

Love it!

Kay tagged this Hot

Love it all (minus the belt, but whatevs, it's a belt)

ammakke tagged this creative

awesome trasformation of the uniform!! great idea..guess you r enjoying the "greener grass"..

Sam tagged this Cutest thing ever

I want to hug you, you look so sweet and innocent (that pose!)

Grace Dalton

Absolutely love this one. Def. one of my very favourites so far. adore arm warmers : )

Sammy tagged this Cute

oooh, cute! i wish i could be in Europe :(. I love the tights!

Kat tagged this Gorgeous

Wow, this is definately my favourite so far. It looks like a completely different dress. The colours are fabulous!

Heather tagged this WAAAAY too cute!

You are just adorable as always! Good taste by Mom--those booties are sick!

Lindsay tagged this Absolutely Adorable

Eee, another favorite! September is off to a great start :)

Whitney tagged this Ladylike

I can't get over how sweet this is. What a lady!



Jo tagged this Cute

i think i like your mom!

holly tagged this Hot

you've hit a great creative patch; love what you've been doing lately

pippapine tagged this très très chic

LOVE IT! the colourful tights are always a winner.

rynalee tagged this super awesome

I love it! your so fabulous :-)

melanie tagged this the shit.

cutest cutest cutest picture ever. I adore this outfit.

dayglozoo tagged this cute-chic-hot!

Whatever is on your arms in the first pic (fingerless gloves? leggings?) absolutely makes the outfit. You look great!

Irene tagged this Cute

I love how you have the tube gloves in the first picture.

Anni Xuan tagged this daring + cute

this is very creative, i love it :D


I love this look! I've been reading a lot about you lately.. very inspiring. I know a lot of people have been commenting that they like the black dress.. if you sell them, you could donate the money to your cause. Just a thought. I would totally buy one!

Nicki tagged this Hot

Love love love the arm warmer things. I need me a pair of those.

Mariah tagged this Follow-Up Rave

Agree with posting: Outfit is most awesome with the long fingerless gloves . . .

Stephanie Jonas tagged this Cute

this is so pretty and chic


OMG you made the Yahoo homepage! Good for you!!

Emily tagged this Cute

Love the pink tights

on.n.off tagged this Cute

How fabulously adorable!

Cynthia tagged this I'll see you in Paris

Very unique.


One a my favourite ! I love !

nini tagged this perfect

one of my favourites so far :)

Anita V tagged this Far-out

Your designed is very creative... Love it!

Camilla tagged this Cute

LOVE the color of the tights, and the bootie shoes!

Payal tagged this Cute

Aww so pretty!

Delia tagged this AWESOME

oh wow, this is awesome! i love the bubble skirt and the tights!

Alexa tagged this Hot

Oh man! Make-your-own peplum! Smoooooth.

M tagged this Cute

like it, but not so sure about that belt.

Jarca tagged this Cute


yobe tagged this different

Very french maid. Well its different, I guess. Not my thing

funkalicious tagged this Cute

very cute and creative!

Cecília tagged this Cute

Ficou fofo!


Cute and creative!


One of my favorites! Love the variety of backgrounds now that you're across the pond!

sara tagged this Cute

very cute! completely transforms the dress

Sara tagged this Cute

very stylish combination!

letters. tagged this AMAZING

this is by far my favourite. everything about this is brilliant.

Anonymous tagged this adorable

very cute on you

Silvinha tagged this Brave

Love it! fabulous

grace tagged this Cute

and a balanced look.

Anneka tagged this Cute

Just have to say that I don't think anyone else could have made salmon coloured tights look so good or work so well with an outfit!