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August 09

This day belongs to starryeyedsuky.
"You have inspired me to become more creative with the clothes I wear, especially with socks, tights and leggings! Thank you U.P. and I can't wait to get my very own LBD! xx"
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Day 120. Fri, August 28 2009

Friday flowers

Vintage ball gown altered into a shell top by Eliza. Vintage pumps from eBay.

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baggypants tagged this Cute

Love the colour of the stockings with the floral!! tres bien!!

Shuchi tagged this Bedingrield hireling

Wish the weather outside was as lovely as your outfit. love the tights!

Rachel tagged this Cute

I love this outfit so much! Oh and who is this Eliza person and where do I get one? :D

vinamarata tagged this Try Harder

your WORST by far..seriously!

Mariah tagged this Try Harder

Ever supportive of your efforts, but about the shell top -- no. Just no. Lots of potential. LOVE the rose tights with the black. But this overall look, while innovative, is just - no. Looking forward to tomorrow's outfit . . .

Deb tagged this Cute

Adorable. Love the sparkly detail on the side of the ball gown top. Keep cropping things into tops. It is so cool to see them re-imagined!

annie tagged this surprisingly lovely

I definitely would not have combined these colors together myself...but you make it look fabulous...love the stockings!

melia tagged this disappointing

although creative, today's combination looks like a child's game of dress-up..sorry, not your best idea!

Chloejessica tagged this Sweet

I think its cute! I love the flower halter, clever! :)

Beth tagged this Cute

You look springy.


I love this website and voted for it!

Britwatch tagged this bethspringy

@Rachel: Eliza person is the designer who made the original U.P. dress; please see 'Whats this all about' @Beth: yeah, I think she looks springy too! Nice choice of word! @Julie from yesterday: Please come back! We miss you so much! Everyone else is voting and donating and we can't handle it!


The tights make the outfit

Austen tagged this Tre cute!

wow! this is very cute! i'd love to wear this!

Lindsay tagged this Darling

The flowers make me happy :)

BellaG. tagged this Spring-ish!! <3

cute cute cute!!!

RogueTess tagged this Try Harder

Colors are awesome, but the shapes don't work for me.

Lightning Heart tagged this Cute

oh i love this outfit, so cute!

massimo tagged this Cute

it's full of colour so nice


the top is not working.

Irene tagged this Try Harder

I love the tights, especially against the black. But the shell top ruins the whole silhouette, making it shapeless and bad.

yobe tagged this Batty

No doesn't do it for me. Shoes are great, and the stockings could work but that waistcoat/top looks silly

Imogen tagged this Trendy

i just love love love your style!

Justi tagged this Try Harder

I don't really like it