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October 09

This day belongs to NattyJo.
"I love the brightness of this look. Definitely would be a fun one to try at work!"
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Day 162. Fri, October 09 2009

Friday Florene

Red floral calico prairie blouse from eBay seller TwitchVintage. Vintage hat from Treehouse Brooklyn, Bakelite bracelet from Old Hollywood Brooklyn, striped tights from Sockdreams and vintage boots from eBay seller ArtByNature.
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CAG tagged this Hot


Janice tagged this Hot

Love it! Happy Friday!

Tunet Jordaan tagged this Hot

Love the red boots!

saram tagged this Hot

i love the blouse and tights!!

shelliolios tagged this Batty

you are so cute, but this cuts you into 5 or 6 red and black slices. noooo! i looked back to yesterday for relief.

Socal Rachel tagged this off

There is something off on this one. It doesn't flatter you.

Mariah tagged this Cute


Maryjohn tagged this Uber cute

Really darling. I don't think you ever wear anything that isn't flattering! I'm a fan and am looking forward to having my own uniform!

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Kaity tagged this Hot

Love this outfit! You have such a great imagination and flair for putting clothes together!

pri crimbun


Hmmm tagged this Batty

I liked it until the red boots.


The boots are made of win and awesome and you look like some kind of adorable London-conglomeration (somewhere between banker and post-box).

melia tagged this hmmm

nice outfit, shame about the tights and hat...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

sometimes you are just too damn cute! Love the blouse!!

céleste tagged this Cute

very "petit chaperon rouge" outfit : love it

Bluemouse tagged this Cute

really cute

Deb tagged this Cute

You do look fabulous in red! The boots are awesome and the rest of the outfit is awesome, but combined, it's a little too much red. Maybe black pumps or boots with this outfit and save the red boots for a different outfit?

Thalita Caroline tagged this LOVE!

Amei a sua roupa! Ta show de bola! ")

anona tagged this Brave

You can also double as a pin-up girl for the American Heart Association.

Anneka tagged this In Love

Adore it - especially the red top!

Swiss Chard

Ham supports your imune system

Anonymous tagged this adorable

i love this, especially that red belted blouse! i do miss your interesting backdrops though..

Irene tagged this cute but meh

Something is off, but I can't quite place what it is...


great boots & bangle; somehow this outfit is a bit crazy!

Monica tagged this Cute


Durga tagged this Cute

Hey u should do a 6month mark sale of various outfits. My friends and I want to buy a few pieces and would hate to wait a whole year :)

Olive tagged this Worthy

I wonder if those who criticize these amazing outfits are actually donating to the cause behind it.


farm girl gets getting ready to play in puddles.... :-)


9 more days to the 1/2 way mark! Do you think the dress is fading? I know some of us have commented, but it might just be lighting or contrast of accessory colors....

tt tagged this Hot

where's the dress?? =]


look this: http://fantastico.globo.com/Jornalismo/FANT/0,,MUL1331604-15607-299,00.html its a brasilian tv show's concurse based on your work.

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave

come to VIP and get a champagne shower ehehehe very nice

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Very cute, fun, young, modern

Nataliexxx tagged this Try Harder

Hmmm... was liking what I was seeing until I scrolled down -too matchy xxx

jackie091069 tagged this Cute

very cute!

Pam tagged this Brave

It is brave to wear the tights and red boots together but cute at the same time. It takes someone with flare and outgoing rapor to pull it off. You go girl!!!

Cynthia tagged this Cute


yobe tagged this red hot

Very frou-frou! And fireman's boots too. Red suits you

British Gal tagged this Cute

Very sweet! I love the red booties.

Beth tagged this Hot

love the shirt and boots

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this is way too cute ...The Boots are HOT!

Leslie tagged this adorable!!!

love the color!