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June 09

This day belongs to dellysan.
"I'm delighted to be a part of this project. Love the hair style as well as the outfit,beautiful flower too! "
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Day 61. Tue, June 30 2009

For Mom.

Vintage suede belt from eBay and another popping pair of vintage pumps donated by Jessica Carroll. Visit Jessica's Etsy store at blueberrydeluxe.etsy.com.

Bouquet of St. John's Worts freshly plucked from my backyard. Happy Birthday, Mom.


hhh tagged this Cute

cuute! I love the belt. I don't quite understand the hairstyle from this photo though? is it a high ponytail?

barbara tagged this Cute

Very nice. Love the shoes!

Juneau tagged this Sunny!

SO loving the pumps (!) and socks together! And loving the yellow belt! Not entirely sold on the pumps and belt combo (just too different somehow . . . the belt kind of overpowers the tres cool shoes), but the overall sunny presentation makes me forgive all. Amazing as usual.

the knotty hooker tagged this contagious!

this site is contagious!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

kerala meets tokyo meets bburg. simply sheena.

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Allie tagged this Cute

Love everything BUT the hair in the outfi

E.J.Starbuck tagged this ADORABLE!

Could you be any more adorable today??? Momma must love you!

shuchi tagged this Cute

Cho Chweet!

tara tagged this Cute

love it, love it, love it! great look, great photo!

esteff tagged this Cute

the socks and pumps combo is adorably fashionable!

Katiie tagged this Cute

i love the socks!

Ruth tagged this Cute

Sigh, I love vintage pumps so much. I'm inspired to try out the knee sock look.

ettagirl tagged this endearing

love how the high pony and sunny accents complement the childlike pose and simple offering. happy b'day! sheena's mum.

lisa tagged this Cute

oh the shoes!

Creatipa tagged this Try Harder

Love your project! very inspiring. But the belt and socks and shoes... is way too much.

G tagged this Cute

cute! love to belt and the shoes with the socks are awesome.

Carmen tagged this Cute

Ohhh, yeah, that's it! I love it. But I don't like the hair.

Karri Ann Frerichs tagged this Cute

What a great project! I especially love the "For Michael" post. Keep up the great work! www.altitudepromotion.com

Kathlene tagged this if the SOCKS were TIGHTS

I guess socks are appropriate for a uniform, but I just don't like them.

Scotsman tagged this Bold & Beautiful.......

loving everybit of it. keep it up. This will make ur mom really happy. Eagerly waiting for the upcoming ones...

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Lovely and sunny! Cool pumps, too.


I love this project and your style is wonderful! You should be on www.stylelikeu.com

Alexis tagged this Brave

Love the belt and the shoes, don't care for the nylons.

Beth tagged this Cute


Susan tagged this Cute

FANTASTIC concept, intention and execution! Bravo! I'm sure others would like to know... is it possible to buy the dress as a way to donate to the charity?

Edith tagged this Cute

Happy Birthday Mom! =] Your hair still looks big. I'm expecting something really big for MY Moms birthday tomorrow =]. Ha ha just kidding!

kitkat tagged this Cute

Very sunny! It reminds me of summer time. I love it!

cheryl tagged this Cute

aw, adorable...love the yellow belt...not sure about the pumps though.. but overall a winner.

Inspired by The Project tagged this Flowers for Mom!

Mama must be smiling courtesy of this sunny tribute. The pumps are divine!

Dawn Is Breaking

That belt fascinates me. Yet another fantastic creation.

Britwatch tagged this Very Ammakke

What a lovely mother you must have!

thoa tagged this Cute


Rebekah tagged this Cute

Just found your site - saw it in Viva magazine, very cool. It's such a great and charitable idea! Also, the outfits are gorgous! - Love the socks in this one.

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Hot

Your mother must be delighted and so proud. You look fantastic! Well done!!!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

what's with the horrid yellow stockings?? yuck!

Jen tagged this Hot

Loving this!

alaska girl tagged this Cute

What mother wouldn't love this photo?

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the colour! love the belt! :)

Lauren tagged this Adorable

love the flowers!

Sara tagged this Cute

I'm not lovin' the shoes so much, but it all still works together. Nonetheless, this outfit is still kickin' like chicken. :D

Chelsea tagged this Cute

super cute summer stylin'!

smiles tagged this simply wonderful

I love it all it truly is simply wonderful

Vanessa Wade tagged this Cute

I am from St.John's,Newfoundland and our St.John's Wort looks way diifferent from that.The flowers are way smaller.These ones look like really big buttercups! Great outfit.Love the stockings:)

Ana Paula tagged this Cute

it's not easy to "re-use" the same dress over and over and yet, look AMAZING!


You have amazing style!! Keep up the inspirational dressing...

Cynthia tagged this flower power

Adore the socks, just the right touch, and of course the flowers.

evie tagged this Cute

i think that it is cool that you are warring the same dress over for a year.

Addie tagged this Hot

This is just adorable. The belt is great and really summary and the shoes are cheerful too!

eveie~ tagged this Cute

SO CUTE ! you look REALLY cute too ! the look on your face, aww !!

ammakke tagged this sweet

sorry I couldn't see this beautiful lady with the lovey bouquet on my Birthday, Thank u soooo much Sheenappi, u r a darling, I am so proud to be your mom..

Shelliolios tagged this Cute

Your hair is 60's updo cute in this one!

Nikki tagged this Cute

So adorable! I hate the shoes, but they actually look good here!

laney tagged this Cute

i love your hair here!

Aricia tagged this Brave

amazing!! soooo cute.... loved the belt and the socks...perfect shoes!

Carolina tagged this Cute

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* So cuteeee i just love it all

Anonymous tagged this sweet

my favorite

Airdrie tagged this Love it!

Happy birthday to your mom and to me too :) Lovely touch with the fresh flowers :)

Daniella tagged this Cute

One of my favorite so far!