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August 09

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Day 116. Mon, August 24 2009

Every Monday has a silverlining -RT@bobgeldof

Cropped silver dress worn as blouse from eBay, vintage belt and necktie donated by Eliza and vintage pumps donated by Jessica Carroll.

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Anna tagged this Cute

I like it!

some dude tagged this Cute

I used to work as a stock boy at Marshall's and had to wear a tie. Hated it. Looks good on you though.

Tali Schiffer tagged this Cute

very retro chic!

Beth tagged this Okay


Molly tagged this Hot

Like this look! The silver is awesume. Transforming.

Oscurotrophic tagged this elegant

Love this look!


love it.

bunneh tagged this Cute

cool, i like this one

Josey tagged this Cute

Love the yellow tie. The blouse is so pretty.

veera tagged this Try Harder

i love love LOVE the blouse, but really could do without the shoes and the tie :S... some simple pretty black shoes would have done it for me still loving the blouse though...a lot

Anonymous tagged this overdone

overdone, shoes, tie, belt and silver lame?

Eleanor tagged this Batty

The cropped dress idea is amazing. Not so crazy about the tie. With a collared white blouse under the black dress, the tie might work. Or as a belt for another outfit?

AshaLaylay!!! tagged this Brave

Super hip and sexy !!!! love it!!!

Anonymous tagged this hm....

i think i like it.

Jessica tagged this Cute

Looks great! I think that blouse would also look good with some low boots and intricate jewelry- kind of victorian perhaps? keep up the good work!

ammakke tagged this Cute

Silver blouse goes well with the black dress, wonder how about a red tie & black shoes.

mm tagged this TELL ME WHY...

love the Boomtown Rats/Geldolf "I Don't Like Mondays" reference. (where do you come up with all this stuff? is your Irish heritage rearing it's wee little head?) needless to say, the corrective optimism of your entire project is positively infectious (pun, intended).

belinda tagged this Cute

i'm not huge on ties with that kind of dress, but that blouse is stunning. not sure about the shoes, but you look cute anyhow.

Kay tagged this Cute

It must have been hard to crop that dress -- it's a really interesting and pretty pattern. I see why you chose to wear the tie (to go with the shoes), but you probably didn't need it... unless you were going for the whole Monday thing.

Rachel tagged this Brave

I love that blouse! And of course those beautiful shoes that keep popping up because you want to drive everyone crazy with jealousy :)

essi tagged this Cute

i love it, gorgeous.

k tagged this chic

simply elegant!

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Well . . . always happy to see those shoes (!) and the yellow tie has potential (especially with the shoes) -- but just not as put together today. Still admiring the creative efforts!


I was always taught not to wear something that looked wider than it was long. I'd love to see this with a black lace skirt underneath to add additional exture and length to the bottom.

abigail tagged this inspired

cool, colors perfect for perfect u.........

meli tagged this Try Harder

pretty blouse, but I don't really like the shoes and tie with it.

Mimi tagged this Cute

Your creativity is awesome. Great ideas to wear same stuff over and over.

Britwatch tagged this supersilverwinner

and would like to misuse U.P. to shout that England won the Ashes.

Sophie B

An clever new silhoutte (took a long time to figure out how to spell that word)

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Oooh - I adore that top!

anonymous tagged this cute x10

Love, those, pumps. Jessica Carroll where did you get those and how in the world could you give them away? :)

muneco tagged this Try Harder

la modelo podria haber sido algo atractiva, algo que sea digo yo...

lola tagged this Cute

pretty girl.come on!

Jean tagged this Hot

Tres chic - and kinda sexy! A real winner!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love this outfit. How did you modify the dress... fold up the bottom and secure with the belt?

okaylau tagged this fiiiieeerrcceee

i loooove this!

Diana tagged this Batty


muneco tagged this Batty

porque o tine nada de "cute2 esta modelo?

me tagged this Batty


Anonymous tagged this Cute

i dont know why i like it but i do :) http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

Payal tagged this Gorgeous!

What a dramatic top! Love it!

Tora W tagged this Hot

Hi! I really like the idea of showing people that you can wear the same dress in many different styles. Now, my qustion is, is it possible to buy a dress like the one you are wearing? Or did your friend just create your seven dresses?

ly tagged this LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

what i wouldn't give for that outfit...

vinamarata tagged this perfect

pumps and tie are awesomme!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Very nice! I`ve seen every variant of your outfit with the dress - very interesting ideas. I can suggest to try some kind of brooch - to change silhouette? or use interesting drapery. Also, may be neckerchiefs and neckties may be interesting with this dress. Good luck.

nemo tagged this Hot

Love the blouse, and the shoes. The silver and the yellow look cool

Yobe tagged this Not quite

Not so keen on the necktie but can see why, it goes well with the shoes. Sort of OK

ammakke tagged this super

hello Britwatch, Congrats on winning the Ashes!!welldone!!

Austen tagged this Chic

i love it!

joho tagged this Cute

I love your shoes<3<3<3

Stephanie B tagged this Cute

Very cute outfit! Love it :)

Sam tagged this Interesting

It's okay but I'm not so sure about the whole yellow tie thing. The shoes are very cute but if you get rid of the tie and pick some other shoes I think this outfit will become a lot better.

Bri tagged this Chic

totally cute and creative!


Love the blouse, not digging the tie though.

V_Bee tagged this Cute

Yup - loving this outfit. Colour and shape of jacket, tie matching the shoes.

Lydie tagged this Fabulous

You could (should) be a model. Or a full time fashionista.

hhh tagged this Hot

yes yes yes!!


yea, agree with some comments saying not sure about the tie & shoes.. but love the blouse too!

nini tagged this wonderful!

beautiful! I want to be wearing this :)

Some Person tagged this Hot

tottally hot except the tie. wait haven't you worn those shoes before? it would look better with mile high red stilettos i think.

erina tagged this Cute


Lasalarie tagged this Cute

Very-very nice!

Aine tagged this Hot

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one :)

Iirene tagged this Hot

You make this outfit look amazing on you. Not so sure about the shoes with this outfit though.