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August 09

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"I'm a teacher and I can't wait to explain to my 4th graders why I'm wearing this dress so frequently!"
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Day 109. Mon, August 17 2009

Drive to $10,000

Vintage silk tie from Treehouse, Brooklyn. Printed socks from Sockman, Laredo boots from eBay. Vintage belt from Etsy.

We're inching towards 10,000. Let's get more kids into school. Donate today.


Alexis tagged this witty.

This look is chic and oh so smart! Love it!

Anony tagged this Brave

This might be my fav yet. love the play on a suit.

Christina tagged this Sharp!

Just donated my $10! Check this website daily and I love your creativity. Looks like you mean business today :)

Beth tagged this Cute

You look "smart." I love this outfit. Really cute.

Scotsman tagged this Fabulous

Great look and ready for the school!Fantastic write up about the project in todays The Times 2. I agree with you - its time to remind everybody about the donation. Keep up the good work Sheena.

shuchi tagged this Cute


AM tagged this It's about Education!

Good Girl...I just donated again! This is not really about fashion; it is about raising money for education and about sustainability. I would go one step further..no one can comment without donating! That would make us put our money where our mouths (and comments) are!

EmilyKennedy tagged this Perfection

Perfect outfit for promoting your cause.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

the only outfit ive liked so far...

Tobias tagged this Cute

Easily my favourite so far.

emmysmiles tagged this "smart"

How cute is this outfit!? I love it, and the added prop of a math problem reminds everyone what this is really about, including me! I donated again today, and everyone else should, too! Keep up the awesome work! xoxo

mm tagged this SubterraneanHomesickDues

We should all be paying our part for the enjoyment and creativity you're sharing. All you need is a little stuffed Allen Ginsberg doll off in the corner and this would be beyond perfect.


Now we're talking. Good job.

jose kurian pandarakalam tagged this Brave

Hai sheena, I am JK. I just read about you in Times today. Glad to know that you are promtoing a noble objective. Hope to hear from you more about the project in sept. Hope life is fine for you there. I do get all the news from Annimmachechy on weekly basis. Wish you all the best joseuncle.

Anonymous tagged this Harry Potter-esqe

You look like a student at Hogwarts today!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

don't like it. definately not 4 me.

Eleon Ora tagged this funky nerd

It's funky nerd.

Eleon Ora tagged this Brave

it's very funky nerd.

FancyFastFood tagged this fitting

Donated. :-)

prutha tagged this Hot

love it and its a great milestone!! i assume 1 week and u'll reach it!! call ophra!!!


Great outfit, great cause, create promotion! This project is very inspirational.

Jean tagged this Hot

Looks like you're feeling better ... I think this outfit is my NEW FAVE! Adorable, and TOTALLY wearable! BRAVO!

slim tagged this promising

According to the press, the site gets thousands of hits daily, so if we each donated $10 today, we'd hit the goal and beyond even sooner!

tara tagged this Hot

Love it! You look so studious! But aren't you hot, it's inhumanly hot in NY right now.


@tara – yup, hot as hell today but the office where I work is practically a meat locker with the A/C cranking.

ammakke tagged this studious& smart

perfect! The best so far in the line of uniforms..& Cherishing memories of ur school years .... Congrats on the Great write up by Anna Shepard In The Times today..Looking forward to seeing u in September..Good luck to u both!

bree tagged this smart

lovely outfit lovely cause lovely person thank you for doing this dear!


this is my favorite thus far.

tino tagged this Hot

great project! and would you marry me?

Rachel tagged this Cute

I'm sorry but it's not my favorite. It isn't very fun or risky. I love those Laredo boots, though, and the socks go great with them. I'm sorry that I can't donate, money's tight with "back-to-school" coming up but it's such a great idea!

beth tagged this Cute

I just cannot believe how much you have done with a BASIC!!! you are just darling, and what a great inspiration!

Cathy tagged this too cool for school

I have just made my first donation. Thank you for the enjoyment I have received from your project. I have sewn my own up dress. It is just finished so I have not had time to "play" with it yet. My expressions of creativity will appear quite different as I have about 30 years on you, but the idea to make the garment work for you is timeless. The goal of education for all is without borders---Let us all donate while we continue to be dazzled by Sheena's creativity.

Irene tagged this smart

How fitting.

dayglozoo tagged this A Needed Kick in the Butt

Thanks for reminding us what this is all about. I tossed in an extra $100 today. I hope it helps!

Anonymous tagged this chic

I love it!

Helena tagged this smart

Hey Girl! love the math problem and the outfit! finally donated today. So proud of you :-)

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Probably my favourite so far. The whole shirt/tie/boots/socks thing is just awesome.



Scully tagged this Brave

AWESOME! I can't believe you wore that in this heat- now that's commitment!


love how you're trying to make some outfits relevant - 1st day of school all over the US, raising $$ for schools in India!


Oh, and I donated $25...

Mariah tagged this It All Adds Up

Love the vintage tie (!) and socks/boots combo. Inspiring project!

Solias tagged this Cute

Just donated... First Time. Love the site.... =)

Jolly M tagged this Brave

Hi Sheena Now U are talking "serious"...and we-fans..friends & family are all serious...money will keep flowing.. Today school look and the "math problem" is fantastic... As our Tony Blair's famous saying its "Education..Education ..Education..".Well done Sheena.

Kelsey tagged this Cute

Just donated $10. Love what you're doing, love what you're wearing!

huli tagged this Cute

very good

Marcello tagged this Try Harder

Another people with no creativity. A project like that but no repeating the clothes was done before. Já foi feito algo parecido. A diferença é que a pessoa não repetia as roupas. Mais uma publicitária sem criatividade. http://stickersanddonuts.com/2009/01/11/my-year-in-outfits/

Mariane Monteiro (BRAZIL) tagged this Brave

Your project is very cool, I just read about it. You are looking like a student today, I´m excited to see all of your looks. Congratulations for your willpower! This project is a challenge! ;D Good luck!!!!

Elisa tagged this Cute

how about selling the uniform and (and donating the profit to the cause). I mean... I would buy this dress and I bet a lot of girls/women would too.


Um, this girl actually has a POINT. In case you didn't know, you should read the story behind this project."Another people with no creativity"? If you're going to insult someone, at least use proper English. Also, if you think she's so uncreative and think this project's stupid, why are you even bothering to leave a comment? If you don't have anything nice/helpful (by that I mean constructive criticism) to say, don't post it.

Elisa tagged this lovely

Marcello, I doubt you would read this, however you should not that this project is not only about wearing a different outfit everyday, but also about sustainable fashion (moda sustentável) that means showing that means having less clothes, buying old ones, reusing them, revalidating the idea "less is more". I could go on, but I dont think there is a point. Like I said: I doubt you will read this.


Marcello, I doubt you willread this, however you should notice that this project is not only about wearing a different outfit everyday, but also about sustainable fashion (moda sustentável) that means having less clothes, buying old ones, reusing them, etc... revalidating the idea "less is more". I could go on, but I dont think there is a point. Like I said: I doubt you will read this.

redog tagged this Cute

You are so smart.I like this size. Go on! goodgirl~

Skye tagged this kinky school teacher


Great Labels tagged this Cute

Such a cute look! http://twitter.com/greatlabelssm

butterfly tagged this Brave

i think... you would be able to donate more to the kids, if you sold all the accessories you wear with the dress. also, it doesnt matter if you got an expensive item by donation, people donate to you so they can have some free ad. cause its cool to do charity. they could as well just donate to any cause. so it is just encouraging more consumism, and at the end of the project you will hold an auction to sell the marvelous items ou wore, making more money, encouraging more consumism. to donate for the kids = good! doing it encouraging consumism (even if under a mask) = questionable but keep on doing it, ya gonna be millionaire soon, and sell books, etc.

cindi tagged this perfect

WAY TO GO!!! you made it...and after less than half the way through your project. can we get sheena to 25,000 or more?

Bee tagged this Cute

love it!!! I'd have chosen other socks, simple purple ones, but hey ... i'm far more conservative than you are. Didn't take long to raise 10.000 ... good for you!


Good, very good!!! I'll follow you between my Favourites!

Carole tagged this persuasive

Way to go!!! I donated $25 a couple of days ago, it's fabulous how fast the total has climbed! I agree, make $25,000 the new goal! Love this project, and I would totally buy the dress if you marketed it!

Grace tagged this Cute

Really love it. And those boots - I want them! Have bookmarked this page and will make sure to check everyday. What you're doing is awesome.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Don't like, looks silly. Not as funky as a real school kid and very contrived.

ammakke tagged this smashing

U Smart Cookie, that math problem was too easily solved? Fantastic! Feel proud of u, dear.

lorenzo tagged this Cute

this is genial project you are soo cute great

Krista tagged this Batty

I just read the article in the Times about this. What an amazing idea! Very inventive and is better than trawling asos every day spending money pointlessly :)



olivia tagged this Cute


Chris tagged this Stellar

Congrats on hitting 10K, that's amazing! Well done on the outfit too, only thing you need is a ruler for those who don't donate ;)

hhh tagged this Brave

wear your hair like this more often!

Georgia tagged this Serious!

This is a great "all business" look! I like it!


it is discouraging to see people with negative attitudes posting on here. big deal that similar projects have been done before. up is being done in good spirits and with great intent... and it is working! at least she's doing something positive rather than complaining. kudos for sheena :)

paola tagged this Cute

great idea! brava

Anet tagged this Cute

Well done!Almost looks like Britney in her video "hit me baby one more time"

Mary Ruback from Brazil tagged this Cute

Loved your look from today!

Ashley tagged this Cute

You did it! How about $20K more? :)

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I love all these elements together, esp the shirt and tie.

rosie tagged this Brave

I absolutely LOVE the boots.

Beth tagged this Cute

Love this outfit, your belt is so cute! Amore Fashion

Anom tagged this Hot

Looks like you've reached $10,950 as at 22 August 2009 (EST Time)

Luciana Falcão tagged this Try Harder

I didn´t like it!!!

YOSHIKO tagged this ???????


Anonymous tagged this to the point!

great idea... love it!

helder tagged this math genius

love it how you're bringing attention to the donations...exactly where it needs to be! can't believe you hit $10,000 soooo quickly!!!!!!