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June 09

This day belongs to NCVapor93.
"Love the pop of color peeking out of the dress"
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Day 20. Wed, May 20 2009

Dolled up for St.Vincent

Primped up for the stylish Annie Clark's show tonight (St.Vincent). Collared tank top from Beacon's closet, vintage plaid mini skirt from ebay. Paired with harlequin knee highs and purple pumps.


shuchi tagged this Brave

this one is deceivingly chic! It's like you're two different people

Jenny tagged this Hot

Very bright and fun! I love this!

Skeeter tagged this Amazing

I'm in awe of your ability. This is very pretty.

skambalu tagged this Cute

I love the bright colours underneath that plain exterior. Great look.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Love the skirt and socks together.

Johanna tagged this Cute

I think I saw you at this St. Vincent concert- sat behind you on the risers, maybe? If so, small world, great project idea!

Kristina tagged this Cute

Note to self: buy a short black dress.


Like it!

ttt tagged this Hot

I need to learn more fashion adjectives;) But, this is great! really smart.

Lisa tagged this cool

like it a lot

Christy tagged this Hot

Love the 'hidden' color palette! Beautiful.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this reminds me of the rainbow fish children's book :). i really really really like this look.

V!V!@N tagged this Hot

Love the color combo.

Lilly tagged this Cute

very creative! like it!

Courtney tagged this Cute

those tights match that skirt perfectly!

Jessy tagged this Cute

These are possibly the cutest socks ever. Good comeback from some of the earlier scary socks.

Josey tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Hot

I love how you did this! All the colors seems hidden but it stands out. amazing look, I love it!

barbara tagged this Wonderful coordination!

Day 71 and looking back through the "View by Month" section. This is a Top 3 selection for me. Very nicely balanced and coordinated. Love this look. You are making very skillful selections.

Meena Mathew

wow wow wow...

Addie tagged this Hot


rebel tagged this Day off

"Stand alone" outfit underneath ....

gruvee tagged this love it

wow! you are amazing!

Emily tagged this Cute

Love the hidden colors flashing at the bottom, and St. Vincent!

Jannie tagged this Batty

Love how the skirt and socks mirror each other.

Laura tagged this Adorable

The colors of the skirt, socks and shoes really bring a different life to the dress.

Vanesa tagged this Buenisimo!

En Argentina a esto le decimos EXCELENTE! Muchos exitos en tu emprendimiento... Saludos!

Hannah tagged this Awesome

I love this.


Cute outfit on my birthday...


BAluv the entire outfit...such a great juxtaposition!!