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June 09

This day belongs to mominblk.
"Can't wait to get my fun new dress!"
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Day 37. Sat, June 06 2009

Dear Candy

Black lace knickers. Vintage choker from Junk! and bakelite bangles donated by Old Hollywood. Vintage go-go platforms from eBay.


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

the shoes are grrreat, colours are a miracle, but you look too skinny with those "pants"?

sue tagged this Cute

so THAT'S how to wear lace bike shorts! nice work.

Joevakro tagged this take me i'm over 16.

Innocence with a bite of cotton candy.

cruz tagged this Cute

geesh, does it get any cuter?!

Sacha tagged this Smurfy

Not digging the blue legs.

x tagged this Cute

cute but you're awfully skinny

Camilla tagged this Cute

LOVE the shoes! They go great with the bangles.

Jenny tagged this Cute

This is so-so. I am not sure about the shoes. They some how remind me of grandma shoes. but I like the black lace over the lilac tights.

eldub tagged this adorable!

love it!

Lightning Heart tagged this Cute

i love those shoes!


Shoes and leggings are a bit too Wizard of Oz for me!

Em tagged this Cute

Amazing!!! I'm in awe yet again...


Simple and really fun!

Eleanor (undeadgoat) tagged this Cute

I like this side in front a lot better.

Meg tagged this Cute

I want to say that one outfit is my favorite, but then I click on the next one and I love it more! (But this might be the favorite.) (Maybe)

hhh tagged this ... Not so much

fun and simple, but the shoes threw me off.

claire tagged this Brave

i'd say there are not many people who could pull this off, but you look lovely.

Beth tagged this Cute

I like it! Good job!

old doll

the idea and project are fabulous, this look is funky stylin' but ya gotta be shittin' me! let's see what ya can do without buyin more stuff even tho it's vintage or used. borrow, create, revisit, repurpose what you already have

Lilly tagged this Cutie!

cool shoes!

Pope Richard Corey tagged this Hot

So very, very much yes.

Anonymous tagged this adorable

love the beautiful pastels. Cute lace shorts.

Sam tagged this Cute

I like your shoes and your tights :]

Addie tagged this Cute

The shoes are a no no but everything else is cute.

francisca sandoval tagged this Hot

me encanto ....


Love those knickers! :D:D