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November 09

This day belongs to amelz.
"This is how you show conformity what it's missing. "
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Day 188. Wed, November 04 2009

c'mon skinny love, last the year

Suede hat from Brooklyn antique warehouse, vintage Dunderdon denim tunic from a Berlin thrift store, knee highs from Sockdreams, red pumps from eBay and necklace donated by Judith Altman from her collection at judithaltman.com >

HOW WILL YOU ACCESSORIZE TO THE NOV 7 PARTY? Come in black or white attire along with one fabulous piece of repurposed accessory. Rooftop view of Manhattan, DFA DJs and best accessory wins a potable prize.
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Janice tagged this Cute

I would totally wear this entire ensemble! Placed an order with Sockdreams this morning, love their Made in USA and eco-friendly options. Thanks for your amazing blog!

Mariah tagged this Pinstripes for Game 6

Love the pinstripes (subtle) and pops of red. Really cohesive outfit! Cute!

Sue tagged this classy

Love this look. I'm in Berlin right now and so pleased to see something from the city's ubiquitous re-use economy.

scary. tagged this on a wing and prayer....

C'mon skinny love what happened here? .. i didn't expect a title like this so soon.. presents wrapped up in magic for ya later, but for now my energy flyin across town for you to channel! work it sista and remember -the only way is UP! DONATE PEOPLE: this kid's exhausted, lift the loveen's spirits!

holly tagged this Cute

I like your hair longer and curly like this.

che tagged this chic

chic. you need a 'chic' rate button!

Mariah tagged this 6-Month Blah Day is Okay

@scary: Thanks for the heads-up! Missed the caption . . . @Sheena: You can do this! You've had "sick days" a couple of times (happens to everyone). If you need to, show us what a "mental health day" looks like -- even if it's just the Uniform, flannel jammie bottoms, and a pint of ice cream with a very large spoon!

Dee tagged this Chic

I agree...you need a 'chic' rating button. I feel totally uncomfortable rating you as 'hot.'

ammakke tagged this Cute

Sorry, can I ask u the same question Wendy asked u yesterday< Sheena, ie "have u been losing weight lately< bet u can spare no time to eat as Wendy said , then how could u check on ur weight,dear..BTW You look like " A skinny Love"..Wish people realize that you are killing yourself for this awesome project &hope your party on Saturday turn out to a massive success!!Love that Denim tunic.

Mara tagged this Snazzy

I really want those shoes.

Karla tagged this Try Harder

You're really creative,I like the idea

Anonymous tagged this Gorgeous!

Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this :) Even on your off day you manage to look incredible! We will all forgive you if you need to relax your brain and wear your PJs as @scary said! revitalise your creative juices!



Cee tagged this Cute

Ahh you're such an inspiration! Just found out about this website and it's brilliant. You're fashion sense is astounding and you're cause is 100% worthwhile. Gorgeous!

Francesca tagged this Brave

you inspire me to make a change and be creative in doing so! you've got everyones attention! buona fortuna

Kelsey tagged this Cute

It must be both exciting and daunting to know you're halfway done; so much behind you, but still so far to go. You can do it, and you will be fabulous the whole time too! (and I love Bon Iver!)

B tagged this Cute

Very cute and sophisticated yet relaxed. Love it.

Jolly M tagged this Brave

Hi Sheena I am sure U ,ll be in good form again soon. Wait until you see all the bonus money ,his sponsors are going to send !!. Only today i managed to open the group e-mail he has sent to the sponsors-with his fabulously interesting narration of the marathon & the pre-events. I cannot help giving him an extra bonus.. Cheer up Sheenappy.. BTW your outfit- esp: the kneehighs & thedenim are beautiful

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

im ur biggest fan, i will follow u until u love me

Tami tagged this Cute


Payal tagged this Cute

Nice look. Love the idea...gotta try it! Look at all the love on this page...it's heart warming :) You go girl!


you rarely wear the dress with the buttons in the front!

shatterslover tagged this daydream in manhattan

Love your hair curly and you just so cute, love the hat, the shoes and the necklace and the facial expression!!! you're gorgeous inside and out!!!

EricaW tagged this Cute

1. I love Bon Iver, so you won me over right there. 2. You are super creative! I could not do this at all.

Irene tagged this Cute

Adorably chic and classy.

Grace Dalton

Another of your best.

Kiwiken tagged this Cute

... especially the hat and the socks.

flashbulb100w tagged this Cute

Very balanced. I like it.

anna tagged this Hot

you are so beautiful and smart ... i love this website. x

yobe tagged this Excellent

Perfect! Love the touches of colour

Britwatch tagged this Cialis-worthy

I just had a vision that I should buy Tiffany Jewellery. Or was it jewelry? Or jewelery? Spirits of the cyberworld help me!

Scully tagged this Brave

You are patient, fine, balanced and very kind. My lovely skinny, you will last, and leave an ever-lasting impression.

tabyaby tagged this Cute

I like this SO MUCH!!! :) and above it all: It looks also comfy! I asked my aunts if they've still got some clothes from the time when they were young - unfortunately I think they don't have anything anymore :(. And I started to make fabric flowers and to crochet flowers and to go to flea markets and to places I don't know the words in English where you can buy 2nd hand... why am I telling you all this? YOU and this project inspired me somewhat to do all that stuff. Thanks.

Deb tagged this Sophisticated

So gorgeous. You are a total inspiration!

Monica tagged this Stylish

Lovely - one of your best


Love the top!

Beth tagged this Cute

Awesome red shoes and red necklace. Love this look http://amore-fashion.blogspot.com/ xx

charles tagged this Cute

i love those socks! too cute =)

Aliza tagged this Faboosh!

Love the color contrast! The thigh high socks are adorable and the hat and necklace complete the outfit wonderfully. I love your haircut and the adorable tunic you have on over the dress.