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June 09

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Day 76. Wed, July 15 2009

Borrowed gold.

Thrifted choker from Junk! and vintage patent gold belt from eBay. Pre-owned gold pumps donated by Ailes.


ammakke tagged this Brave

that's what I call a SMART outfit!

Beth tagged this Hot


Laura Daly tagged this Tres chic

Sheena the Sophisticate!

Britgirl tagged this Hot

Love the choker and gold belt.

annie tagged this Hot

oh my goodness...that belt is amazing!! I love that you often combine black and brown...it's an under-appreciated color combo :).

Katharine Tapley tagged this Hot

This is so sexy and sophisticated!

Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this Classy

Very sophisticated. Love the shoes and necklace together!

Ruth tagged this Smart

smart indeed! You never run out of ideas?

bunneh tagged this Cute

i like it, the belt is cool, i'm still trying to figure out exactly how it works

Suzy Nelson tagged this Sophisticated lady

One of my favorites!!

sissi tagged this Hot

simple and chic. well done!

Luanna tagged this Chique

I this brown/gold colours look very pretty on you.

anneke tagged this Absolutely Gorgeous

This is excellent - put the dress into production, asap, please!! Or make the pattern available? :)

abigail tagged this lovely

sophisticated ~ love this ~~~

Noni tagged this Classic

Very very nice!

Anne Kinney


gooseacre tagged this Creative Sophistication

Love this outfit and love what you're doing!

Marie tagged this Hot

Awesome...love the accessories!

Caitlin tagged this together

Love it! Very audrey hepburn

barbara tagged this Classic chic!

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the classic look. The absence of legwear changes everything.


well done lady! ..well matched.. sophisticated.. dont always dig the shoes but a big fan today

Laura tagged this Cute

I just noticed this dress can be worn with the buttons front or back! Neat project; I'll be very interested to see how this transitions from warmer to cooler weather. :)

lauren tagged this AWESOME

Awesome! My favorite so far. Suitable for so many occasions.

Jean tagged this Hot

Again, LOVE IT! I especially like the shoes. (I envy you for that!) Well done. Keep it up.

TR tagged this Cute

very chic!!! love i! u never run out of new ways to look great!

Le Journal de Chrys

BRAVO, j'adore ce projet!!!

Bri tagged this WOW

... great!!!!

X tagged this Hot

Love the pumps!!!!!

Kim tagged this Cute

When I was a freshman in college, way back in 1969, we were required to wear dresses to class/dinner in the dorms etc. I rebelled by buying a house dress at the local five and dime then wearing it every day. For special occasions, I wore white gloves with it. The next year the school allowed the students to wear whatever they wanted.

Dani tagged this sexy & sophisticated

Loving the whole ensemble.

Eleanor tagged this summer chic

This is a fave. Some how the bronzy gold accents cool the black. Amazing.

Tobias tagged this Cute

Not a huge fan of the belt, but I adore the pumps!

che tagged this chic


Donna tagged this all belt

What if her grandmother died this year? The dress is too short. Oh, yeh, she'll wear slacks under the dress.


I think the chunky necklace and oversized belt dwarf your small frame and overwhelm you. Love the shoes, though!

Irene tagged this Hot

gorgeous combination!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Outrageous!

What the heck is that belt?!? Did you wrap a handbag around your waist? You're crazy, I love it!

Fourth Daughter tagged this Hot

Very stylish. I want those shoes! Actually want the whole outfit...Nice match of accessories, they all look made for each other.

Emily tagged this Cute

I like the shoes, a sophisticated but still young look.

Tina tagged this Hot


@marycray tagged this Hot

Nice. Love the playful use of gold.

joanne tagged this haute couture

Metallic in the only way that works, tarnished/bronzy. Got a good beat and easy to dance to.

Cable Car Couture tagged this Brave

I have to say I am absolutely amazed with this concept of yours and have tweeted your website.

zhangxia tagged this Cute

you are so beautiful

Jean Zhou tagged this Hot

love the gold belt.

Maria tagged this cool

Fabulous balance between the not-too-bold accessories and antique bronze accents. The belt seemed to hike up the skirt a little more than usual.

Dianeinberkeley tagged this Hot

Looking at your site is a wonderful daily ritual for me. I am impressed by your cause and wanted you to know I made a donation online because of previous problems with paypal...Your site inspires reflection on the meaning of creativity, fashion, and sustainability. Thanks!

hhh tagged this Cute

can we get a closeup on that belt?? love it.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it!

Dom and Helen tagged this Hot

Amazing Sheena.

Lisa tagged this Hot

I find the whole project inspirational!

Suki tagged this super smart

beautiful and confusing belt. I looove bronze. You are inspiring me to buy fewer clothes (but more accessories...)

Cathy tagged this Fabulous

This is inspired and inspiring. Brava!

Charles tagged this Hot

I like the compliments of colour. Stylish


So chic!

Heather tagged this Hot

wish I could look that good - love the belt


simple day at work


The belt is just so amazing!I I can't get over how great the belt is.

tara tagged this Hot

Fantastic, I love this!

lala tagged this question mark

Don't quite dig the belt, but I see the complementariness of it with the shoes and necklace. The belt seems too heavy - maybe if a jacket was added to offset the weight...

soph tagged this i like

like your idea and your project!! you are too skinny though. regards

jay tagged this Melt Down Hot

Like certain mountain ascents in the Tour De France, this is Beyond Category.

elena tagged this Hot

girl i love those shoez.

wewe tagged this Hot

Very chic

Anonymous tagged this Hot

tres chic!

pippapine tagged this chic

this is everything I could ever want in an outfit. love it!

Molly tagged this Bold & Tres Chicd

Love it. With your adorable haircut and the symmetry with the shape of the dress you've got style. The necklace and belt(which is awesome) nicely compliment as well. Rock on!


I loooove these shoes!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the shoes

LrnM Design tagged this Hot

This looks great! The accessories are perfect!


You are so adorable! Love your legs, your haircut, your creativity. Wish I looked half as good in dresses! Once again, you've come up with a winner of an outfit!

scarleTT tagged this Cute

That belt is so crazy, I love it!!

Meli22 tagged this Graceful

This is REALLY chic, gorgeous!!

Carly from NZ tagged this Hot

Wow this is a proper grown-up look, I love it. Serious glam.

LaLa tagged this Hot

One of my favorites. This is a very elegant look.


Tres chic.

Katie tagged this Try Harder

distracting belt. looks like a snake is squeezing your stomach

Addie tagged this artistic

OMG! I love that belt!

Nikki tagged this Hot

futuristic! awesome. love it.


Chic - just chic. Accessories are well balanced!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

elegant, i like july dresses the most. must be the summer.


Sorry, but all of the pics are made on the same day... all outfits made on the same day.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love this outfit. The most amazing belt!