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May 09

This day belongs to hellopanda.
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Day 31. Sun, May 31 2009

Black holes in the yellow sun.

Vintage asymmetric trilby hat, an old staple summer top and suede vest. And can't get enough of these Sam Edelman shoes from Alter.


Zibi tagged this Cute

Love the yellow.


Whatttt???? Dutch Maid?

shuchi tagged this Cute

Lovely combination

Jenny tagged this Try Harder

This would be alright minus the poofy white around the middle it adds unattractive bulk.

Em tagged this Hot

Oh. my. gosh. One of your best yet!!! So fabulous!!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Cute layering.

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the splash of color.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I disagree Jenny she needs the white to create balance, i love it -_-

mindakms tagged this bang on


Lilly tagged this Cute


maggie thunder

very cute

Anonymous tagged this Batty

But in a good way!

Anonymous tagged this Delicious

Love it

Sabina tagged this Try Harder

do you sell this dress??

Anonymous tagged this Cute

nice splash of color. You look like a doll in this.


you rule great project great style

Addie tagged this Cute

awesome. It doesn't even look like the same dress!


Some of t he outfits are cute but I wonder where you would wear some of them. Perhaps, my view is slanted by the fact that many of them are just too young. But I admire your courage.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

This looks really cool

Anita Philip tagged this Cute

This looks really cool

Gabrielle tagged this Cute

Muito criativa! Idéia fantástica , os modelos são lindos ^^

sss tagged this SHAPELESS.

not my cup of tea. the outfit makes one look fat and shapeless.

Jen tagged this never grow up

This reminds me of the guy from www.pixyland.org

Lara bertozzi tagged this Cute

Idea faboulose! You have really good taste!!!!!

Hannah tagged this Brave

you look like Hannah Montana...


viva Francais