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August 09

This day belongs to chanoomie.
"Fantastic Project!"
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Day 102. Mon, August 10 2009

Backward business.

Handmade and hand-embroidered linen vest worn backwards, donated by Rosie at clothesforpeople.etsy.com. Rosie is contesting for a grant in Cincinnati to support an emerging designers co-op mission. Read more and give her your vote here. Thrifted belt from a brooklyn warehouse, vintage oxfords from eBay, wooden bangles from the Dumbo flea market.


Lindsay tagged this Try Harder

Its definitely an interesting ensamble, but you can do better than this.

ammakke tagged this smart

"Backward business" looks nice on You, Sheena.All the best to Rosie in Cincinnati!

trixie tagged this Cute

love the outside waist down.

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Love the Southwest theme and "backwards" approach (creative) -- but just not feeling the outfit today . . .

Sophie B tagged this Brave

I love the drape of the vest. You have had more views of the back.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


bunneh tagged this Try Harder

not loving this one - i like the belt/shoes/bangles though i guess just not the vest so much.

GermanGirl tagged this Try Harder

it looks like a smiley...

Beth tagged this Brave

I like the belt.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not my favorite, dont like the shirt.

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Beat your drums!

Ow! Sheena's on the war path! All you need now is a pair of knee high Gladiator sandals and a spear. Love that embroidery!!!

Irene tagged this Try Harder

It's interesting and creative, but I'm just not feeling it.

Camilla tagged this Try Harder

This one just doesn't do it for me. Sorry. Nice try!

Rosie tagged this Cute

(not the same Rosie who donated the sweet vest) I like it!

anon tagged this Batty

Why wouldn't you just wear the vest forward?

amber at painfullyhip.com tagged this Hot

I love it! I think everyone is just jealous that they can't rock it as hard as you are!

Lorelei tagged this Cute

I really like the vest and how it looks backwards. The shoes are cute as well! <3

Jannie tagged this Try Harder

It's difficult to mix blacks. I give you credit for trying!

bunneh tagged this and one more thing..

anyway you can post a view of the back? that might help to solidify the outfit in our minds -- it's the fear of the unknown that is bugging me LOL

Anonymous tagged this crofts rela-

It's not try harder...you're trying too hard...backwards for the sake of backwards?

Shelby tagged this Try Harder

Love the accessories but the vest would look better fowards I think.

Ashley tagged this Hot

I love the vest!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

its great!


It looks fantastic! thank you so much for your support. Merci, Rosie at The Brush Factory

annie tagged this Hot

I love everything about today's outfit...the colors, the backwards vest, the tousled hair and the poses...one of my favs Sheena!

Alice tagged this Different

And in a good way. I like this one. It's unusual. It looks comfortable to wear, too.

Polly Farthing tagged this Cute

Really cute!

sonia tagged this i like all the outfits.

I saw a post about this on uo blog today. impressive stuff lady. keep up the good work.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Aww, I like it. You wear your vest backwards if you want to!

Thalita tagged this Criativa

Gostei da camisa, e do sapatinho Menina! você é muito criativa!

Squill tagged this Cute

Personally, I'm digging the backwards vest :)

Nora tagged this Try Harder

Hmm, doesn't look like a real outfit, just a bunch of clothes. I feel like you're getting bored already!


I like the side view - looks like a cowl in the back. Plz post more back view shots!

Deborah tagged this Cute

So cute and so is your hair!

Diana tagged this Cute

I don't know why everyone is not into this one. I like it. I like the style of the belt hanging down from under the top.

Anne tagged this Creative and Cute

I love how wearing the vest backwards gives the outfit a different silhouette than usual. Keep it up!

Justi tagged this messy

i don't really like it, it looks like some sloppy..?

Svanhvit tagged this tribal

I really like it, colours are great, silhouette is gorgeous. Messy hair looks good too.

Jean tagged this Cute

Very "weekend casual". Looks put together, but doesn't look like you were trying too hard. Well done.

Katharine Tapley tagged this Brave

I wouldn't have ever thought of the backwards vest! It's eye catching and it totally works!

Gthang tagged this Cute

Don't like the shoes, but love the rest!

Marita tagged this Hot

I'm covinced you can rock just about anything, love every outfit!

crowgirl tagged this Brave

Love how the lapels of the vest look kind of like a hoodie.

nini tagged this dandy

love this (and your hair looks lovely)

mike tagged this Cute

I absolutely loooove those shoes! The whole outfit works for me, I seriously love your style. Cheers!

M.. murkevich tagged this So.. impressive!:))

You are beautyfull and you have a great idea. You work on this field is great:) I'm from Russia and I'm sorry, that my eng is not so perfect%) When I finished my travel I will donate to your cause, surely:) Good luck. I confident, that you reach this purpose exactly!:)

Girl with the most cake!! tagged this Cool/Cruel

The combination of this vest with the dress looks very cool. And I also love the blue! But the belt is too much, I think ..

Joy tagged this Cute

Except for the shoes, I like it. It seems to have a Native-American vibe.

Anonymous tagged this Weird

Seems very mis-matched.


I Love it. LOVE it.

karyn tagged this LOVE

This is amazing. Perfect. and so free. i love love love it. x


Awkward D:

Aussie tagged this Careless perfection

Love it! Just looks and feels as though everything fits together perfectly.

ol' Doc Saunders

This is 12 days late but I keep going back to this one because I love it so much. Right down to the eyeshadow.

bekah tagged this Cute

aw cute your dress is smiling!!! i love the uniform project great job!!

Estela tagged this Cute

My name is Estela and I'm a eight and I'm from Brazil. I really loved this look. It seems to me that there is two eyes and a smile mouth. Beautifull and funny.


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