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July 09

This day belongs to Helena.
"Expensive jewelry to finish an outfit? No way! Just some imagination and creativity. "
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Day 64. Fri, July 03 2009

Artbeat and Candy

Assortment of handmade bow pins donated by Beatrice. Visit her Etsy store at www.dearbeatrice.etsy.com. Preowned tee converted to headscarf, and vintage pumps from eBay.

Thanks PBS.org ArtBeat for the coverage today. And thank you Daily Candy!


lindsaymia tagged this Cute

i think this is an awesome idea.

Juneau tagged this Hot

Creative! Love the colors . . . (And it gives me some inspiration about what to do with some vintage bow ties from my family from the 40s/50s.) Happy 4th!

esteff tagged this summer lovin'

yes! yes! yes!

Sue tagged this Cute

Ypu are beautiful inside and out. Wishing you great success on your project!

Camila Orleans tagged this Cute


celine tagged this Cute

the bows make the outfit!

kataphora tagged this Cute

Love it!

maryalice tagged this Cute

Your project is so amazing! Love the headscarf and bow brooches. I hope you're able to raise tons of money for the schools. Best of luck!!


Brilliant, creative, clever. How are the bows attached? It looks like there is a rope of some sort around your neck. Oh, and I love the shoes!


headband rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CC tagged this Try Harder

try harder

rebecca tagged this Cute

love the pattern mixing in the box ties & head scarf!

sblendid tagged this Cute


Gowri Sharma tagged this Cute

Bravo fellow fashionista + philanthropist. I commend you on your creative awareness and fundraising idea. I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to contributing funds in the future.

Karina tagged this Hot

I love the bows and colours, but i wish you were smiling!

Beth tagged this Cute


Shuchi tagged this Trendy

Love the coordination!

jk tagged this Cute

like the headscarf!

suz-q tagged this Cute

Fantastic and unique idea. Where do I get my everyday dress? It's very cute.

Edith tagged this Cute

Oh my god! I love this one! The shoes are the BEST! Have a great summer! ~Edith

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this is a great project! good luck

LaLa tagged this Cute

I love your concept. This is a great idea!

The Shop floor project tagged this Cute

What a wondeful project - a really exciting and positive way to look at susatianle fashion. We've just posted about in our Blog - The Shop Keeper's Journal. We'll be checking in daily! Sam & Denise, UK

The Shop Floor Project

Sorry about the spelling on my last post - it's late here!

nai tagged this Cute

everything besides the headscarf = <3

Cat tagged this Batty


X tagged this Cute

Extremely cute!!! :D

kate tagged this Cute

utterly adorable. bows make everyone smile!

Obi tagged this Love it

I absolutely adore the little bows

Mellie tagged this Cute

I'm loving the shoes and bows, but maybe the headband isn't really for this outfit. It's lovely, though! :)

hannah tagged this Cute

delightful. reminds me of Broadway!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

What a great cause. The outfit looks great. Good luck for your great cause

Anonymous tagged this Hot

great idea..well done hope u raise a lot of cash!

erin tagged this Batty

the headscarf is a no-go.

Fabiana BF tagged this Cute

FicouA faixa deu um toque tribal ao visual!Ficou belo!

SS tagged this Cute

love the project and the outfits -- wondering if the actual dress will ever be available for sale to the public? it is obviously a very versatile dress - love the fact that it can be worn either backwards or frontwards --- LOVE IT : )

miss.cc tagged this Cute

So cute! The bows spice the dress up :)

Carmen tagged this Cute

Gesh, I love those bows!!!

anna b tagged this Cute

i love the big head band, saves it from precious. overall, it has a certain holly goightly ingenue chic.

anna b

that's holly golightly - sorry....

Kristy tagged this Cute

Love the shoes.

Mosley tagged this Hot

Lovely darling. Very vintage and Fashion Forward

Katie Das tagged this Cute

Super-cute- love the headband!

veena mathew tagged this Cute

sheena chechy very cute & simple :)

hhh tagged this Brave

love the shoes. not a big fan of theheadgear.

Jen tagged this Batty

mmm, not really down with the bows.


absolutely gorgeous!

alaska girl tagged this Cute, cute, cute!

You never cease to amaze!

lotta tagged this Cute

this is so cute outfit !! :D

Arwen521 tagged this Cute

The shoes are my fave!

Meena Mathew tagged this Try Harder

Verrry cute!

Beth tagged this Hot

I've looked at many of your outfits, and so far, this is probably my favorite. Well done!

Jeffery tagged this Hot

Yes! I love it...very nice ensemble. Some of the others are a little wacky, but in a good way!


Why don't you sell copies of the dress, as an additional way to raise money?

Gita tagged this Cute

This is adorable.

Anonymous tagged this Hot


joannes tagged this pop/op

Jean Shrimpton/Warhol/Edie Sedgwick. With a hint of Liza with an A. Love the head wrap, textures of the bows.

Fourth Daughter tagged this Cute

love love love!! will probably steal steal steal this idea...


original and inginious

Ness tagged this Cute


awer tagged this quaint and cute!

really cute.. reminds me of raggedy ann!



Addie tagged this I LUV THIS!

This is soooooooooo amazing!

Joy tagged this Sensational!

I looove this outfit! I wish I could run out and buy it right now!

Spider tagged this Cute


Laura tagged this Brave

LOVE the headscarf! Do this more often!

Josh tagged this Hot

You are so cute it hurts....

Anonymous tagged this Amazing!

Love it! This is what it's all about.

Betty tagged this Cute

this is surprising in a very pleasant way.

west coast kim tagged this Cute

Excellente use of bow-ties, and the t-shirt scarf looks great on you.

Jemika tagged this Hot

This is my favourite one of them all...I Love the way the bows stand out and even match the shoes...=]

Shelliolios tagged this Cute

Cutest shoes evvver.

Dee tagged this Cute

Don't really like the bowties though the colors look good, but I LOVE the headscarf (even more the fact it's made from an old tee!) and adore the shoes!

Nikki tagged this Hot

i love it!!! the 3 bows are ingenious.

Nameless tagged this Once again perfect!

LOVE the bows!!!

sss tagged this Hot


Justi tagged this Batty

the scarf in hair is amazing:*

BellaG. tagged this coolio

haha, love these bows... :-D fresh and cool!

gabby tagged this Try Harder

it seems the dress is different form 3th july,sth wrong with me ?

mg tagged this Cute

love this outfit - so cute