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August 09

This day belongs to Jen D.
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Day 97. Wed, August 05 2009

All the world is green...

Thrifted tube dress from Beacons Closet, vintage hat from eBay and pumps from Etsy. Cuff made from recycled magazine paper donated by Jessalynn Brinkmeyer of Pivot Eco Fashion. Visit their store at www.pivotboutique.com.


Tito Jong tagged this SO CUTE

Cute! I love the Hat and the Cuff.

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Great colors and hat (!), and like the "green"/recycled theme (cool bracelet) -- just not crazy about the cut/fit of the tube dress.

annie tagged this Cute

Yay...green!! I've been waiting for you to wear more of this color. You look fab today!

Shuchi tagged this Hot

Emerald is my fav color!!!! it's only the first week of august and this is already my favorite for the month!!!! love the hat

prutha tagged this Hot

love the cuff... love love love it!!

Beth tagged this Awesome!

Love it!

Sophie B

What is a tube dress? I love the blue shoes.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I'm in love with it.

che tagged this Cute

love it

Keira tagged this Cute

This outfit is charming.

Anonymous tagged this okay

better, love hat/shoes

X tagged this Hot

Tres Fantastique!!!

pippapine tagged this chic

my fave so far. I love green. the dress is gorgeous.

Peter Pan tagged this Neverland-ish

You remind me of this guy. http://www.pixyland.org/peterpan/

Meashkaria tagged this Cute

My favourite ensemble yet!

EcoFashionRockOn! tagged this Cute

Love love love it! I wish i could be more like this!!!

ammakke tagged this Hot

green is gorgeous!!looks cute.

Shrewti tagged this haute

extremely creative!


@Peter Pan – the pixieland Peterpan boy is my favorite internet celebrity of all time. Clearly he has left a lasting impression on me.

Carina tagged this Cute

I love the way you mixed blue and green! congratulations!

Kelly tagged this Cute

You look lovely in green!

darb34 tagged this Stylish

Love the look. When can the rest of us buy the black dress?

tt tagged this Brave

I love all of your shoes!!!

Jean tagged this Hot

Something about this outfit makes me think of an flight attendant ... ?? I like it, though!

Mary Ruback tagged this Cute

Hi from Brazil! I didn´t see you wearing jeans...

Mary Ruback tagged this Cute

Me again... Today I had my nails painted in green...

Britwatch tagged this showstopper!

@darb34 - I'm delighted to announce that Uniformproject has designated me as the official retailer of the black dress. Send me an email with the number of outfits you need, and sizes, along with your bank account number, security password and date of birth to the following email address - youwonthelottery@bankofnigeria.con

Cynthia tagged this Cute

Sweet, no doubt. Luv the laurel crown. Shoes match skirt perfectly.

Jannie tagged this Try Harder

I hate to buck the trend, but I don't love this one. However, I still love the concept!!

Claudia Amado tagged this great colours

I loved the colors and the recycled cuff.I have an ideia.How about to sell the dress template? I´de like to sew myself.

Anonymous tagged this Okay

i don't really like how the collar of the green dress is visible above the uniform project dress, but otherwise it's cute

@UniformProject tagged this Captain Hooky

Yes! Peter Pan Man is HI-LARIOUS. And I think he's married. Did you see him on Conan? YOU should try to get on Conan. Then you could be JUST like him. Which, you kind of already are with your cutesy felt leafy crown and petite frame. Let me be your Tinkerbell...


very nice! Great accent with the bracelet, and wonderful colors.

Carolina tagged this Cute

Cool, a bracelet with brazilian news! Greetings from Rio!

kirsten tagged this very nice

love this outfit sans hat - the cuff is so sweet! Makes me want to get out some old books, mod podge, and my x-acto knife! :) great job!

zabette tagged this Cute

Luv the stripes!

MB tagged this Cute

That hat is great!

nika florence

The hatis wonderfull!


super cute!

Anisha tagged this Cute


Irene tagged this Cute

it looks so comfortable and casual, yet really nice.


so cute! i love the clr combination!!!


Hat closeups,please

Dorothee tagged this eco-chic!

Very nice! I love Pivot Eco Fashion!

Ashe tagged this lady

Great hat!

Sylvia tagged this Hot

Gosh, you're adorable! You have a perfect body! And a perfect sense of style & creativity! Brava!


Perfect warm weather layering with indoor AC -- but isn't it a bit warm outside? I'd leave off the hat for work, of course.

Karen tagged this Cute

Love it - very cute and pretty!

Jedee tagged this Cute

Good job! I love the colours in this one. Amazing :)

Liz tagged this Cute

Nice one..Its cute

Carrie tagged this Cute

I like your statement!

cute tagged this Cute



I like this one,because it's so colourful and like from fairytale :)

felicia tagged this Cute

love it! Also that you shopped at Beacon's closet, around the corner from my old house...now in India working at Akanksha! Thank YOU!

Daniella tagged this Cute

This is a wonderful outfit very happy