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February 10

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Day 289. Sat, February 13 2010

You know Suno?

Featuring SUNO. Garments born out of the collaboration of Kenyan artisan women and a downtown New York venture. We are off to see the Suno show at Milk tonight.
How did we discover SUNO? Read more here >


Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Hate it. The only good thing is the bolero

holly tagged this dynamic!

Oooh gorgeous! Sometimes the uniform dress seems to almost disappear in your ensemble. I love the brave statement in this outfit.


WOW - love all the colors & the amazing design on the back of the jacket! Though the colors are all different, they somehow blend together; from the bright stripes to the b/b plaid. And those are still my favorite shoes - and I'm still ruing my size 10 feet; no cool shoes for me at the UP auction! Have fun at the show.

Pro-Portional Designs

The pants remind me of kites

moon tagged this Batty

tie dye rainbow heaven

Marie-NoÇel Corriveau tagged this Cute

I am a French-Canadian and one of our important magazine in Québec listed you as one of the ladies of the year! And each day I have so much fun to look at you new outfit of the day and many of the people around me know you now...Your gesture for the kids is great and inspiring. Bravo for the example that you give with initiative and originality!

jenny tagged this majical

those bloomers are making me salivate. they remind me of My Little Pony and magical kingdoms. way to be awesome!

Sue tagged this Brave

Really, the outfit is a little disorienting, but the cropped jacket is fabulous, awesome.

Payal tagged this Oooooohhh!

Ooooooohhh jacket. Oooohh jacket. Oooohhh jacket.

Rachael tagged this Genius

Love Suno. Love this look!!!!

christine tagged this a global masterpiece

love how insipiration zigzags from two completely different places on opposite sides of the world and fuses together to create visually stunning creations...

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Mia tagged this Batty in a brilliant way

Ooo woweee!! This just makes me smile a big fat smile! I seem to say this a lot, I know, but somehow you manage to make a very eclectic mix of items fit together like they were meant for each other. Bangles, pants, headscarf, jacket all wonderful! And why not throw some purple in there for good measure :)


Also what happened to COTD??

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

love the jacket sooo much...i want it!!! now!! how do i get one?

Britgirl tagged this Brave

Clashing outfit. What happend to the COTD?


I really am getting hugely excited about this one! I'm leaving for Kenya in just over two weeks for a two and a half month stay at an orphanage and school. I was already looking forward to seeing and experiencing the creativity of the locals but now I just can't wait to find some similarly gorgeous fabrics to play around with and hopefully make something as fantastic as SUNO :D

riley tagged this Hot

OMG you look fantastic! So much attitude in that outfit!


sheeny.. wow.. luv this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jezz tagged this :O

Just Woooow... nothing more to say :O

emer tagged this Sunshine & lollypops!

The colors are so lively bright and happy! I'll bet people thought you were like the first burst of sunshine after a gloomy snow storm! The smile you must have left in your wake! Lovely!

Irene tagged this so hot it melts the snow

This outfit is so seemingly coordinated that I almost didn't notice the uniform!

ammakke tagged this "contradiction"

You amazingly cool(inviting Spring?)in that warm, colorfully blended outfit, Sheena.Every single "piece" does their job perfect, I think, not many people could be so brave as to create such an ensemble.Hope You enjoyed the Suno Show ;So inspiring to read more on her creativity. ..All the best to our Mia,Enjoy Ur work in Kenya.

Eithne tagged this Awesomeness beyond

This one is so good it needs to go on a T-shirt. And, I think I want to start wearing things like these once again, despite the odds.



Rebekah tagged this Adorable!

I could never pull this off, but I love it - even though when I look at it as separates I would have never put this combination together, it just works for some reason. I especially love the cropped jacket!

Jesse Benjamin tagged this Sailor Greenpoint

Sheena, you look like a villian from Sailor Moon! Fantastico! Great job!

K way

Wow...this is amazing!


It's weird, but still very cool! www.annamargrete.wordpress.com


Too cool for school! I love it!

Louise tagged this Bold!

I love the jacket piece there. and the tights and heels - the purple is so much fun...


This has to be my fav outfit yet. Keep up the good work!!

Rach tagged this Hot


Heidi tagged this Hot

Love it! My favourite yet!

Jen tagged this Cute

I have only recently discovered Suno..love the label. I lover how you incorporate them with the Uniform dress such that they appear as accents of colour. Very Artistic

Luke tagged this Cute

Girl, you gotta be more practical, instead of treating it like a costume party. Everything in this one is good except for the pants. They look really out of place.

Noelle tagged this Vibrant

I adore the vibrant colors...

Anonymous tagged this color crrrazy


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Very Creative! I like the two patterns!

cheetah tagged this summer bird)

You're like a hummingbird. But IMHO the outfit is a bit overdone: would be better with plain colour sto?kings. Complicated ornament of the bolero + bright stripes of the pants + checks of the sto?kings = contradictory geometry

em tagged this Brave

If I was as brave as you, I would wear stuff like that every day. That outfit is definitely one of my favorites.


Wonderful playfulness! I just love the jacket!

Sarah Corley tagged this Batty

I LOVE Suno!!! I just interviewed Max Osterweis for N.E.E.T. Magazine's March issue. The article was published online yesterday: www.neetmagazine.com (p. 92) <3 Absolutely FABULOUS team at Suno!!


The bolero makes the outfit