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August 09

This day belongs to slim.
"Because my birthday dress dedication day was taken (Aug. 1), I'm choosing my actual birthday. :)"
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Day 96. Tue, August 04 2009

You dress for Armageddon, I dress for Summer

Vintage Cynthia Rowley tank from Hooligan Studios sale in Brooklyn. Crocheted wristlet donated from Bran's Etsy store, awkward.etsy.com, lace socks donated by Sockdreams and vintage granny boots donated from Julie's Etsy shop, ScottieinaCanoe.etsy.com


Nabilah Said tagged this Eclectic Cute

Love the shoes and those cute socks!

KT tagged this Cute

Wearing your dress this way, with this top, makes it look like you are wearing shorts. I still wonder where you work that you can wear these outfits?


@KT – Heh, I work at a creative agency in NY, so anything goes!

Heloisa Becker tagged this Cute

I loved the idea of wearing a tank top over the dress. Nice!

Linda tagged this Fun, fun, fun--and cute

This is one of my faves so far! I love everything about it.

Alice tagged this Ebullient

This one just makes me smile. I love the top and the boots.

Beth tagged this Cute


gallerista tagged this stylish

very cool outfit which also looks pretty and hip at the same time

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

i hate it, except for the shoes. I'm a shoe girl, and you always seem to have geat shoes.

Camilla tagged this Try Harder

Too boxy - not flattering on your petite figure. Do LOVE the shoes, though!

Alexa tagged this Yayyyyy

EXCELLENT! Wow, this is surprisingly very successful. My first reaction on sight was to love it, but then I looked at it closer, and the boxy cut of the top gave me a moment's puzzlement of "but...but...that SHOULDN'T work..." -- and yet it does! It's cool; in the first hands-on-hips pose, it's like a little girl playing warrior and donning supercute pretend "armor" out of her closet for battle (which in my opinion is a grand look); then in the other photos where the poses are more relaxed, it's clear that the top flows with the uniform and is actually pretty flattering with it. And I love the accessories (though am curious about the hidden pendant!). Nice one!

darb34 tagged this Unique


JD tagged this Cute

great look, great picture. for someone who's not a pro model, you're really very good at it!

Robin tagged this Hmmmmm.

Although these looks are all great, the many minis are starting to share a sameness. I'm thinking that you will be saving pants and length for colder weather but maybe find a way to bring it below the knee that isn't tights?

Mariah tagged this Cute

Very put-together look. Fun!


I adore the wristlet and I like the tank but wish you'd belted it or something to give the look some shape...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love your sassy little pose in the first pic! Great idea for layering; the color helps the black background look "cooler."

Irene tagged this Cute

At first I was like "what?" but then I looked at it again, and I'm finding that, surprisingly, I'm liking it. Your pose is so cute in the first one.

annie tagged this Cute

I'm with the others...your new pose is great!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

I normally love your outfits but this tank is very unflattering on your frame. Too big and boxy!


I am amazed at your creativity --delighted and surprised every day by your artform. This outfit looks terrific on you!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

a lil' over teh top vintage. grandma ish.

Amanda Alves ( estudande de MODA) - Brasil

Parabéns pela iniciativa. Muito interecente. Espero que conciga completar os 365 dias do ano. Abraçoss

OKL tagged this Nice

The top piece looks a little baggy. There's no shape going on here--but heck, even the straight squareness of this outfit is cute. Shoes make up for it so well.

Anonym tagged this Try Harder


Noureen tagged this Cute

This is great but are you getting these donations because of the project or just because people are nice? I live in ny and find it hard to get such great things totally free :)

Kat tagged this Cute

Cute styling!

Kelly tagged this Try Harder

It's certainly inspired, and I love the socks and shoes, but the top is too boxy for your frame. You always strike the cutest poses!

camille fauque tagged this Try Harder

i don't know .. but i like the colours!

Britwatch tagged this Giorgio Morodor-esque

Britwatch agrees entirely with Amanda Alves - took the words out of my mouth!

Claudia Amado tagged this Brave

Last saturday I saw an article in "O Globo" a newspaper in Brazil and Loved the website and idea. The outfits are so creative.I recomended your site to another brasilian who lives in Paris and has an interesting website (conexaoparis.com.br)

Zara K tagged this Extra Cute

Loving this look and the socks are AMAZING!

ammakke tagged this stylish

You look terrific, esp. in the 2nd picture...but totally agree with mim:you'd belted the tank top. Me too a bit curious about the hidden pendant...


love the granny boots, wish a had a pair


Okay. Awkward makes wonderful crochet wristlets.

Justin S. tagged this Wicked Kicks!!

I love the shoes!! I just ordered a male version of these from urban outfitters, looking forward to wearing them with my grey skinnies next time i go raving.

spardha tagged this Try Harder

Its not workin for me!!

Amy tagged this Brave

A belt would really make the outfit. other than that looks great!

Luciana Falcão tagged this Cute

The boots are amazing!!!!




definatly my fav. love the boots

andrienclark tagged this Cute

This one just makes me smile. I love the top and the boots. digital camera memory cards