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August 09

This day belongs to xelatine.
"I love this outfit! I think this dress works so well opened and with some bling."
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Day 108. Sun, August 16 2009

You could win a rabbit

Thrifted blouse and shorts from brooklyn antique warehouse. Marionette girl charm donated by Tara St. James. Copper necklace charm made out of discarded library books. Vintage pumps from eBay.


Anonymous tagged this wonderful

absolutely love it! very whimsical.

ammakke tagged this charming

Wow! U do look smart, girl! something tells me U r back in great form...

Malicious Mallory tagged this fantastic

Fantastic necklaces! I want them :p

Scully tagged this Cute

Yes! The necklaces rock---Where can we get them? Lovely today!


@Scully, we'll be holding an accessory auction a few more months down the line. Stay tuned :)

Casey Blue tagged this Gamine glam!

Love it.

@marycray tagged this Hot


Jannie tagged this So Fresh!

I'm a fan of this whole outfit! I love layering necklaces!!

Anonymous tagged this weird

interesting?ha.i don't like how the dress covers the shorts though...

pippapine tagged this chic

I love the simplicity of this outfit. The shoes are great.

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Not crazy about the high neckline of the blouse, but like the Sunday Summer Casual look of the outfit overall (especially the blue shoes!) and the tunic-over-shorts.

vinicius tagged this feiosa

q roupa horrivel menina vai se vestir feia asim la na china

Mia tagged this Cute

One of my favorite outfits! So cute.

steph tagged this Cute

Those shoes! Lovely.

Ciara tagged this Love

Love!!! This is absolutely adorable. The shoes are great.

Ciara tagged this Love

Love!! Absolutely adorable. The shoes are great!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Cute

The jewelry is what makes it.

K's Choice tagged this Puppetty

Ever heard the song "Not an Addict"? They should remake the song with the lyrics "Not a Model". Stop with the dumb poses. Finally you have a normal, "sustainable" outfit. It would be nice to see it SANS your dumb ass poses.

mm tagged this try harder K's Choice

K's Choice, what, fishing for myspace hits or something? you mention a song that nobody has ever heard of, by a band that nobody has ever heard of, curiously sharing the same name as the name you signed your catty little post with. very interesting. wondering, is this how you hope to gain new fans? brilliant marketing strategy. And you're right, I'm sure the UP would be loads more successful if the outfits were displayed on a lifeless mannequin each day. now THAT would be exciting! one more question K's Choice, what exactly was the substance you were once addicted to?

bree tagged this doll

i love this what darling necklaces http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

marg tagged this Cute

the sassy blue shoes make it and something about pudding bowl hair line mirrored in collar cutaway

Tina tagged this Cute

Great idea!!! I can actually imagine myself in this outfit (fridays only).

Annabelle tagged this Hot

Love this idea! Where can I buy this dress? Should have a link on the site.

Shannon tagged this Cute

I don't care for the shorts, since with the dress it all looks a bit flasher-ish. I like the blouse underneath, though. Also, blue shoes need to be more prevalent in the world!

Starling tagged this Cute

I'm afraid the dress looks like a bit of an afterthought in this, but it looks kinda cute anyway. I love the shoes and the necklaces.

aisha tagged this Cute

an interesting way to make a bold statement about consumerism - everyone needs a cool uniform!

Nashima tagged this Hot

You always look great and I love you hair.

emily tagged this Cute

this is a brilliant, inspirational idea. thank you

Ameya tagged this Cute

Nice Idea

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Really cute!

thesydneygirl tagged this fabulous

absolutely fabulous! you are amazing!!!?

animans tagged this Very cute

Really nice project

Erodiade tagged this Cute

Oh my, you are super cute! I love your style and I love your shoes!

Fabio tagged this freaky

Like that!


this doesn't suit you very well, your arms look longer than your legs... nice colourscheme though =)

Thalita tagged this *------*

Adorei a essa roupa! o sapato azul ficou perfeito*----*

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the pendants

Stefanie tagged this V. Nice!

I applaud you greatly, I have realized since I started following your project that you are so cute and you can pull off everything you wear. My sister said "Its a good thing that she is the cutest girl in the world!" but it also shows that those of us who doubt ourselves can, too, pull it off if we have a little bit of confidence. Love this outfit! Especially the shoes and necklaces!

Beth tagged this Cute


Lindsay tagged this Hot

Another one of my favorites...I'm digging those blue shoes!

Irene tagged this Cute

i love the necklaces.


I love what you're doing.

Cynthia tagged this fresh


allison tagged this Cute

totally cute!! love it when you wear this as a jacket. LOVE THIS!


Title reminds me of Animal Collective. Love it.

Agatha Pereira

Hi, Im from Brazil!! Your Idea is fantastic!!!

Roxy tagged this Hot



Love the whole thing!




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