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November 09

This day belongs to miss lee.
"adorable! i love that i have 365 inspirations on how to wear this dress"
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Day 208. Tue, November 24 2009

Wooly bully & the cotton candy legs

Vintage Czech winter hat from Hradec Králové donated by Sosuke. Handknit traditional Icelandic lopi donated by Scary and multicolor pumps donated by Jessica Carroll, worn with mismatched fishnets.


ammakke tagged this Brave

OMG!!Ye kya hai, Sheena??U look adorable & I just love that knitted"Stuff"..dainty, indeed!

emilie tagged this cuteawesomegreat

this is beautiful! you look too cute.

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Adore the tights/shoes together AND adore the hat/sweather/Uniform combo, but feeling dissonance at the overall look. But creative, as always . . . Hurrah for taking chances!


tights really bring out color of shoes!

Callie tagged this Brave

LOVE The tights!

Chelsea tagged this Brave

I love this ! it reminds me of when i was a kid and wore one blue and one red shoe to school every today.

Janice tagged this Interesting.

Is that one pair of fishnets or two different pairs that you somehow sewed together? Just curious. I'd like to see more color on the top of the outfit too.

Linda tagged this Brave

Mismatched fishnets?! Very brave! :-D And yet ~ it works!

Sophie B

You are darling

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I loved pink & blue! great idea!


See, I would have put the rose colored tights on the right leg. 'R' for right. Maybe I'd actually know the difference if I wore my tights this way...

holly tagged this Kooky

Oh you are a funny girl; your ideas never cease to amaze. This one's all over the shop.

diana tagged this bafo!

omg! so cute socks!

Jo tagged this Batty

love love love the shoes... I want some .. Batty but in a fantabulous way!

Sigga tagged this Batty

Oh, how proud I feel ;)I´m Icelandic you see and it feels great seeing you in a "lopapeysa" ;) And crazy wearing those really bright colours along with it :D Great! ;)

bb tagged this Cute

love everything but the fishnets! they're cute but just not with this outfit. those shoes are so retro and precious!


<3 that sweater

elisabeth tagged this Batty

well you look warm and the legs are fun.

Mara tagged this Cute

The mismatched fishnets are so cute. It doesn't quite flow with the black top, but I like the top and bottom as separate halves.

Emily tagged this Brave

SO cute. love the tights of course.

Irene tagged this Cute

love those tights! and how it bring out the colour of the shoes. But I think you need some colour on top too to tie the top part of your outfit and the bottom part together.

Marina tagged this on and poppin'

I'm loving those two tone tights w/ those shoes!

scary. tagged this elska það.

ég þarf að pissa.. i wonder how convenient that get up is when you do loveens! ;)

emmy tagged this Cute

I like the switch from the black and white top of your outfit (the...lopi? sweater is lovely) to the pastel multicolored bottom. Great outfit today.

candykane tagged this awesomness!

amazing in a how-person-from-the-7o's-would-imagine-a-furturistic-person-after-origamifying-her-snow-bunny-sister's-favorite-sweater sort of way. i kno.... i dun make much sense od i? ;D

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Fun tights

Brett tagged this Cute

I'm loving the shoes!!

moon tagged this Cute

just so adorable! love the "cotton candy" rights and they go perfectly with the too cute shoes!

Kathleen tagged this Cute

Love it!

Petitbobun tagged this really nice outfit

Love the way you chose different colors !

Tina Sequeira tagged this Surprise

Necessity is the mother of all invention....u proved it here. I LOVE the look.


love your idea and your looks. I putted your story on my blog. www.firanet.nl Because everybody needs to know, even here. Keep on going please!!

Carolyn tagged this Cute

Too cute!

maddie tagged this Cute

i like it, looks cool

bernice tagged this Cute

i luv your idea and dress! looks adorable! you just like a super women!

plainjane tagged this Sherbert Ice Capades

Just wondering what ice rink you're hitting up today?? So cozy for the holidays! Adorable,

céleste tagged this Hot

i LOVE it !! :) the tights and the flats are just adorable !!!!! well done (once again)

Nia tagged this Cute

I love your styles and the mismatched pantyhose. Still, it hurts to see the way you put your feet, toe-in.

Paras G. tagged this Brave

Is that a battle of the sexes on your legs (blue for men, pink for women)? A very brave choice indeed!

Anonymous tagged this Cute & CLEVER!

How clever is this!!!!


LOVE that LOPI! How do I contact "Scary" for one of my own?

Birta tagged this Cute

love what you are doing! love from iceland ;)

erin tagged this awesome

love the fishnets!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

LOOOOVE the tights

jobypollard tagged this Cute

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Anonymous tagged this Brave

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Jeremy tagged this Brave

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