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December 09

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"Simply my favorite. "
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Day 233. Sat, December 19 2009

Winter Wonderland

Handmade tiered ruffle skirt donated by Anne-Sophie Huart. Visit her Etsy store at annesophietoniazzi.etsy.com. Wool scarf donated by Sosuke, vintage gloves from Old Hollywood and vintage granny boots from eBay.

Out of the malls & into the snow
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sarah tagged this Cute

i <3 it!!!!!

ettagirl tagged this festive

a charming christmas belle!

mm tagged this snow melter

senorita Navidad!!!

wasabipear tagged this Life is But a Dream

Gorgeous, stunning, elegant, and wonderful.


You look like a Christmas belle! What is the skirt made of? How high does it go? We've gotten over 2' of snow here in DC; doesn't look like you've gotten that much, but still love that you got out for this shoot!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Vibrant

Seasonal beauty in both the background and the colorful ensemble.

Jess tagged this Cute

How cute! I bet you were warm enough.

Dee tagged this AWESOME

You look gorgeous! Absolutely stunning today! This had to be early in the morning because there is FAR more snow now.

Grace Dalton tagged this Stunning

LOVE this one!

Leilani tagged this Beautiful Zingarella

Wow!!! such a beautiful apparition!

Scully tagged this Bells!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Stunning- again. The skirt is lovely and looks amazing on you! (but maybe you need a hat?:)


You look fantastic.

scary et colm. tagged this d'ja snow like?

walkin in a winter wonderland etc., misses from scary. kisses from colm.

ammakke tagged this dancing in the snow?

OMG!!!Dancing in the snow??U warm enough girl??BTW U look gorgeous &colorful & stunnig but U better cover you neck dear...&perhaps a hat too?The second picture is my favourite.Just love that skirt..


How festive! So pretty against the snowy beackground.


"beakground"? I don't think so! LOL!!!! Should be "background". I need to do a better check before I submit.

jess tagged this Stunning

Absolutely stunning !! Definitely your best so far.

MJC tagged this Modern Dickensian

This is absolutely charming and beautiful! Should be your Christmas card photo. Really, quite fantastic...I can't stop looking at it!


Wowee - you keep gettting better and better sheena!

Anonymous tagged this Elegant

I love the ruffle skirt and the use of the uniform as a coat. I love the whole outfit :)


Beautiful and festive and edgy!

Mara tagged this Delicious.


Anonymous tagged this babushka babe!

I think this is my favourite ever. I just love the skirt, the colours and the photo. Bonus; look at the money climb!


ooops, that's my anonymous post above, yep; it's my favourite (so far!)

B tagged this Hot

this is gorgeous!

Payal tagged this G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!


Miriam tagged this Lindo

A-do-rei!!! Ficou lindo, esse look.

Anne-Sophie Toniazzi tagged this loveloveloveit

Thanks for wearing my skirt!!! The skirt is made of cotton, and is usually worn from the high waist to the floor, but I love how Sheena is wearing it. You're So creative!

cindi from Tally's Place tagged this holiday cheer

You look as if you should be ice skating on the arm of some Victorian gentleman and wearing a fuzzy muffler on your hands. Beautiful.


SCARF!! and the dress is adorable.

Karen tagged this Love it!

You look seven foot tall!




OMG, the skirt is to die for!!! and the whole thing put together is great. perfect!

Khalia tagged this Hot

Be careful dancing in the snow!!

Claire tagged this Cute

super cute!

Kiz tagged this Festive

Very cute!

Linda from SA

I like this...a lot! Strange thought that it is so freezing cold out there...here in South Africa it is Summer, of course, and the temperature ranges from the mid-twenties to the thirties degree Celsius!

Irene tagged this Hot

you look so adorable. Thisd outfit is cute. :)

Kim tagged this Holiday cheery!

You look like you're ready for a sleigh ride! Absolutely beautiful.

nikki tagged this like cocoa in the cold!

my new fave! gotta get me a lovely skirt like that and try this out!

pixelated tagged this Cute

i LOVE the setting! you look adorable

Mi tagged this elegant

beautiful! and i just love love love those shoes!

Erica Lee tagged this GREAT

WOW u r awesome i ? this

jolly M tagged this Colourful Winter

you look very pretty in this beautiful ruffle skirt & U seem tobe enjoying the snowfall. We too had snowin the U.K yesterday & I chose to enjoy the snow from inside-well done to you

Kyrah tagged this Hot

Love the whole ensemble; the skirt really makes it! Love the designer's (Anne-Sophie Huart) store.


beautiful, and I love the boots.

Nia tagged this Hot

The prettiest ensemble you've ever posted!

gruvee tagged this Cute




anonymous tagged this trop belle

too pretty today!

christine tagged this FESTIVE!

LOVE this! So festive and fun! Stay warm!

Melanie tagged this delish

the red just pops. fabulous!

Abrianna tagged this Cute

Sheena, I love this outfit so much!!! The red colours really make it pop on a cold winter day! The boots are so cute as well and they look warm. Hope you weren't too cold.....

Laura Daly tagged this Sheena in Wonderland

What a sugar plum!

Zaza tagged this Hot

love this!

Eve tagged this Wonderful

This look is gorgeous! Love the constrast between the bright red and the black!

natalie tagged this Merry Magical

Oh, how happy this outfit makes me... and on my happy birthday, too! Sheena, I have forgotten to Twitter lately so today I'm looking back through the last month or so... and, WOW. You just keep getting more and more inventive! You're an inspiration, in more ways than one. Happy Happy Holidays!

moon tagged this Batty

awww you look like a red christmas tree <3 so festive


Terrifying. And again, where's the uniform?

Valerie tagged this Awesomeness

Love it; one of my favorite outfits so far!

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Hot

Very sexy and fantastical!

Gabrielle tagged this Hot


Pear Picker tagged this spiffy

layers upon layers of ruffley goodness!

becsta tagged this Hot

oooh, i really like this little outfit. looks like you've thrown in a bit of a spanish influence into the winter wonderland. lover the dress skirt

anonymous tagged this Hot. Literally

The dress-skirt makes me want to move to Barcelona and learn how to Flamenco!! Why I am purchasing my ticket as I type...

kiera kristinsd├│ttir taylor tagged this inspired

this one makes me sooo happy ...