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November 09

This day belongs to Marci.
"The uniform project has been inspirational in many ways. I am glad to own one of these special dresses. "
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Day 190. Fri, November 06 2009

Will I see you tomorrow?

Ruffle collar tunic donated by Cat, vintage suede belt from Etsy, thrifted harem pants from a London church sale and vintage boots from eBay.

U.P 6 Month Anniversary Party Tomorrow!
What will you wear to the AccesSoireé tomorrow?
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Just found your blog. Think you are cute as a button and that your outfits rock!

Mara tagged this Cute

I would have liked it better without the pants, but it's still a cute outfit. Love the colors!

KG tagged this Cute

Love the purple and the ruffled shirt ... harem pants not sure

come on! tagged this unrealistic

Does every day have to have a new big collar? Nobody really wears that many big collared things.

ammakke tagged this smart

you make it work in unimaginable ways!!Have a wonderful time tomorrow, can't wait to see ur outfit...All the best in every way!

bamboula tagged this irreverent chic

it's cheeky and irreverent, Love it!!!

Mariah tagged this Creative Color

Another of those how-did-you-do-this days! The ruffle and pants work (for me) because of the similar jagged pattern -- same with the repeated banding (belt, pants, and boots). Creative!

plainjane tagged this Inspirational Magic

@come on! it's a real pity more people don't wear fucking fabulous big collars every day. That's the reason the only thing you can buy anymore is bland tee shirts and the same old jeans. So get on with your boring self! ROCK ON Sheena!

MJC tagged this funky fresh

How I wish I could go to the party...but I'm in California! I'll be on that coast (and at your party) in spirit, if not in body. I'll be sure to raise a glass to U.P. tomorrow!

plainjane tagged this Alice in Wonderful

By the way, time to take reality to a new level: the place where ridiculous big collars rule. Goodbye sidewalk, hello Alice in Wonerland!

wasabipear tagged this Queen Vic Trips on Acid

This is when popped collars fly.


What a fun look!I LOVE the collar, especially the way you have it standing up in the 2nd. photo. If you ever need a formal looking outfit, that top with a long black skirt placed under the dress would be awesome! It would need a belt to finish the look.

mm tagged this Reality bites

@come on! does "everyday" have a big collar? what constitutes "everyday"? just sometimes? or everyday? and finally, is your line of thinking the reason why most people walking around nowadays dress so flipping boring? just curious.

scary. tagged this omg amaze!

now THAT's an outfit! work it sista.

Deb tagged this LOVE THE COLLARS!!!!

I've got to weigh in on the collars here. Simply put, I love them, and I think they do more than any other accessory to transform the uniform. Keep it up with the collars!

Irene tagged this electrifying

I love the collar!


Lovelovelove the boots!

Jenna tagged this gorgeous

reply to : Does every day have to have a new big collar? Nobody really wears that many big collared things. well this is the first big collar since october 13th . i think its beautiful and daring ! :)

abigail tagged this :)))))

fun....purple, blue & black on u r gorgeous.....


The best and most important accessory is CONFIDENCE, which Sheena certainly has!!!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Batty


Roxy tagged this Hot

It rocks

md tagged this on the collar issue....

LOVE the collars... always.

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Always wanted someone to write a book on 101 ways to wear the LBD; so you're idea is just so creatively inspiring! Love all the white and black combinations, especially with a touch of crochet work. My romantic heart would also love to see the uniform in combination with pearls (yes, you will able to use them creatively as well!!!) and antique lace. What about folklore art in the form of waistcoats...and of course, cropped jackets? Enjoy your party! Hope it will even be better than your wildest dreams!

Katie tagged this Cute

Love the pants!

holly tagged this funky

We will raise a toast, even tho we won't be there. Love everything about this crazy ensemble!


This is amazing!!! Not sure about the shoes combination but the rest...amazing!!!


Do you ACTUALLY wear this in public? I love your project, i really do. But you want to look like a 12 year old, i absolutely hate it. And you hairstyle doesn't look good with you face. xx

kiki tagged this siiiiick

I WANT THAT BELT. and those tights. this outfit is amazing :) :)


@Laura I bet you'd give your right hand to look like that!!! hahaha, Sheena is a beauty...pure and simple!!!

Bombolino tagged this piratical

Weow. I like the smirk, too. Beautiful, as ever.


Love the color & all the purples/blues! Have a blast tonight! Can't wait to see pics!

Lutz tagged this wannabee hippie

I just fount out about your action and I'm really pleased by it, keep up the good work girl!

Dee tagged this Try Harder

too funky for me...maybe without the pants it would be just right...idk

Charlotte tagged this Brave

I think this outfit looks even better the more you look at it! Love the colours and especially the shoes :)

Joel Patrick tagged this Brave


crazy girl 2 tagged this Try Harder

Sheena, I think this outfit would look really cute with out the pants. I love everything else about it though! (especially the belt and shoes) See ya!

jolly M tagged this Brave

Hi Sheena Love the cheeky pause and sort of sporty look with those pants...Can't wait to see tonight's look ! All you guys & the "marathon boy" must be warming up for the fabulous party... All the best ...Crack it all the way...

Anonymous tagged this ADORABLE!!!

love it!!!!

Jas tagged this Perfect!

You are so freakin' cute - I am inspired each day!

Stephanie Ng tagged this Brave

You're adorable, and this is an awesome project! Great idea :)

Purple Monster tagged this Cute

The hair is so cute!

SmileeMum tagged this Brave

Love the colour combo : )

??? tagged this Batty


jobypollard tagged this Cute

he ruffle and pants work (for me) because of the similar jagged pattern -- same with the repeated banding (belt, pants, and boots). Creative! memory stick

lydia tagged this Brave

I loooove this outfit.U know that November 6 is my birthday!!