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June 09

This day belongs to carleyblue.
"Loved the layering and accessories this day. It was also in the first few weeks I had found and started following UP so very excited to be a part of the limited edition crew. xoxo"
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Day 40. Tue, June 09 2009

Who needs galoshes when you have these?

Patent blue vintage Doc Martens from eBay. Stockings concoction from Sockdreams.


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Nice neckwear!

kate groop tagged this Cute

I think this is a really really great idea girl! What a cool way to alert people to a cause and help out! I think you can totally do it, and make it look new and fresh each day. I will have to donate some scarves or gloves or something when winter rolls around, i knit like a fiend!


Thank you kate! Send me knits, yes!

charla tagged this Cute

cute, per usual--in fact, it's downright cheerful for this gloomy, chilly June day. btw, congrats on the Old Hollywood sponsorship!


are you trying to make me fall in love with you? great project!

Dustin tagged this scarf not right

You had the scarf wrapped around your head today. I like that better than these photos!


Charla, it was hard evoking sunshine this morning. Franky, gee *blush* thanks! Dustin, I think for once you are right :P

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Cute

Love it! You really look good! I love the shiny boots. You could be a gay construction worker...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Bohemian impressionist, very very cute!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

good match!!

great koop tagged this Cute

a little sweaty for june... but great style

Joevakro tagged this Princess

Lady and the tramp.

Valerie tagged this Cute

I love what you do with scarves!

Katharine tagged this Dreamy Funk

I think this is my favorite of all so far. You have some dreamy accessories, my dear.

Filip tagged this Cute

This girl is so cute!!! She looks good in everything...

ellie tagged this Try Harder

gosh, just lose maybe 1 or 2 layers and id be all for it... >.<

mariah tagged this artisticly amazing

wonderful =) i love what youre doing!

cruz tagged this Cute


PeaceBang tagged this Fabulous

J'adore! Who wouldn't kill for your accessory closet!

Sacha tagged this Cute

Adorable! Not too hot for June 9th...?

Jenny tagged this Cute

This would be so adorable with different shoes.

eldub tagged this Cute

this is my fave!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

The socks and scarves are great together!

Kati tagged this Cute

So 90s!


oh my god! i love that you have discovered sock dreams, a local portland, OR company! Read about you on Cup of Jo...you're amazing

Beth tagged this Cute

Don't like the layers of socks, but it doesn't work.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

I love this outfit, especially the Doc Martens they are fab... now I want a pair. Ur style is so great!!!

Anonymous tagged this Batty


V!V!@N tagged this Quirky

I love Sockdreams. lol.

bibi tagged this Cute

very nice layering could work for fall.

lisa webb tagged this Hot

i love this! the layers look awesome with out being overwhelming! i feel like if i were to do this it would look crazy, you look fantastic!

maggie thunder tagged this Brave

really spontaneous look really great!

Mosley tagged this Fantastic

Its so Batty, it works

Sara tagged this Hot... literally haha :)

I LOVE THIS! I bet it was super hot wearing that outside, though!

Chelsea tagged this Cute

Love, love, love it!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I like the layering! You're so cute and awesome. Is it possible for me to purchase the "uniform" dress?

Anonymous tagged this Cute

absolutely love your scarf. how did you wrap that?

Addie tagged this Hot

LOVE the layering on this one.

jenn tagged this Hot

it's like an adorable cartoon character... love it!

Molly tagged this Cute

Ready for the snow/rain. Adorable. Funky and well put together. I would not have thought those things would go together. great job.

anonymous tagged this Hot

Where did you get the scarf? A very cute look.

A tagged this Cute

oooooo i like it


The little black dress is etacky no matter what she does with it.

Sharon tagged this Cute

I love this one!

Jannie tagged this Brave

Another terrific winner!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder



I am looking at your project from the first day and I love, loove the way you wear socks!! I lived for two years now in MN and it's so cold here that I don't wear dresses in the winter. You have given me inspiration to try to do it (with three layers of socks, of course).