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July 09

This day belongs to Philippa King.
"I love the simplicity"
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Day 79. Sat, July 18 2009

Weekend scout

Renaissance hat from eBay, cropped tank top and handmade bow pin necklace donated by Beatrice. Visit her Etsy store at www.dearbeatrice.etsy.com.


Magan tagged this Cute

You look absolutely darling but a little awkward, too. I suppose it adds to the charm. :P

Cris V. tagged this Cute

Cute, cute, cute. I used to be a scoutgirl when I was younger =) i just love hats. Did you watch the brazilian video? I left thelink here for yu that same day.

Suki tagged this Shakespearean


Sophie tagged this Tellement romantique

Fort le chapeau

Mariah (was "Juneau") tagged this Elegant

Great hat! The bow-tie necklace is unexpected with the vest pattern, but really works! Love it . . .

Camilla tagged this Classy

OMG - this is the best outfit so far! Perfect. And very classy and coordinated.

@marycray tagged this Super Cute!

Love what you did with the tank necklace. Simply.

Rachel tagged this Parisian Petite

Well done Sheena, this is one my favorite outfits yet!

Lily tagged this Brave

this is a little wacky but I love it. what you're doing is amazing :)

annie tagged this Cute

Wow...the cropped tank gives the dress a completely different spin...love it! Sheena...when are you going to tell all of us adoring fans when/if/how we can get the pattern for the dress? I'm dying to make one for myself!!

Cynthia tagged this cool

Cool without the bow tie. I get an United Nations administrative assistant on her way up the ladder.

che tagged this hmmm

i would prefer it it without the tie but i am a minimalist. i love the way the snakeskin to looks absolutely part of the dress.

barbara tagged this INCREDIBLY CREATIVE

Stunning. Again. You do an excellent job combining things that most of us would never think of. I enjoy this so much, every day.

ammakke tagged this stylish!

OMG, u look classy!

Bri tagged this Try Harder

Don't like the bow tie and the shoes that much ...

Britgirl tagged this Cute

Very cute. I think my favorite part of the outfit is the hat.

Ann tagged this made the cut

Saturady deserves shorts and a t shirt but what you came up with is cool


Cris V– yes I did watch the Brazilian video and got some friends to translate. Fantastic but too bad they didn't mention the URL :(

scarleTT tagged this Hot

This outfit is hella cute

Nancy Wong tagged this Genius!

Super cute! I never wouldn't thought to use crop tops like that. I'm totally inspired now.

Chinese tagged this Brave



Adorable outfits. But I'm curious about where you work and what comments you hear there.


Great outfit! - It works "unexpectedly" well together!

Irene tagged this shakespearean

I'm a little meh about this one. Cute hat though.

nana tagged this nice

i'm sorry dear but that 'trying to be a little girl cute' just doestn't become you =( great project you're working on here though



Britwatch tagged this supersaturday

love this one!


perfect elements

Joo tagged this chic

fantastic ideas! u put out awesome outfits day after day!

JENNY ZHANG tagged this 8661548


Saffron tagged this Hot

I love the hat and shoes

Pam tagged this chic

You are creative in fashion and your methods of raising funds! You go Girl!

Sinead tagged this Cute

adorable =]


LOVE the tank/dress combo!

A Follower tagged this Interesting...

I think that the bow doesn't go as well with the entire outfit, but that's just my personal opinion. The hat and the shoes are cute, though. :)

A Follower tagged this Unique

Oh, and to add to my previous comment, the cropped tank top is somehow adorable and awesome at the same time. :)

K. tagged this Brave

I just wanted to say that I love your cause and the creative way you are raising funds for it! My husband and I have actually started a blog recently and our first post actually features The Uniform Project (http://minimalismisbeautiful.wordpress.com/2009/07/18/sustainable-and-socially-conscious-saturdays-the-uniform-project/). Keep up the awesome work!

Ida tagged this Hot

One of my favorites!

Katharine Tapley tagged this Cute

I might love it without the tie, but still, it's really cute.

HN tagged this Brave

think will be better w/o the necklace... otherwise it's brilliant

lily tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this wow

would like to see the back of the dress to see if the tank to fits.

Laura Daly tagged this Sheenalicious

My pick of the week.Love everything about it. the whole look is well considered and fun. Just the right mixture of sophistication and whimsy.

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the hat and tank top!

Katrina tagged this so awesome

Propably my favourite!

Sara tagged this Lovely

Ooh! This one is so cute! I love it. It may be my favorite one from the month of July and it's extra awesome because this was my birthday! :)

hhh tagged this Brave

the tank top fit so well with this outfit! it looks like it's part of the dress.


I like everything accept the tank top. The snake skin just isn't working for me.


*gasp* I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tank top.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Schoolgirl like. I especially love the tanktop. Como hacer dinero facil

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